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Wierzbowski Family

Wierzbowski Family

Ellen (View posts)
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Surnames: Wierzbowski
I am trying to trace my mother's (Delphine) paternal family. Her father's name was Walter Wierzbowski. We don't know much. He was born in Biloxi, Miss and died in Baltimore, MD. His siblings were Helen and Joseph. Any help would be greatly apprciated.

Re: Joseph Wierzbowski

C. Wierzbowski (View posts)
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My grandfather was named Joseph and lived in Chicago in early 1900, became very wealthy in realy estate and lost everything in the crash of 1929. Was married to "Betsy". Had 7 children. Harry, Alphonso, James, Raymond, Virginia and Gloria. All are deceased except for Raymond (80) Virginia and Gloria.

Re: Wierzbowski Family

Paul Wierzbowski (View posts)
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This is in response to the first response by "C WIERZBOWSKI" to the post by "Ellen" posted on 19-May-2000. This isn't specifically about Ellen's search, but is about some of the history of the WIERZBOWSKI name, and specifically about my ancestor Bartlomiej (Bartholomew) WIERZBOWSKI.

While searching the internet this evening (26-Oct-2001) on my surname, WIERZBOWSKI, I finally came upon this site and found a quotation from a family history written by my cousin, Sister Edith Willow, a religious sister of the Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Des Plaines, Illinois. The quotation is on my great-grandfather, Bartlomiej [= Bartholomew in English] WIERZBOWSKI, (born ca. 1835, died ca. 1900) who was the village chief in a village called Zabien, near the municiplality of Pomorzany (= Pomoryany in Ukrainian), between L'wow (= L'viv, Ukrainian) and Tarnopol (= Ternopol, Ukrainian), which is now in Ukraine.

Whomever posted this exact quotation on this board, should give their full name and GIVE CREDIT to the source of the biography, since it is the work of someone else, namely Sr. Edith Willow (nee WIERZBOWSKI) !!

(I am almost certain that one of my cousins must have posted that information, and another post to the message which I am responding to.)

I am a descendent of Bartlomiej WIERZBOWSKI
His third wife was Marta RAWKOWSKA
Their eldest son was Joseph WIERZBOWSKI (born in Zabien – Pomorzany, POLAND on 15-Aug-1882 and died on 08-Sept-1971, Santa Barbara, CA)
His eldest son was Hieronim (aka “Harry”) WIERZBOWSKI, (born 06-Dec-1915 in Chicago, and died 21-Aug-1974) who was my father.

I lived in Krakow, Poland, from September, 1988 to July, 1989. I wasn't able to do much research on the WIERZBOWSKI name, but I can say, that although it is not too common a name, it is a very old family name, having a number of nobe men and women, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries, and in particular a number of noble ladies. As a result of the fact that there weren’t many noblemen “WIERZBOWSKI”, the gentry rank of the family name did not flourish. This information is according to the well-known genealogical work, “HERBAGE POLSKIEGO” published, ca. 1880, which lists all the noble family names in throughout Poland’s golden history. This work should be readily available in any decent Polish library, and certainly in any large city library in the eastern half of the USA.

It is interesting that in Poland, families were grouped together under large clan names. Most of the WIERZBOWSKI families in Poland were grouped under the crest called “JASTRZEBIEC” which comes from the word “Jastrzab” which means “hawk.” This clan goes all the way back to the days of the Tartars and Teutonic Knights, ca 1000 A.D. If anyone is really interested in this, I may be able to send an image file with the “JASTRZEBIEC” crest. But as I said, this is readily available in the work cited above, “HERBAGE POLSKIEGO.”

There were at least two Catholic prelates, (that is, Catholic bishops), by the name of Wierzbowski, and quite possibly more.

One of these bishops, Stanislaw, I believe, lived circa 1660 in or near Warszawa (= Warsaw) Poland. I know about him because he helped to establish a newly forming men's religious community, the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception, who are well-known both in Poland, the USA and abroad for their evangelistic work in spreading the messages and mission of DIVINE MERCY, received by Saint Faustina Kowalska. Bishop Wierzbowski gave a piece of land (with possibly buildings and a chapel) to the founder of the Marians, Stanislaw Popczynski, circa 1660, called “Kalwaria Gora”, (I believe), near Warszawa (= Warsaw), Poland. The Marians in Stockbridge, Massachusetts published a little booklet with a very brief history of their founder, Stanislaw Popczynski, which included the acknowledgement of Bishop Wierzbowski’s generous help to their founder.

The other Bishop Wierzbowski was bishop of Augustow, Poland in the 19th century. He was consecrated (I believe) by the famous Pope Pius IX, (aka "Pio Nono"). This bishop wrote a short treatise in Latin (on spirituality, I believe). I discovered this information when I lived in Krakow.

So, for anyone's information, the Wierzbowski name, as far as I can tell, is quite diverse. I have found the name WIERZBOWSKI in many locales throughout the United States as well as in Europe and Canada.

Some day I would like to set up some kind mutual resource for the name WIERZBOWSKI, so that we can begin to establish ties of the family name over the generations, especially over the last two centuries.

If anyone would like to be a part of such an endeavor, please respond to this message and this message board should automatically send me an e-mail.

Paul Wierzbowski

P.S. Who is "theprez" who posted the bio on Bartlomiej WIERZBOWSKI? I think it had to be one of my cousins.

Also, is "C WIERZBOWSKI" my cousin Cindy, daughter of Raymond?

P.P.S., One branch of the family in Chicago changed their name from WIERZBOWSKI to WILLOW in 1942.

Re: Wierzbowski Family

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Surnames: wierzbowski,Budna
I too, am trying to research wierzbowski's.
My wifes mothers maiden name is such.
Am having no luck.
All info is her father was josef wierzbowski married to
Mary Budna.
Can find no info in census's of Baltimore ,Md or ssi death index.

Re: Wierzbowski Family

Michael Marcy (View posts)
Posted: 1061528450000
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Surnames: Wierzbowski
Can anyone link the Wierzbowski's from Buffalo (Simon d.1933 and his son Walter aka Ladislaus b.1875 d.1920) to the Wierzbowski's in Chicago or elsewhere? Walter and Simon likely had siblings, but I do not know of any.

Re: Wierzbowski Family

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I know that this is an old post, but I am researching my WIERZBOWSKI family line and wonder if you ever set up that resource you mentioned. And I would just like to connect to others and compare notes. My WIERZBOWSKIs came from Lithuania to America in the very late 1800s to very early 1900s. They came to West Pittston, PA and were coal miners.

Re: Wierzbowski Family

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Surnames: Wierzbowski, Wiercbowski, Bienkowski
My grandfather was Joseph Wierzbowski sometimes spelled Wiercbowski. He immigrated to US around 1894. I found this information in the 1910 Census. He married Francis Bienkowski. I'm trying to locate where they were married. Their children (3 girls were baptized) in Nanticoke, Pa. Holy Trinity Church. Joseph was a coal miner. Hope this helps.

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