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Children's Babtist Home of So. Calif.

Children's Babtist Home of So. Calif.

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I lived there in Inglewood from 1955 to 1958. I am looking for anyone from this time. In the little girls wing I had a fried named Sandy and also Maxine Reagan. Also was very close to a Helena Radazinski in the big girls wing. After graduation I went to Monroe Jr. High. Anyone remember these people or this time. There was also a young male activities director who used to take us to the beach and organize games of pom pom pull away on a large lawn. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Children's Babtist Home of So. Calif.

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Hello, I also lived there with my younger sister from 1957 to 1960. I was staying in the big girls dorm but my younger sister cried so much for me that they made me go stay in the small childrens dorm, which was the same building as the cafeteria. Had stairs going from our floor with out beds and lockers down to the playroom which I remember had a piano. Then out that lower door to the playground. I went to public school and we had a direct route that we were suppose to take. I was always the "water Fountain Moniter" outside the cafeteria and would tell on the kids that would spit back into the fountain. My name is Sharon Kranz. Do you remember me? Or my sister, Debbie Kranz.

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My name is Charles Hughes I lived at CBH from 1958 till 1962. I was in both cottages and one of the wings. I have a lot of fond memories of the home. I could not remember any names of the era until I saw the CBH Kids Gazette that Tom edited. It has a lot the names of the kids that where then in 1964 in it. I remember watching the old brick picnic structure being torn down and the pool being built in 1961. There is a CBH Reunion website at:

It has many of Tom’s photograph of the home, 4 or 5 CBH Kids Gazettes posted as well as memorabilia of CBH.

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Hi Charles..... do you know when the Home closed? And also, have you ever found out a way to get the records from there? I'm still very curious about how my sister and I got in there. I also, was very fond of the place. Always well treated. I especially remember the Christmas time when the Marines would adopt a child for the day and gave me "one" gift. Do you remember that? And the big Oak tree we use to climb in? Would love to chat with you or anyone about that time. Hope your world got better.

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Hi Sharon!!... I just sent a message and went to edit it and it just diapered.

Anyways, I do remember the Claiming Tree. It was along the dirt drive way between the Bowl and big play flied. The CBH orchard was to the south. The only tree we where allowed to clime. I spent hours in that tree. You could see for miles from it.

I could never forget the Christmases at the home, they where wonderful. We went to 3 or 4 Christmas parties in the community each year. The one at CBH with The Marines where the best. Santa Claus would be there we each got to see what everyone else got for Christmas. The Marines were always dressed in their dress uniforms. They looked 10 feet tall, made me want to join the marines when I got old enough.

I don't know exactly when CBH closed. I will be in Inglewood this spring and will visit the Inglewood Library. I understand they have old Inglewood City Directories and old phone book. That should tell us exactly when CBH closed and when it originally opens.

While I am in the area I also plan on visiting the L.A. County Child Protection Agency. They should be able to say defensively, I hope, what ever happens to all of our placement records. It would be something to find out that there is a warehouse some place where all of our old placement records are kipped and all we had to do was to ask for them. Even if we learn that they where all destroyed. At least knowing just what happens to them would bring some closer.

Have to seen the "Metamorphoses of CBH in to BCH" page on Network of Care? At:

Would love to chat with any one from the home.
My e-mail is: chas93101[AT]yahoo[DOT]com.

Re: CBH How to upturn your Case records from Los Angeles Department County of Child and Family Services

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Hi Sharon,
I have some rather encouraging news about records request.
County of Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services, Procedural Guide, 0500-501.10, RELEASING DCFS CASE RECORD INFORMATION. A 22 page document, issued date 06/01/2011, applicable to all new and existing referrals and cases. It is a rather exhaustive and all inclusive. Reading though it I can not find where any case records are ever destroyed. Look as if our records are kept for ever. It also states that children have a right to a copy of their placement records. There is a not to complicated procedures set forth in this DCFS CASE RECORD Procedural Guide.

Also that legal document sets forth, in part; “A child or the child’s attorney may have access to information regarding the child contained in the DCFS file.”

I have installed a link and posted excerpts of the document on the CHB Alumni web site at:

Re: CBH How to upturn your Case records from Los Angeles Department County of Child and Family Services

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This is great news. However, it doesn't say where we can apply for the records. Any chance you're going to research further and get info? OR, did I miss it in the clip. Thanks for your dedication.

Re: CBH How to upturn your Case records from Los Angeles Department County of Child and Family Services

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Hi Sharon,


Have you followed the links from my last message?

You might have to copy and past them in to your browser's address bare.

The "Releasing DCFS Case Record Information" document is posted on line at:

It just downed on me; Ancestry Dot Com shortens long links,

Unintentionally they do not allow PDF uploads ether.

If you computer is not set to tern web address in to links. Try Googling "Los Angeles county DCFS".

LA Dpt of Child and Family Services have offices all over LA county. Their main office is at:
8300 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90044
(323) 965-7060.

I will attach some screen shots of The "Procedural Guide

But for the actual PDF fill go to > Los Angeles county DCFS "Home" page > Procedural Guide > 0500-501.10 > "Release of DCFS Case Records Information"

An essayer way might be to just e-maill me at:

,that is,


and I will attached the PDF document to you or anyone interested in a return e-maill....

Best regards...

Charles Hughes


Re: CBH How to upturn your Case records from Los Angeles Department County of Child and Family Services

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Information on how to obtain you case records is posted at:

The last two pages of the document is the Declaration in Support of Access fours that you fill out and mail to the address provided.

More information abut accessing your records is posted at:

Re: CBH How to upturn your Case records from Los Angeles Department County of Child and Family Services

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Hi, Sharon!

Gordon Goddard here. I noticed your communication with Charles Hughes while I was checking the messages, hoping to connect with some of the people who were in he Home when my family was. There were four of us, and we were there from 1946 to mid-1953 -- probably longer than anyone.
I'd be happy to share some of my pictures of the Home with you, if you are interested. Feel free to contact me at: gordonshotos(at) I retired from the CHP in 1989. I'm now 74.
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