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Relatives of Henry Morgan the Pirate

Relatives of Henry Morgan the Pirate

Bruce Wylie (View posts)
Posted: 930398400000
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Surnames: Amelia Emmie Gertrude Morgan, Edward Morgan, GrrrrGrandpa Henry Morgan
Help...looking for any cousins, or relatives of the pirate Henry Morgan....Edward Morgan...Amelia Emmie Gertrude Morgan
married Owens Thomas Owens...Charlotte Drusilla Hayes and
the family John Buroughs or Burrows are all we have to go on.
Barnstaple Devonshire England for the Owens and Hayes
Liverpool, Mersyd, Lancashire England...for the Morgans, and
Buroughs or Burrows
Help if you can...thanks Kris

Henry Morgan The Pirate

Clyde Rhylmer (View posts)
Posted: 930657600000
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Tried to help you out; I have the latest volumes of all the Major League baseball teams and do not see a "Henry Morgan"
listed on any Pittsburgh roster, Maybe he played for the Phillies.....sorry!
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An interesting project, to be certain.
Just a coincidence I'm sure, but I am just beginning to read the account of Henry published in the USA by Cornwall Press in 1946 (author's name is Rosita FORBES). It's a volume I found at our local public library.

Morgan the Pirate

Janis Morgan-Clark (View posts)
Posted: 957873600000
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Surnames: Morgan
As strange as it may seem I was told I am distantly related, although my roots are in Wales. This may only be a family story, but, I am determined to get to the "root" of it. My ggrandf was Lot Morgan, my grandf Robert Henry Morgan, father Cecil Owen Lot Morgan. Since I am just beginning this "quest", I hope we can keep in touch for any possible connections. Don't give up! Have you searched for reasearch options?

Re: Morgan the Pirate

Posted: 1007706670000
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My father, Paul Morgan, who is soon to be 82 yrs. old says we are descendants of Henry Morgan the pirate who ended up in the Caribbian(?) and was actually a good pirate and author. My father's father was Clarence Morgan. His father was Thomas Austin Morgan.

Re: Morgan the Pirate

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Surnames: Morgan, Andre
Would like for you to know...I too was told the same thing by my father..on his side..goes back several "Henry Morgan's" grandfather's name (called Jack), John Henry Morgan..his father William John Henry probably keeps going backwards...I do know that my grandfather was pure Welch..from Wales...his wife Elizabeth called (Lizzie)..Andre from Ireland..or her father was..a short man..

Anyway...I have studied alot on Morgan the pirate fact checked out through old book written about Morgan the pirate...suppose to be a true story about him...there are some footnotes...quotes..made in the book about him and his life..the book was in such bad shape..that they sent a micro film of the book...I read it ALL at my local library...with magnify glass in hand...and a weeks full of eye strain...took notes...and read it speed read the first time..then went back and read it slowly and took myself some notes..and times...interesting was fun..also studying the life and times at the end of his days he lived in Jamaica...with his wife...before his death...he was buried there under a tree...but a tyfoon? or water washed away his grave...and it is in the remains.."I find his life one of "survival"...and of intrique..and a very witty person...who had to be quick thinking to survive his ordeal from his homeland in Wales..when England tried to take over..Wales was the last to be conquered because they were a strong country...strong people bent on love of their land and people..and held their ground their own for many years...centuries...when Morgan left was a sorry time...and he was devasted by the teacher..his teacher ..a woman he fell in love with..but could not marry..left with a brother...on ships...surviving the terrony of others...he was that "survival" was his ultimate concern..and to be his own boss. So much is said about his character...and the reasons for his choices he made...and how he ended is amazing to he could be respected as a pirate in the days..and later respected for his devotion to the queen and king...of the country he chose..and everywhere he went..he started out a begger..and ended up on top in EVERY incidence. And when they thought they had caught Morgan..the pirate..he would escape every time...and grew to a ripe old a land of beauty..after so many dangerous ventures...and died beside his Jamaica..with people who loved him..he finially felt accepted..and had a people who respected and loved him in the end..which is all he ever wanted..and didn't have for so many years...long story..but worth knowing and reading..all about it..(sorry so long).

Need more info? Or can share some information on Morgan the pirate?

Re: Morgan the Pirate

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Surnames: Morgan
I wish I could ad more to your story of Henry the Pirate but I can't. All I know is from what my father told me recently. He is now 83 years old and we just had a family reunion in March last year. Sadly we had lost contact with my father when he retired some 20 years ago and did not leave a forwarding address. I thought he had died as he has been a diabetic for much of his life. When I found him via the internet, I was the happiest person alive! I love my father and although he and my mother seperated 46 years ago, I have always felt an incredible kinship with him that was rekindleed when I found him! His parents were Clarence and Julia Morgan. Clarence's parents were Thomas Austin and Rosa Morgan. Both were tailors and Clarence, and my father, are both gifted musicians. Clarence was a violinist in a symphony orchestra and my father played fiddle. I have searched the internet for years and cannot find anything on Thomas and Rosa Morgan so I am at a standstill. Tell me more about your searches!
Timmye Morgan from Tucson, Arizona

Re: Morgan the Pirate

Posted: 1010132258000
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Surnames: Morgan, Andre
I am glad you posted with me at the site..they did notify me of your took me awhile to respond..and had a little trouble this adverstisement kept going over my ancestry site...and was locking up my system.."I was finially able to post this message to your ancestry postings".

Like you I do not have too much, however my father along with some close cousins of mine have been helping my father continue the Morgan family tree search. My father had heard the Morgan the pirate connection from his father also. And dad passed it onto us...sometimes I wonder how much truth there is to this story...however I did latch on to some interesting findings about morgan the a person..I did study on his life...I went to the local library and ordered an interlibrary loan service to help me in my search about morgan's life.

There are a few GOOD BOOKS out there about him and his life...I opted for the oldest findings, thinking the accounts would be more to the closest knowledge...of liklihood that the person who wrote about him would have better recollections...because of the timeframe in which Morgan the pirate old book written about the late 1500's an author had showed the result of a book that was eventually made into a play..a movie, etc. and there were footnotes..updated later like around the later 1600's of the it is interesting to me...because there is a puzzle also about whom wrote of his life...and who had the knowledge...the story read as a romantic tale of morgans romance life...along with his growing years...and the background information about the country where he was from and the convesations he had with his family, brother, lover and his days of piracy...and how he came to be "morgan the pirate"...I think you would find the book rather should go to the local library to see what kind of books are written about this mans life...

So when they sent the book...I was surprised...I told them to send anything they could mircofilm etc. So guess what they did, they sent me a microfilm of the book about morgan the pirates life...this old 1500 book...they said was so beaten and torn...they couldn't send it in this they microfilmed the book..and sent it instead...the book was written in latin...which I find even more interesting!

Timme, I would like for you to email me...I also find it interesting that you have had so little contact with your really may find getting into a morgan reunion of your fathers family even more interesting for yourself...If your fathers age and sickness shows ware upon him...and I would also say, if you can stay in contact with him...not knowing how emotional this is for you..with your relationship with him and distance between you.....I think you have opportunity now and a reason...good reason if at all possible to have set up some special time...appointment with him..and ask him if he wouldn't mind you taking some oral notes as he tells you all these wonderful findings about your family tree..and all about his parents, where he lived, etc.

All these questions you should ask and the reason being, if you don't do much of this now, you may regret it later, many years down the road..when you will have more and more good questions about him and his life...and also, he may hold the key to more answers to those wonderful questions you probably still have about his parents too!

Believe me I know, for I too have had similar situations on both sides of my family..the Hines side on my mothers side shows there are some possible intermarry to Morgan's...but none immediately showed from the morgan pirate age or time.

Also show alot of interest in his family....and in all the information..if he shows you picures...please make sure you ask....not being have copies made of his parents or to have names of other brothers and sisters of his immediate family...those kind of questions will help you solve all those mysteries you are asking yourself now...and didn't bother to ask...

You might try writting him and see if he responds to some of your questions.. Are you on good terms with your father and grandfather? If you are would be the time to make things work for your own peace of mind, regardless of his or any of your relatives actions...

As one family member...interested..same as you..not that we are related...I believe it would be very practical for you to continue to ask those questions...and take notes ...lots of notes too! If you can get a recording of the interviews with your father, that would be nice...not only for information but also for memory sake...and take lots of pictures...or have your family members make sure you DO have some pictures to help...make the family stay close together and help with the future information you will need ....

Hope I didn't confuse you is late here, and I may have said something silly...but please do email me at my home address;
it would be very kind and nice if you would email me back..

thank you Timme,
LaVon Bocher...

Re: Morgan the Pirate

Posted: 1010429415000
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LeVon, I sent a message to your e-mail address. It was returned. Can you send it to me at my e-mail?

Sir Henry Morgan-

Posted: 1047044431000
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he must have been a great uncle many times removed as he had no heirs- his will is published- a copy right on this site. But I have heard there is another Sir Henry Morgan who lived in "NJ" and was not a pirate. A woman from NJ informed me of this this morning and maybe a lot of confusion stems from that. Including my own family's- even though my great uncle traveled to Wales to do research. I do not really know, because he is dead.

It is not that I am trying to prove I am a direct descendant- but according to my great uncle Sidney Morgan, Sir Henry's father was the father of our Morgan who came to The Colonies around 1695.I do not know how many children he brought with him or had in his new home. Some of these stayed in the NJ area at first and some moved to Philadelphia before the time of the Revolution. Up till that time they were practicing Quakers. After that, some were barred from Meeting for joining the revolution (warlike activities)- I found that out in some archives in Philadelphia in1998- I saw my relatives name as being barred from Meeting. The Quakers were rather good record keepers- some of your family secrets may lie in these archives in Quaker strongholds of Pa and NJ if you back before 1776. My great uncle Sidney Morgan was trying to disprove our relation (as a great great greta great... UNCLE) to the pirate on a special trip to Wales in 1948. My mother says she heard him say that he had proven we were related to him indeed (but of course not directly descended) "and that he was sorely disappointed. Unfortunately all this material has disappeared -been dis.posed of. And it was not anything he was proud to hang on the wall- that he was the neffew several generations removed of a "pirate." They thought differently in 1948. No roots phenomenon.But I am try ing to piece it all together again. I am, according to family oral history, discended from Quakers who came from Wales around 1695 toNJ_Philadelphia area.My mother has some more proven dates but I am waiting for her to dig them out of the closet and my Morgan father is dead never haven given me the info he promised and his 2nd wife has not responded.Maybe a lot of us stem from this colonial family whose sons spread out across the country. Mine stayed around the Philadelphia area and environs including land in NJ and Valley Forge.
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