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WIlliam ,Alfred, Matthew

WIlliam ,Alfred, Matthew

Shawn (Elkerton) Virgil (View posts)
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Surnames: Bowes, Blyth, Winner
My grandfather was William Bowes b. 11/5/1888. HIs father was Alfred William Bowes b. 1864 His mother was Margaret Ann Blyth b. 8/27/1867. His grandfather was Matthew Bowes b. 9/25/1807 and grandmother Alpha Winner. Any one have any info on my Bowes?

Bowes family in England

Carolyn Bowes (View posts)
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Surnames: Bowes
My great-grandfather, Thomas Bowes, came
to New York sometime late in the 19th century
from Bradford, England. He was one of twelve
brothers, most of whom emigrated to the U.S.
His father was a doctor and his mother was
Irish, I believe, but we don't know her name
and have no records of them.

BOWES {Evenwood, Durham Co., England>WI, USA}

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Surnames: Bowes
My great-grandfather, Thomas Bowes, born Jan.
15, 1830, was born in Evenwood, Durham Co.,
England, married in Cobb, WI, settled in Montfort, WI.

bowes possibles

joan (View posts)
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Surnames: Bowes, Williams, Gibson
we are in search of relatives of William G
Bowes born in England, lived in New Diggings
Wisconsin. B: 16 Nov. 1826, Died in Ottumwa Iowa, Married Mary L Eigy. Williams
dad name was David, mom was Elizabeth Gibson
Do any of these names sound familiar?

BOWES {England>Wisconsin}

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Surnames: Bowes, Watson, Gibson, Holmes
BINGO! Here's what I have: William Bowes, born 1775 in Evenwood, Durham Co., England.
Married Hannah Watson November 21, 1801. William and Hannah parents of David Bowes, born June 28, 1802 In Evenwood, Durham Co., England (Hannah's dob dod unknown). David married Elizabeth Gibson April 24, 1824(Elizabeth's dob dod unknown).
David Elizabeth Bowes parents of Thomas
Bowes, born Jan. 15, 1830 in Evenwood, Durham Co., Eng., died May 8, 1908. Thomas married Martha Jane Holmes Jan. 27, 1859 in Evenwood, Durham Co., Eng. and some time
later moved to Cobb, WI. Thomas Martha
were parents of Elizabeth Jane Bowes, my
grandmother; born Mar. 3, 1879 in Iowa Co.,
WI., died Nov. 18, 1954.
Nice to meet you. How are you related to the
Bowes line?
Dee Ferguson

Additional info

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Surnames: Bowes, Gibson
I looked through the family files and I do
have Jan. 8, 1775, not as a birthdate, but
the date on which William was baptized.
Also, I have d.o.death for David Bowes as
Sept. 8, 1886, d.o. birth for Elizabeth Gibson, Aug., 1801 in Harrowgate, Eng. and
d.o. death Mar. 21, 1893 at Evenwood, Durham
Co., Eng.
Hope this helps more.
Dee Ferguson

Bowes from England

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Surnames: Bowes, Lyons, Lyons-Bowes, Bowes-Lyons
My grandmother was a Bowes, I received this Bowes Family History from a Peggy Oakleaf. She says the Bowes family is originally from Cornwall England. The Lord Lyons married the Sheriff Bowes daughter and the name became Lyons-Bowes (it was the money factor that brought the union together. Bowes had money and Lyons had the title. Sometime later some of the family changed the name to Bowes-Lyons. The Queen mother is a Bowes-Lyons, daughter of the Earl of Strathmore. Finallyy family members dropped the last part making their name either Lyons or Bowes. My line Peggy's line used Bowes. We know that Queen Elizabeth II is a Bowes-Lyons. If anyone can furnish me with any other information on the Bowes line it would be deeply appreciated. My Great Grandfather was John Phillip Bowes. Thanking you in advance for any help you can give me, Mary

Re: BOWES {England>Wisconsin}

Lyndi Nielson (View posts)
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Surnames: Bowes, Dawson
Wow! I am so excited! My cousin and I just found the passenger list of Charles Dawson who came with an aunt and uncle (name unknown until today) We found it was your Bowes family.. we thought Charles mother's maiden name was Maria Gibson and that this Elizabeth was her sister and now it really looks that way!

Would love to hear from you!

Re: Additional info

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Are you sure the date for William BOWES is christening and not birthdate? I have not found that date recorded in the Auckland St. Helen parish register, but there is a christening recorded two weeks later, 22 Jan 1775 for David BOWES. I believe this to be the same individual, because William had a son named David and because I have a document passed down thru my family that lists the brothers of George BOWES (all sons of Joseph BOWES of Evenwood): there is a William listed, but no David.

Re: Additional info

Dee Ferguson (View posts)
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Surnames: Bowes, Watson
My information came from photocopies of the baptism
record for 1775, January 8. It says, "William, son of
Joseph Bowes Evenwood". (These photocopies were all made from the records in England.)
Next I have the marriage register for William Bowes and Hannah Watson. Following that in the records is
the the baptism of David Bowes June 28, 1802, born to "William Bowes of Evenwood, weaver by
his wife Hannah Watson, native of Cochfield". These
dates were verified by family records.
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