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Umfress Family

Umfress Family

Amie Umfress (View posts)
Posted: 974113784000
My name is Amie Umfress. I was looking up my last name, curious as to where it came from, and I came across this site. I read the message boards and called my father to see if he recognized any of the names that had been mentioned. I have never really looked into my family tree or background before, until now.My fathers name is Jerry Umfress. His parents were Gladys and Johnny Umfress. My fathers grandparents were Earret Oren Umfress (AKA Sam) and Mattie Tucker-Umfress. My father did say that my grandfathers closest cousin was Doyle Umfress. He also recognized the name Stoke Umfress. He nor I know a whole lot about his father's family. I guess that is why I was curious to see where our name came from.

umfress family

Posted: 977838435000
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my name is father was rex(ricky)umfress.we stayed in campbell,mo.his mothers name was leslie and i dont remember what his fathers name was.i remember we used to go to red bay for family reunions i thought i'd write and see if you knew my family or not.i was just looking uo my name to.
cynthia umfress

Trannie Umfress

Kerry Rowland-Avrech (View posts)
Posted: 979519162000
I saw your message and some of the information clicked as to what I'm trying to research. My grandfather was Trannie Umfress, who was Earret Orron "Sam's" half brother. Trannie was the son of Candace Wallace, and "Sam" the son of William "Billy" Albert Umfress and Della Harper. My Grandmother, Rosamae Frances, said that Sam married Hattie Tucker, so the information matches. I am still trying to locate exact times and places, but Trannie Umfress had three children by his first wife, Hattie Kelso - they were Milford Umfress, Elsie Umfress and Louise. Trannie and Frances had nine more children, of which Clara Umfress, Howard Umfress, Marie Umfress, Margaret Umfress, Elloise Umfress, Nellie and Iris Umfress are still living. Margaret, Marie, Nellie and Iris moved to California, and all but Marie are married. My mother is Iris Virginia Umfress (Rowland) and I must say, any information to the Mississippi or Missouri Umfresses would be appreciated. I will also forward what I can to you.

Good Luck!


Umfress family

Lou (Umfress) Scott (View posts)
Posted: 981632879000
Amie, We are distantly related. Ask your dad if he remembers me. Your grandmother, Gladys taught piano many years ago. My dad is James Dale, who is Doyle's brother. I might have some info on our families. Your dad use to drive a blue (I think) car that was loud! He also had long blond hair when he was younger! This has been MANY years ago, I was a teenager.


Kimberly(Vance) Allen (View posts)
Posted: 984586323000
I am definitely your cousin, please email me and we can talk. I will tell you all about grandma Umfress and the rest of the family. I remember you when you used to come to my grandmas house in campbell, mo please email me soon. thanks kim

my grandma and grandpa were umfresses

Kimberly(Vance) Allen (View posts)
Posted: 984586627000
Hello, Idont know if were kind to each other or not but my grandparents were Umfresses. My mothers maiden name was Umfress. We have relatives in Missouri and Alabama that i know of. Iwould appreciate any information that you could tell me about the Umfresses. I am trying to fix a family tree up. thank you Kimberly Allen

i think i remember you also

Posted: 984631051000
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e-mail me if you want ricky was mine and talisa's father.she lives in doniphan.we were up there last month.i'd love to see everyone.thank you. cindy

that was my grandma to

Posted: 984631474000
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grandma umfress was father did die in a car wreck in july 3,1994.write back at'd like to get to know my dads family.i lost touch when i moved to florida.i know the reunion was in red bay.we went the lots of times.thanks cindy.

Re: umfress family

Tammy T. Hill (View posts)
Posted: 1014665910000
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Cynthia, My great grandparents on my father's side were Umfress', and our family is mainly in Redbay, Al and MO.. We have a reunion every year at the Tishomingo State Park in May, I think it is the 3rd Sat. My grandmother is Lorine Umphress Taylor (Redbay, Al), she first married a Hall. She has a sister named Edith Umphress Scoby (MO) and a sister that recently passed who I always called Auntie, her husband was Vernon Pace. If any of these names sound familiar please let me know

Re: Trannie Umfress

crystal (View posts)
Posted: 1021729816000
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I was very surprised to see anything on the Internet about Umfresses at all. I am an Umfress from Success, Missouri. My fathers name is Robert Umfress, and my grandfathers name was R.C. Umfress. I have several other relatives sho also live in Missouri that I have frequent contact with. I would be more than happy to share what I know with you. Please write me, I don't have a personal E-mail address. Thank you.

Ms. Crystal Umfress
14087 Success RD
Success, MO. 65570
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