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Events, Gatherings, and Reunions

Events, Gatherings, and Reunions

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Dear All:

This thread is intended for any news, schedules, and updates
of planned Gatherings, Highland Games or Reunions for
the Clan, Related Family , Surnames and the Associations.

Please reply to this post and change the subject heading to
the name of the group that is posting the news. Then
keep that thread current with the news etc of your Clan,
Related Family , Surname, or Association.

The benefit of having your own thread here is that you can
post the URL in newsletter or emails etc to newsgroups or
mailing lists etc. That way, any interested parties of the
Clan, Related Family , or even a unique family group can
always come to your own thread for news of the latest events.

The posting here will also be visible for an extended period vs
the short retention time of the mailing lists.

Please feel free to post this notice to other surname
message boards and mailing lists that would be
interested in this new message board topic.

Best Regards
John A Hansen
Board Admin

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Clan Gathering 2009 in Scotland

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Surnames: Ramsay
Please contact the Clan Ramsay membership chair, David Ramsey, at, if you are interested in attending this event. Below is a message from our Clan Chief, Jamie.

About The Gathering in Scotland in 2009

The Gathering is to take place between July 24th and July 26th 2009 in Edinburgh at Holyrood Park. So far the only arrangements that have been made are that we have reserved a tent for the Clan. The purpose of this message is to try and flesh out what members of the Clan may be looking for. So far I am contacting the Clan Ramsay in America (David Ramsey) Clan Ramsay in Australia (Barbara Mottram) and Clan Ramsay in Scandinavia (Alexandra Ramsay, George Ramsay). If there are any other people you know about who should be contacted please let me know. The tent will be manned I propose by Scottish domiciled members of the Clan but help from all branches would be welcome and in particular any exhibits or objects of interest including literature which they may like to have on show. No food or drink is allowed at the tent but there will be catering facilities on the field. We have thought about having Ramsay Tartan for sale at The Gathering but nothing else so as not to have any left over stock. Any ideas on what else we do in the tent are welcome.

I would like to if possible hold a social gathering off the field for members of the Clan probably at Dalhousie Castle which would probably involve the hiring of a coach or coaches. The only evening it seems appropriate is Sunday 26th as there is a Clan Parade on the 25th of July in the evening. This social gathering would incur some costs for the hire of the room and the coach as well as a cost for catering but we would try to keep it to a minimum.

The programme of The Gathering as far as I can establish it at the moment is as follows:

Friday 24th July Set up Clan tent at Holyrood Park

Saturday 25th July Gathering in the field followed by an evening parade of the Clans from Holyrood Park up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Sunday 26th July Second day of The Gathering at Holyrood Park followed by a Clan Ramsay reception (possibly at Dalhousie Castle)

What I would really like to know from all overseas Clansmen is an indication of what sort of numbers might be attending so that we can start to make arrangements accordingly.

For further information on The Gathering in general please go to

Best wishes

Jamie Dalhousie

Glasgow, Ky. Highland Games/Columbus Scottish Festival, IN/ Indianapolis Scottish Festival 2011

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Clan Ramsay will be represented at the Glasgow, Ky. Highland Games this year. If you are in the area, please stop by and introduce yourselves. Also, you are invited to make our tent your home while at the games. We hope to see you there.

Brenda and I will also represent Clan Ramsay at the Columbus Scottish Festival in Columbus, Indiana on September 10th and 11th, and at the Indianapolis Scottish Festival on October 8th this year.
Thank you.
Jim Ramsey
Indiana Commissioner, Clan Ramsay Association of North America.

Re: Glasgow, Ky. Highland Games 2011

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When is the Glassgow Thing. My brother is a Ramsey.

Re: Glasgow, Ky. Highland Games 2011

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Glasgow Highland Games are next weekend, June 4th and 5th. Here is the web site for the games:

Apologies for neglecting to post the date of the event.


Upcoming Clan Ramsay events

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Surnames: Ramsay
For information on upcoming Clan Ramsay events, please visit our website
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