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HELP..SMITH Research

HELP..SMITH Research

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Having a lot of trouble finding the ancestors of my Grt Grandfather John Henry SMITH. John was born in Lincoln County August 29, 1844. In his marriage write up it said November 28, 1866 John Henry Smith, Clinton, Thorald son of Henry and Annie Smith married Mary Catherine Konkle.

I have some background on the Konkle family but as you can guess John Henry Smith has proven difficult. John and Mary Catherine had the following children: William Henry (grandfather), Pearl, George Hamilton, Delbert, Fred .

They moved from Beamsville to Lambton County about 1888 and then to Tobermory, Bruce County in early 1900's.

Does anyone know the background of this family in Lincoln County, specifically John's parents Henry and Annie Smith? This is a tall order but I have been very fortunate in finding information via this medium and thought it worthwhile checking



Ellen Smith (View posts)
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Hi Carole,

You caught my attention with William Henry Smith,s/o John and Mary Catharine Smith. My great,great-grandfather was Wm. Henry Smith and like all Smith families, I'm stumped on this one. All I know about them is: Wm. Henry married a Lillian Freel in Thamesford, Ont. He then married Henrietta Buchner from Crowland Twp,Welland Co. in 1923. From what I have been told about this part of the Smith family is that they came from the London,Ont. area or at least lived there for awhile, and later came to the Niagara Falls area. I have some names and dates of his children from both marriages and its a pretty confusing puzzle. Also have some names from an old letter written by his daughter from the London area and it mentions another sibling by a different last name.

If anyone out there can make heads or tails of this or has heard of any of these people, please contact me.

Thanks again,
Ellen Smith

John Henry Smith

Kathy (View posts)
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I looked up your John Henry in my 'Descendants of Nicholas Smith & Catharine May information (painstakingly gathered by my Smith cousins). I found the following:
Henry Smith b. cir 1803, m. Catherine Ann "unknown", b. 13 Feb-1817, d. 03-Aug-1864, Louth, bur. Smith burial ground, Louth. Henry died 10-Feb-1856, Louth, bur. Smith bur. gr., L5, C8, Louth.
Frances Ann b. Oct. 1845
John Henry Smith
Unsure if this matches your Smiths, but some dates appear to coincide. It seems our researchers have no further info on your John Henry...perhaps you are another piece of the puzzle they are looking for.

Re: HELP..SMITH Research

karen smith wilson (View posts)
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Dear CArole;
I see someone from the family has given you some info.
I don't know if you had further contact or found out any more info. But I too am related and have copy of family tree. I also spent many a summer day at the original smith farm of 200 acres in pelham. My grand father was born in thorald mostof the family lived st. kitts, thorald, sherkston area. Only a few of the old timers are still alive. And They don't remember because it was not fashionable to dicsuss history outside of your imediate family. Most of them were a tight lipped bunch. Thank God my gramps wasn't. I only wish I would have wrote down more and asked more. he had all the answers.
Good luck and if you think your john henry is related to ours please write I would love to help in any way I can. SOme relatives believe that the patricharch Nicholas SMith
who married Catherine May and started this whole ball of wax was of German decsent. I believe he was of English. Now the challenge is to prove it. would love to hear from you.

Re: Smith

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I'm confused, Ellen. In a previous posting you said that George Sherk married Henrietta Buchner. Was she also married twice? Anyway I have a Geo Sherk in my line, He married Elizabeth Hershey. One of their children was Mary Sherk who married my g-grandfather Henry Smyth. George's parents were Jacob Sherk and Sarah Zavitz and I understand that he descended from Casper Sherk and (I forget) Learn. Now I don't know if there is any connection and I don't know where George and Elizabeth are buried. I Know that Henry and Mary are buried in Alberta. Dawn

Re: Smith

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Forgot to tell you, Henry Smyth's parents were John Smyth and Mary Sparkhall.

Re: Smith

Ellen (View posts)
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Yes, Henrietta Buchner married a second time to George Sherk from Humberstone Twp, Welland County, Ontario. I've just received the Sherk family history book from a friend and I'm trying to see if I can find the George Sherk I'm looking for. So far the only headstone that I've found in this area near what I think his birth and death dates are, is beside Rebecca Learn. I've found that connection in the Sherk book but I don't know if it's the one I'm looking for. If there is anything you'd like me to look up in this book, drop me a line at

Thanks for replying,

Re: HELP..SMITH Research

Mark McOmber (View posts)
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The family names you give are so similar to those I am searching, I wonder if we connect.
Henry, John, Ann are all from my list. My john and Henry came thru Niagara about 1790, and setteled in Whitby. John and Henry both died in the Whitby area, but John's wife Nancy and some of her children were living in Louth in 1828.
She is burried there somewhere.
Contact me at McOmber@Montana if you think we can help each other.

Re: HELP..SMITH Research

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Hi Carole! I am also a descendant of John Henry Smith and Mary Catherine Konkle (they are my Great Great Grandparents). I was just wondering if you could provide any more info regarding their parents/grandparents, etc. I noticed you have missed one of their children (Hattie Jane - 1874-1940). I have just started working on a family tree for my children & any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: HELP..SMITH Research

Carole (View posts)
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Hello Debbie

If you will contact me direct, I will give you the information I have. My email is Please include in your email where you fit in.

Great to hear from you
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