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Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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Surnames: Kills A Hundred, Yellow Robe
I have an Authentic Sioux doll that was given to me by my grandmother....The Sioux Indian woman who made the doll whose name is "Little Thunder" Her name was "Susie Kills A Hundred" My grandmother told me that she was the daughter of Chief Yellow Robe. "Susie Kills A Hundred" was a member of the Rosebud District Sioux Nation, Shannon, South Dakota. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about her or her family.

Re: Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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Surnames: Yellow Robe
For several years I have been searching for information regarding a Sioux Indian Girl, Anna Laura Shooting Cat (possibly my Grandmother) who attended the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. While perusing their book,ISBN: 0-9638923-0-4, I noticed that Chief Chauncey Yellow Robe is listed among the Indian Chiefs who visited the School between 1879 and 1913. Perhaps if you made contact with the Cumberland County Historical Society you may learn more about the doll. I have heard some very sad stories about those Indian children whose brothers and sisters died en route to "school" in Carlisle from the Rosebud Reservation. I hope "Little Thunder's" story has a happy ending!! Let me know if this helps.

Re: Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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Surnames: Yellow Robe
Death records
Oglala Sioux Indian
1937 8350 Kills A Hundred Susie d. 1937 Oct 14 age 77

US Indian census Pine Ridge
Oglala Sioux
8086 Wooden gun Albert b. 1869 abt 65 Oglala Sioux Wd head 8018 (husband of Susie Kills A Hundred #3612)
3612 Kills A Hundred Susie b. 1860 age74 Oglala Sioux head 3566 (wife of Albert Wooden Gun #8086)

Pine Ridge Sioux And Cheyenne
1622 Opanwingekte John Kills A Hundred hus 45
1623 Susie " wife 34
1624 Hattied " dau 15
1625 Jennie " dau 14
1626 Nancy " dau 4
1627 adelia dau 12
1628 Eliza " son 5
1629 Ite waste Jennie Pretty Face mother 70

3514 5646 Yellow Robe Chauncey head b1868 974
Yellow Robe Lillie Springer wife white
3515 5647 Yellow Robe Rosebud dau 1907 4855
3516 5648 Yellow Robe Chauncina dau b. 1909 5814
3517 5649 Yellow robe Evelyn dau 1919 U8902

Rosebud Sioux Indian
1906-7, 1909-10
3709 Yellow Robe head 84
3710 Catch Bear wife 65
3711 Joseph son 24
3712 Plenty brothers dau 44
3713 Chauncy Yellow Robe son 38
3714 Kate Bear or Susan Yellow Robe dau 29

I hope this is helpful. This is not my family.

Re: Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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Surnames: Shooting Cat
Re: mebateman1 post

Is Anna Laura Shooting Cat also in this census record which you used for Chauncey? Are her parents listed?

Re: Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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I'm not sure if this is correct for you.

1930 SD Todd Co tsp36
Shooting Cat Anna lodger In 68 single SD
US Indian Census Schedules
Lower Brule Sioux South Dakota68 Full 74-4 Sioux
living with Mbiusiae? Joseph J family


#467 Shooting male age 37
#468 Laura Shooting female wife age 26
no one else in household

Re: Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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Surnames: Shooting Cat,McBride, McLean, Menard
US Indian Census
Rosebud South Dakota 1 Apr 1932
Annie Shooting Cat 65 wid boarder Sioux
she is living with :
Pehena Jones McBride 32
Mary McLean 53
Matilda Menard 2
Isac P Flying Horse 2

US Indian Census
1930 Sioux Indians
living with Mousser? family
Shooting Cat Annie 64 full Sioux wid boarder A1.1055

US Indian Census
1918-20 Sioux Indians
#1091 Shooting Cat, Annie head b. 1869 allotment #1055
living next door
#1092 Shooting Cat, John head b. 1846 #1052
#1093 Shooting Cat Medicine Woman wife b. 1846 #1052 1/2

US Indian Census
1892, 1895-1896
Brule Sioux Indians
#856 Shooting Cat male husband 49
#857 Medicine Woman female wife 49
#858 Justin male son 13
#859 John male son 10
#860 Annie Shooting Cat female dau 26

I hope this is helfpul. This is not my family.

Re: Sioux Family

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Thanks for Anna Shooting Cat info.

I'm not clear on it's meaning however. If in 1930 she was 68, then her birth year would have been 1862? This does not match up with the 1879 Carlisle School opening with Annie L (or Nancy) being one of the first students at age four or five.

I don't think this 1930 census record is about my Annie L.

Re: Sioux Family Name: Yellow Robe

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Surnames: Yellow Robe
Please see this photo recently made public on the US Army heritage website...
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