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Crittenden Family

Crittenden Family

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Surnames: Crittenden, Downing, Tyner, Harris, Timberlake, McDaniel, Dougherty, Mattingly, Fields, Fawling, Foreman, Rogers, Coody, MoyToy, Beehunter, Wright, Wilkey, Starr, Ward, Saint, Conrad, Cox, William, Kirby, Elliott, Boggs, Sledge, Hulsey, Maines
From my research there were 3 early Crittenden men all of the same family who came from England and settled on the east coast. The first was Abraham who settled in Guilford Conn. Later his nephew's Richard and John settled in North Carolina.

I am looking for pictures of any of the people I have listed here:

George Thomas Crittenden Apr 18, 1875 and Mary B. Maines - Farmers, Alabama
Their Children were:
Clarence M.
Mary L.

George Thomas Crittenden was the son of:

Robert Harris Crittenden born 1833 and Ellender Hulsey born 1834 - Farmers, Alabama, Tennessee

Robert was reportedly a Confederate Solider in the civil War from 1861-1865. Robert at age 47, born Alabama and both his parents were in Tennessee. Ellender Crittenden, his wife, age 46 born Alabama, both of her parents were in Georgia. Ellender Hulsey was the daughter of Jesse and Mary Tharp Hulsey. Robert and Ellender lived in area of LaGrange, where there was a tannery. Robert was a saddle maker and worked with leather. On May 1, 1872 Robert and Ellender sold land to John D Vinson for $50.00, The land was described as S 1/2 of W 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Sec 3 Twp 5 Range 10 West Colbert County and near a spring. Bound on south by the land now occupied by Mrs Richard Crittenden, on the West by Ann McGregor, and the north by Edward Wadsworth. This was recorded in Deed book A p 477-8 in Colbert Co, and also in Delaware Co OK, date not given.

Robert Harris and Ellender's children were:

Mary E.: born 1855 in Franklin County, Alabama. I think Mary died by 1880. Her daughter, Cynthia is in the household of Mary's parents. Mary did not appear in the 1880 census. Mary was married to John Elliott. Their daughter Cynthia was born about 1878 in Colbert County, Alabama. They also had a daughter Mary E. Elliot and a son John E. Elliot born in 1874 in Colbert County, Alabama.
Cynthia M.: born about 1856 in Franklin County, Alabama.
Martha E.: born 1860 in Franklin County, Alabama.
Robert Emmit: born Aug. 1863 in Colbert County, Alabama died in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He married Susan E., who was born December 1862 in Mississippi. Her father was born in North Carolina and her mother in South Carolina. She was the mother of seven children with all of them living. Alzora born July 1882 Mississippi, Mary E. born December 1885 in Mississippi, David born June 1887 Alabama, Emmit born February 1889 Alabama, Margret E. born January 1892 Alabama, Manny L. born January 1895 Alabama, and George C. born March 1898 Alabama.
Richard Lee or Lee Richard: born Apr. 1864 in Franklin County, Alabama died Oct. 1930 in Colbert County, Alabama. He was a farmer on rented land. His first wife was Nellie Ann Boggs born about 1866. They were married about 1885. Their child was Annie Crittenden born Jan. 3 1886 in Colbert County, Alabama. His second wife was Lawernce Sledge born Nov. 1862 in Alabama. They were married Feb 17, 1889 for 20 years. She was the mother of four children with two of them living prior to marriage. One of her living children was Jennie Isbell born February 1885 and shown as a stepdaughter of Lee Crittenden. Her children with Lee are listed as John born November 1889, Esther 1892, Robert L. 1896, Thomas H. 1898, Davis Mitchell born Jan 20, 1901, and Allie Bell born Oct. 20 OCT 1905 in Colbert County, Alabama. They also had his father, Robert H. Crittenden in the house hold. Robert was 77, a widower. Richard Lee's third marriage was to Louisa Kirby born about 1865. They had no children. Effie Kirby, a sister-in-law, was also listed in their household.
Robert Harris and Ellender's other children were:
Anna: born 1866 in Colbert County, Alabama
Lucy: born 1868 in Colbert County, Alabama
Rosa: born MAY 1870 in Colbert County, Alabama
Georgia: born about 1874 in Colbert County, Alambama
George Thomas: APR 18, 1875 in Colbert County, Alabama

Robert Harris Crittenden was the son of:

Richard O. Crittenden born 1807 in Georgia and Cynthia born 1815 Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee
Their children were:
Robert Harris born 1833 died Dec 13 1910 in Colbert County, Alabama

Richard O. Crittenden was the son of:

James KanNeQuaTesKe Crittenden and Abigail Koyotahya Tyner

James was born around 1770 and died around 1850 in Ahmacolola River, Lumpkin, Georgia. James parents were Charles Crittenden who was atleast half Cherokee born around 1748 and died around 1849 in Cherokee Nation East, Georgia, and Nancy "Nannie" Fawling Downing who was half Cherokee born Jan. 20, 1744, and died Dec. 1815.

James and Abigail's children were:
James born about 1798 who's child Riley J. Crittenden born 1823 had a daughter Lucinda who married James Andrew Saint. Another child of James and Abigail's son James was Aelie born in 1818 in Cherokee Nation East, who died between 1879-1884. Aelie was a fourth wife of Hair De Go S Ka Conrad. Conrad departed on the trail of tears Aug. 23, 1838, arrived Jan. 1839. Number departed 729, number arrived 654, number of births 9, number of deaths 57, number of deserted 24, number of access 14.

Other children of James and Abigail Tyner were Charles born 1801. Clarissa born in 1803 and died in 1830 Cherokee Nation East, North Carolina. Peggy Margaret Crittenden who married Edward Cox William. Peggy died in Rabun Georgia. Thomas Crittenden born 1805 in Colbert County, Alabama who had a son William Wesley Crittenden born 1822. Richard O. born 1807 in Georgia who married Cynthia. And Mary Polly born about 1808 and died in 1845.

James Crittenden is in the book, "History of the Cherokee Indians", by Emmet Starr, who was a Cherokee historian from 1921. James is listed in Chapter 15 under the Downing family. Other books with information can be found in "Tahlequah and the Cherokee Nation", By Duvall, and "The Cherokee Nation and Tahlequah" also by Duvall.

James siblings were William M. born around 1775, Jennie, born around 1769, and Charles born around 1772. The book, "Old Cherokee Families", lists James, Jennie, William, Charles, and others.

James's brother William married Al Kinney Bullfrog, a daughter of the Beloved Cherokee lady Nancy Ward. Ward was daughter of Tame Doe, who was a sister of Attakullakulla (Little Carpenter), and daughter of Chief MoyToy (Rainmaker), Chief of the Cherokee in 1675 at Chota.

Chief MoyToy of Tellico (Tennessee) was recognized by British colonial authorities as the "Emperor of the Cherokee"; the Cherokee themselves used the title First Beloved Man.

In 1730 Sir Alexander Cuming, a Scottish adventurer with no particular authority, arranged for Moytoy to be crowned emperor over all of the Cherokee towns. He was crowned in Nikwasi with a headdress Cuming called the "Crown of Tannassy."

Cuming arranged to take Moytoy and a group of Cherokee to England to meet King George. Moytoy declined to go, saying that his wife was ill. Attakullakulla volunteered to go in his place. The "Crown" was laid at King George's feet along with four scalps.

Some European sources refer to Moytoy's wife Go-sa-du-isga, as the "Queen of the Cherokee." On his death the British recognized his 13 year old son Amouskositte as Emperor. He had little real authority among the elder-dominated Cherokee, and by 1753 Kanagatucko (Old Hop) of Chota had emerged as the dominant leader.

Attakullakulla was First Beloved Man of the Cherokee Indians from 1761 to around 1775.
Dragging Canoe, war leader of the Cherokee during the Chickamauga wars, was his son.
According to one of Attakullakulla's sons, Turtle-at-Home, Attakullakulla was originally a member of a subtribe of the Algonquin Nipissing in the north captured as an infant during a raid and adopted by a minor chief. Attakullakulla married Nionne Ollie, who was the daughter of his cousin Oconostota. The marriage was permissible because they were of different clans. He was Wolf Clan and she was Paint Clan.

Attakullakulla was a member of the Cherokee delegation that traveled to England in 1730. In 1736, he rejected the advances of the French, who sent emissaries to the Overhill Cherokee. Three or four years later, he was captured by the Ottawa, allies of the French, who held him captive in Canada until 1748. Upon his return, he became one of the Cherokees' leading diplomats and an adviser to the Beloved Man of Chota.

In May 1759, following a series of attacks by settlers and Cherokees against each other, Attakullakulla joined a delegation that went to Charleston to try to negotiate with South Carolina authorities. Governor William Henry Lyttleton seized the delegates as hostages until the Cherokees responsible for killing white settlers were surrendered. Having raised an expeditionary force, Lyttleton set out for Fort Prince George with the hostages in tow and arrived with 1700 men on December 9, 1759. Though freed soon after, Attakullakulla returned to Fort Prince George to negotiate for peace, but his efforts were thwarted by the more hawkish Oconostota. The Cherokees gave up two individuals and negotiated the release of a few hostages including Oconostota, who soon after lured Lt. Richard Coytmore out of the fort, waving a bridle over his head, and incited Cherokee warriors hiding in the woods to fire upon and kill Coytmore; white soldiers inside the fort then proceeded to murder all the Cherokees inside, and hostilities continued between the Cherokees and Anglo-Americans.

Attakullakulla's death is believed to have occurred in 1775, after which he was succeeded by his cousin, Oconostota (who was also his father-in-law).

Nancy's father is unknown, but one reference suggests he may have been part Delaware. Nancy Ward's was first Married to a Cherokee man called Kingfisher. Nancy Ward also known as Nanye-hi and Kingfisher fought side by side at the Battle of Taliwa against the Creeks in 1755. When he was killed, she took up his rifle and led the Cherokee to victory. This was the action which, at the age of 18, gave her the title of Ghigau, or Beloved Woman of the Cherokee nation, which meant that she was allowed to sit in councils and to make decisions, along with the other Beloved Women, on pardons. She believed in peaceful coexistence with white people.

Nancy Ward and Kingfisher had two children, Catherine and Fivekiller. Nancy then married Bryant Ward, a South Carolina colonist and Indian trader, and their child was Elizabeth Ward, the Cherokee wife of General Joseph Martin. Al kinney Bullfrog was Nancy Ward's daughter from a third marriage.

William and Bullfrog lived by Old Federal near Springplace, Georgia. He was said to be half Cherokee and on the 1806 Cherokee council. William took part in some notable historical events. His role in turning back a wagon train headed for Alabama iron works is described in a book called "Cherokee Tradegy" by Thurman Wilkins, page 41. He fought at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. He lost his farm on the Chattahootchee River in a treaty of 1817 and relocated on Talking Rock Creek near inlaws. He registered on the Emigrant Roll of 1817, but either didn't go west, or didn't stay. William had a son named Richard born 1806 and died in 1880, who had a son Joseph born 1844 and died in 1888, who had a son Jack born in 1876 in Baron Oklahoma, who had a son named Luke Crittenden.

James and William's brother Charles born around 1772, married Amy Unknown. They had atleast two sons Nathaniel B. born Dec. 21, 1807 and Charles Jr. Nathaniel was the father of George Washington Crittenden born Aug. 24, 1824. George Washington lived in Old Going Snake District. In 1907 part of it became Adair County, Oklahoma, where he died in 1914 in Westville. After General Stand Watie surrendered his regiment of Confederate Cherokee Rifles at Bogey Depot, George Washington left the army and married Martha Starr. They had two children. Walter Starr was born in 1868. He lived in Claremore, Oklahoma. The second child was a daughter. Some years after Martha's death, George married Nancy Jane Wilkey. Two of George Washington Crittenden's children were Georgia and Alexander Jackson Crittenden. Alexander was the father of Archie Belle Crittenden.

James, William, and Charles' sister Jennie married a white man named Jack Wright in about 1787 in Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee. Their children were in the 1/4 breed Cherokee Wolf Clan.

James, William, Charles, and Jennie were the grandchildren of Richard Crittenden who first settled in North Carolina. He married Oo Ste Na Ca. Richard and Oo Ste Na Ca's children included Charles, John, James, and Richard. This Charles was James, William, Charles, and Jennie's father. Richard died between 1731 and 1751. His father was Richard Crittenden born in 1632 in Burwash, Kent, England. Richard had a brother John Crittenden who married Judith Harris. (Senator John Jordan Crittenden was a direct descendant of this line.) Their children were William, Ephriam, Henry, and John who married Mary Unknown. John and Mary's children were Richard Hazelwood, Salley, John, Mary, Elizabeth, and Charles. Reference St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virgina page 141-160 where there are two birth records. One for Mary, daughter of John and Mary, born April 13, 1767. And one for Charles, son of John and Mary, born Dec. 15, 1772.

Richard born in 1632 in Burwash, Kent, England, was the son of Anthony Crittenden, mother unknown. Anthony died in 1686 Burwash, Kent County, England. Anthony had a brother Abraham Crittenden who died in Guilford Conneticut in 1683. Their father was Anthony Crittenden who died in 1660 in Burwash, Kent, England spouse unknown. His father was Henry Crittenden who died in 1581 in Rolvenden, Kent England.

Richard who died between 1731 and 1751 in Cherokee Nation East, was the father of James born in 1730 in Cherokee Nation East, Georgia. James married Jane Dougherty born about 1745 in Cherokee Nation East Georgia. She died in 1826 Georgia. Janes father was Cornelius Dougherty who was born around 1700 in Ireland or Virgina, and died in 1779 is South Carolina. Jane's mother was Ahneewahkee Ailsey Woman Killer MoyToy. who was born about 1710 in Indian, Williamsburg, South Carolina. She died in 1745 in Union, South Carolina. Ahneewahkee was full blood Cherokee, and her first marriage was to a full blood Cherokee. Her father was The Pidgeon MoyToy born about 1687 in Chota, Cherokee Nation, Tennessee. He died in 1741 in Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee. Ahneewahkee's mother was A Ni GA Wi who was born about 1686 and died about 1730. Ahneewahkee also known as Anewake and Cornelius were married 1749 in Cherokee Nation East.

Cornnelius and Ahneewahkee MoyToy's children were Moses, Raven of Ani-Ga' tagewi (wild potato), James, Sister of Raven Ani-Ga' tagewi, Jane, Nancy, Sour Mush, and Prachey of Ani-Ga' tagewi. Sister of Raven born 1726 married John "The Trader" Vann, born about 1715 in Virgina. Their child was John "The Linquist Interpreter" Vann born about 1744 in Virginia. John died Dec. 20, 1806 in Bloat County Tennessee of smallpox.

James and Janes children (Blind Savannah or Potato Clan) were Qualiluka, Ailsey, and Ollie AttaKullaKulla (Little Carpenter) born in 1765.

Jane "Jennie" Dougherty: from "Old Frontiers," by John Brown; "Jane, the daugher of
Cornelius Dougherty visited Philadelphia in June, 1792. She was born in 1745 and still alive in 1826. - American State Papers, Indian Affairs. Half Blood Cherokee.

Cornelius was the son of Philip Dougherty who was born 1680 in Ireland and died in 1740 in Cherokee, Washington, Tennessee. Philip married Guiedisgonihi who was born about 1682 in Running Water Village, Tennessee.

Qualiluka Crittenden born about 1770, died in June 1838 in Chickamauga, Booms Town, Georgia. She married Guulisi Halfbreed also known as Big Chief Halfbreed. Their children were Lydia, Pigeon, Elizabeth, Chinosa, Susannah, Jennie, and Jessie Halfbreed. Qualiluka's second husband was Jack Fields. Their Child was Neki Fields born around 1791.

Ailsey married Richard Timberlake. Their children were Celia, Enola Blackfox, and Levi. Ollie Attakullakulla born 1772 married John Downing the Fifth who was born about 1772 in Cherokee Nation East Georgia. Their child was Nannie Downing born about 1790 in Cherokee Nation East Deer Clan. Nannie died around 1839 in Texas. Ollie later married Richard Timberlake. Their child was Benjamin Timberlake. Ollie also married a Dougherty and had a daughter named Annie Crying Bear Cherokee Nation.

Ollie's daughter Nannie Downing married Charles Coody Rogers who was born about 1774 in Cherokee Nation East. Their children were Eliza Rogers born about 1810, Deer Clan, and Pleasant Rogers born about 1808, Deer Clan. Nannie's second marriage was to Thomas Fields born before 1780 in Cherokee Nation East, Tennessee. He was 1/8 Cherokee. Their children were Sarah Elizabeth Fields born about 1812, Rachel Jane Fields born about 1814, Ruth Fields Fields born about 1818, Richard F. Fields, Caroline Matilda Rogers Fields born about 1830, and Joshia Foreman Fields born about 1832.

James KanNeQuaTeske Crittenden's mother Nancy "Nannie" Fawling Downing was born around 1744 in the halfbreed Wolf Clan. She was the daughter of Hannah Susannah Fawling who was born about 1720 in Cherokee Nation East, Georgia. Hannah Susannah was a full blood Cherokee of the Wolf Clan. She was the daughter of the Chief of the Wolf clan Redman Fawling and Annie Beehunter. Nancy "Nannie" Fawling Downing's father was Major John Downing the Third born about 1710. He was a white man. Nancy "Nannie" Fawling Downing's sibling were John Downing the Fourth, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Richard, Sarah, George, and William. John Downing the Fourth born about 1742 in Cherokee Nation East, Georgia died in 1811 Colorado. He married Jennie Fields about 1756.

Major Downing the Third was a British Army Officer who supervised the manufacture of powder for the troops. He died about 1762 by torture, mutilation, and was burned at the stake. His death may or may not have been part of a Darkening Ceremony. The Cherokee did not like to lose a single warrior. They believed anyone who killed a Cherokee was a murderer. The Cherokee believed that after a person died, his or her spirit could not rest until their murderer was captured and killed. The Darkening Land was the place Cherokee spirits went to rest. The Cherokee believed that torturing captives helped to send the spirits of dead Cherokee warriors to the Darkening Land. Captives did not have an easy time. Lucky captives were sold into slavery. Others were first tortured and then burned at the stake.

John Downing the Third's parents were John B. Downing the Second born about 1690 in Rowley Regis, Staffs, England who died Feb. 16, 1718 at age 28, and Elizabeth Mattingly born about 1690, who was a white woman from England. John B. Downing the Second's second marriage was to Elizabeth Woodall born in England. Their Child was Hannah Downing born in 1718 in Rowley Regis, Staff, England. John B. Downing the Second's parents were John B. Downing the First born about 1638 and Elizabeth Unknown born about 1643. John B. Downing the First's parents were Captain George Downing born about 1616 in Northcumber VA and Margaret Unknown born about 1618. Captain George had a second marriage, but the wife is unknown. Their child was Samuel Downing born around 1671 in North Cumberland, Virgina. Samuel died in 1745 in North Cumberland. George Downing died Feb. 9, 1682 or 83 in Wicocomoco River.

Abigail Tyner was born in 1736 Wilkes, Georgia. She was the wife of James KanNeQuaTesKe Crittenden. Abigail was also of Cherokee descent. Abigail's mother was Agnes McDaniel Dougherty born about 1750. Agnes was also a Downing. The Downing family traces back to the Fields family, and the Dougherty family back to the Hopper family, all Cherokee families.

Abigail Tyner's father Richard Tyner was born about 1740 in Abbeville District, Chowan, South Carolina. Richard was reportedly in the Revolutionary War. Richard's first wife was Eliza Jane whom he had eight children within North Carolina and Georgia. They were Samuel, Frances, Mary, Tamer, Joshua, Harris, Noah, and Nancy. After Eliza's death, he married Agnes in about 1779 in Wilkes Georgia. They had six children in Wilkes and Elbert County Georgia including Elizabeth, Abigail, Richard, Agnes, Martha, and Charity.

Agnes McDaniel Dougherty was half Cherokee. Her parents were James William McDaniel and Sookie Standing Turkey. James William McDaniel was a Scots trader. His wife Sookie was the daughter of Chief Standing Turkey. Standing Turkey was known as "Old Hop" for a lame leg, and Sookie, his daughter, was called Granny Hopper by some of her indian descendants in Oklahoma who descend from her first marriage to a Dougherty.

Standing Turkey "Old Hop" (Kanagatucko) was First Beloved Of the Cherokee until his death in 1760, when his nephew known as Standing Turkey (Kunagadoga) succeeded him. Pro-French like his uncle, he steered the Cherokee into war with the British colonies of South Carolina and Virginia in the aftermath of the murders of several Cherokee leaders held hostage at Fort Prince George at the edge of the Lower Towns of the Cherokee in what is now western South Carolina. He held office until the end of the Anglo-Cherokee War in 1761, when he was deposed in favor of Attakullakulla.

Standing Turkey (Kunagadoga), was one of three Cherokee leaders to go with Henry Timberlake to London in 1762-1763, the others being Ostenaco and Pidgeon.
In 1782, he was one of a party of Cherokee which joined the Lenape, Shawnee, and Chickasaw in a diplomatic visit to the Spanish at Fort St. Louis in the Missouri country in seeking a new avenue of obtaining arms and other assistance in the prosecution of their ongoing conflict with the Americans in the Ohio Valley. The group of Cherokee by Standing Turkey sought and received permission to settle in Spanish Louisiana, in the region of the White River.

Abigails father left her "One dollar and no more" in his will. He went on to divide the rest of his large estate including house, furniture, land, slaves, and animals equally among the rest of his children. He did not list the names of all of his children in his will, simply mentioning a few sons, and to divide the rest among the rest of his children equally. This may or may not have anything to do with a reported story that one of Richard Tyner's wives and all but one of Richard's children were killed by Indians while Richard and his older sons were out on a hunting trip. According to the story only his smallest son was found alive, after hiding for days within the hollow of an old tree. If the story is true, it is my guess that it would have been Richard's first wife that was murdered. It may be that Richard was not pleased when Abigail decided to stay with one of her mother's aunts, and then married an Indian.

Abigail's father Richard was the son of John Harris Tyner born 1700 in Albemarlee, Stanley, North Carolina. He died 1754 in North Carolina. John Harris Tyner's parents were John Harris born 1665 in Isle of Wright, Virgina, and Sarah Tyner born in 1668 in Isle of Wright, Virgina. His parents were Thomas Harris born 1636 in Charles City, Virgina, and Ann Martin born 1642 in Isle of Wright, Virgina. His parents were John Harris born 1558 in Crixie, Essex, England, and Dorothy Calcott born 1588 in Crixie, Essex, England. John Harris died in 1638 Charles City, Virgina. His parents were William Harris born 1556 in Woodham Ferrers, Crixie, Essex, England. William's parents were Arthur Harris born 1530 in Woodham, Mortimer, Essex, England and Dorothy Waldegrave born 1530 in Smallbridge, Suffork, England.

Re: Crittenden Family

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James Crittenden and Abigail are my 4th Great Grandparents. Coming down thru Riley J Crittenden and Martha Bertwell, Lucinda Crittenden and James Andrew Jackson Saint, Mary Saint and Will Arch Parker,then my Grandmother Nancy Ellen Parker Nicholson. Great stories.
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