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Woodroof family in England

Woodroof family in England

Harry Woodroof (View posts)
Posted: 935852822000
My family lives in England. I have information on them going back to around 1800.

Anyone interested in having names, dates, etc?

If so, leave a message for me, or e-mail me direct.

Harry Woodroof

Woodroof family-England to U.S.

Mary Woodroof Willis (View posts)
Posted: 937421589000
Interested in comparing notes of your Eng. folks-
I have my direct line back to when the Woodroof
came to U>S> but can not find any futher
connections-I feel cousins must be there
somewhere-Will list a couple of names to get
comparisons started. Do you know of David
Woodroof and Lettice Duncombe,Sheriff David
Woodroof(or Woodruff).My line first showed
Virginia and traveled west to Missouri.
Please contact me at or
leave message.
Posted: 953188644000
Edited: 993232359000
I have just discovered an ancestor named David Woodroof who was in the Revolutionary War. He resided in Amherst County, Va. and his daughter married into my Pettyjohn line in 1784.


John Davis (View posts)
Posted: 953230297000

Yes I believe there is a connection--I have
Pettyjohn a couple of places-Rhoda second wife
of Jesse (son of David),daughter of Wm.????
but do not find David daughter married to one.
Please let me know what you have, thanks.

Woodroof -Pettyjohn

Mary Woodroof Willis (View posts)
Posted: 953235336000
My apology I sent my reply wrong--so for a
second try --yes interested in seeing what
have --I have a jesse Woodroof married to
a Rhoda Pettyjohn. thanks


Posted: 953288259000
Edited: 993232359000
Dear Mary,

Thanks for your message! I have compiled tons of data on the Pettyjohn's from Amherst County, Va. over 13 generations. I have spent one year on the surname of William Pettyjohn's wife alone! Here is what I know: The Woodroof's and Pettyjohn's were neighbors in the Harris Creek area in the late 1780's. William and Elizabeth had a child named Rhoda who married Jesse Woodroof in 1802. Rhoda is not found in the Pettyjohn lineage until William married Elizabeth around 1784. Elizabeth was born in 1759 and died in 1831. David Woodroof married Clara Powell in 1759 and this raises the possibility that Elizabeth could have been their first born child. The siblings of Clara Powell include a Rhoda and A Wiatt. These names show up in the Pettyjohn family for three generations. Also, there is a little girl in the Pettyjohn cemetery that I am restoring on the Harris Creek plantation named - Clara. In the 1783 tax list which replaces the 1790 Virginia Census because of its destruction via fire and war, there are two David Woodroof's. It s clear that they were father and son because they show up in the 1810 census as Sr. and Jr. In 1783, assuming that Clara and David were the same age , his age would be around 42 and his children would be in their 20's. This would explain why there are two David Woodroof's in the 1783 Amherst County Tax Census. It is not clear that Jesse Woodroof was the son of David Woodroof because there are two Richard Woodroof's as well in the 1783 tax census for Amherst County, Va. but it is not probable that he was the son of David Sr. because Jesse married Rhoda around 1802 which would make Clara Powell almost too old to have children at that time. Jesse Woodroof and Rhoda Pettyjohn had a child named Seth Woodroof for whom Seth Woodroof Pettyjohn was named for in 1841. His parents were G. W. Pettyjohn Jr. and Ann Reynolds whose mother's father was a Rucker. There was a close connection between the Rucker's and Woodroof's as well before this union in 1825. Apparently, William Pettyjohn was very proud of Seth "Tipton" Woodroof and was named in his will as an heir because Rhoda died before 1822. It is possible that Elizabeth "Woodroof" had a younger brother named Wiatt Woodroof who marreid Dorothy Digges in 1794. This could have been a younger brother of Elizabeth ( youngest son of David Sr.), or the oldest child of David Woodroof Jr. He died in 1797. Wiatt Pettyjohn was born in 1798. Was he named for Wiatt Woodroof? Was Wiatt Woodroof named for Wiatt Powell who was the brother of Clara Powell? In summary, the Pettyjohn's have several names that can be traced to the Woodroofs: Wiatt, Clara, Rhoda, Sarah Ann, Seth, Jesse, and Susan. The Pettyjohn's lived next to the Woodroof's on Harris Creek. The Pettyjohn's and Woodroof's show marriages to the Rucker's. The timeline works. The lack of evidence to the existence of Elizabeth is not due to proof, as it is due more to the low status of women at that time as well as the destruction of census records for 1790 and 1800 in all the counties of Virginia. Short of a probated will for David Woodroof Sr. , there is hardly any evidence of a direct nature to prove herexistence as a Woodroof. Minister returns and marriage bonds were not required until the late 1780's and this would explain why there is not a record of their marriage in local documents. It is very clear that these families were joined, but I think it was one generation earlier than the one with Jesse and Rhoda. Elizabeth Pettyjohn was born in 1759 which is about the time Clara and David Sr were married. I think that the death of Wiatt Woodroof in 1797 prompted William and Elizabeth to name their son Wiatt Pettyjohn in 1798. William Pettyjohn lost his father in Delaware and was raised by a Warren then Pierce Wade - he had no connection to his Pettyjohn past from Sussex County, Delaware. It makes sense that he would follow naming trends of his spouse. His children with Elizabeth: Rhoda, Elizabeth, Mary, William Jr., Joseph, Wiatt, and George Washington. G. W. Pettyjohn married Ann Reynolds and they had: Rhoda, Susan Elizabeth, Issac Newton, Seth W., G.W. Jr., James, Sarah Ann, John, Lucian, Maria, and Henrietta. Henrietta had Clara with Stephen Watts. What do you think?


Mary Woodroof Willis (View posts)
Posted: 953407032000
I am pretty much in agreement with your Wood-
roof findings--I find confusion on some of
the same things-I believe there were 3 Davids.
David maried to Rachel Harden, their son David
married to Clary, and their son David married
to Judith. I have Jesse being borned 1771
to David and Clary,married first to Judith
Lee Aug 1791,and then Rhoda. I have another
mystery of this time-I have a Wyatt Powell
Woodroof moving his family to Missouri
around 1828-30..married to Mary Taliaferro
mention of Clary powell and him being
Richard powell grandson--Now I know
of the Wyatt you mentioned but he died
at a early age. this one came on to Mo.
with his sisters and there Freeland
husbands. sisters were Myra amd Susan.
In fact I know where his wife and sisters
are buried. Have you met up with these
My goodness the puzzles just waiting to be
solved. Thanks so much for you info and help.


John Davis (View posts)
Posted: 953451953000
Dear Mary,

Thanks for the reply. I spent several hours in the library yesterday and came up with some fascinating research. I have a distant relative who wrote a book: " The Wills of Amherst County, Va"., By Bailey Fulton Davis. Jesse Woodroof is mentioned as Capt. Jesse Woodroof and the will was recorded in 1830. It is strange, but census data put Jesse in Kentucky, not Va. Kentucky was where military warrants for service in the Revolutionary War went to patent. This did not occur in Amherst County, Va. Was Jesse in the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812? The will abstract for Capt. Jesse Woodroof mentions that he had seven children and mentions a provision for Supre. This will was recorded in 1830. However, guardin bonds were issued in 1822 for the orphan of Seth Woodroof, son of Jesse Woodroof. We know that Rhoda Pettyjohn Woodroof was dead since it appears that Jesse remarried and the will of William Pettyjohn in 1822 confirms this fact as well. Could the Jesse Woodroof who married Rhoda Pettyjohn be the son of Capt. Jesse Woodroof? I feel that the knowledge of his military service that you might have woul be a big clue. Obviously, if Jesse Woodroof was born in 1771 then his military record would not be from the Revolutionary War and his marriage to Rhoda would have been within his generation since she was born around 1783. Could Jesse be the son of Richard Woodroof. There are two in the 1783 Amherst Tax Census. Jesse had to have a service record to justify "Captain" in his will abstract. The fact that a Jesse Woodroof is in Kentucky partly confirms his service in the Revolutionary War. This land could have been passed on to his son, Jesse Woodroof. It is hard to understand how guardian bonds could have been issued in Amherst County in 1822, and yet a will being recorded in Amherst County in 1830 unless there are two Jesse Woodroof's in the wood pile. Seth Woodroof had a will probated in Amherst County, Va. where he leaves several Pettyjohn's some land holdings, he mentions his half-sister, Mrs. Frances Dawson, and a brother Supra. If Jesse was in the Revolutionary War then it appears that the Woodroof lineage is not complete and he could have had a sister that married William Pettyjohn.

Pettyjohn / Woodroof

Posted: 953571489000
Edited: 993232359000
Dear Mary,

I think that you are correct about Jesse. I feel that he must have been in the War of 1812. Furthermore, he must have married three times. 1850 Amherst Census shows: Tipton , Supre, and Elizabeth aged 60. Seth Woodroof was in the banking business until his death in 1875. He was given the use of the Pettyjohn land for farming and he was mentioned in the will of William Pettyjohn in 1822. Guardian Bonds were issued for him in 1822. Frances Woodroof married Nelson Dawson in 1816, and this must be his half sister from the marriage before Rhoda. Supre was born in 1829 by the 1850 census daes.


Wanda (View posts)
Posted: 964169814000

Do you have any information on a Louis and Barbara Woodroof in Missouri then Indiana?

thanks wanda
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