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The Stuckers with Daniel Boone

The Stuckers with Daniel Boone

Mary Israel (View posts)
Posted: 938978741000
I would like information on the two Stocker/Stucker brothers who left PA with Daniel Boone. The two brothers were killed by Indians in TN. Both left wives and children. Any information on any of their descendents would be appreciated.

stucker with Daniel Boone

stucker (View posts)
Posted: 940158398000
ihave family history dating before Daniel Boone


Phillip Stucker (View posts)
Posted: 940322898000
What do you have? All three surnames were used for the same family in some cases even by brothers. The names were all pronounced the same way fo it depended of the literacy levels of the officals who recorded them on government documents and church roles. They are all descended from Jacob Stocker of Switzerland/Bavaria. His garandsons names were Stocker except for the two brothers Jacob and George who went with the Boones from PA>NC>KY and in NC it changed to STUCKER.

Stucker/Boone KY

Phillip Stucker (View posts)
Posted: 940323764000
You can learn more about this with the Jacob Stocker descendants liniage on Familytree Maker, Bryant Station(Woodford Co. KY), Blue Licks State Park, KY, KY Militiamen List for Woodford and Scott Co. KY. Surname Genforum Web, and Moravian Web Site all of which can be found on the internet. The two you are talking about were sons of Michael, son of Hans Michael(arrived in PA 1731) son of Jacob. They were Killed by Shawnee in 1780 and 1782 near Lexington, KY in what was the last battles of the Rev. War in KY. George was with Daniel Boone at Blue Licks defeat where he and Boone's son, Isreal were killed. Jacob was killed two years later. I'm descended from George's son Henry and Granson Willis.

Stuckers with Boone

Mary Israel (View posts)
Posted: 940593384000
I also have info about the Stucker/Stocker family before the brothers went South with Boone. I am looking for info from after the time that the brothers were killled. Their father was Michael Stocker who left Switzerland and arrived in PA in 1730.


Mary Israel (View posts)
Posted: 940593907000
My mother has compiled information on the Stocker family, beginning with Michael Stocker, the father of Jacob and George. I am a descendent of Andreas Stocker, the brother of Jacob and George. My mother has Andreas' line pretty much to the present and the line of one of the other brothers. She has not done any work on the Jacob or George's line. By the way the Andreas line is in 13 volumes and a copy is at the Public Library in Allentown, PA.


Shirley Ward (View posts)
Posted: 941042038000
I am just getting started on genealogy.
I know that I am a descendant of Jacob Stocker who was born in Mitschdorf and of Hans Michael Stocker,Michael Stocker,George Stucker, Michael Stucker, Michael Stucker, Thomas Ruben Stucker, George Willis Stucker
I would appreciate any family history that you could provide me.
Thanks much!

stucker family

steven stucker (View posts)
Posted: 942078391000
my parents have, through an aunt, traced my family tree to Michael Stocker, apparently the first of our line in America, who fought for the revolutionary army in 1752. Is this the same Michael Stocker who is your ancestor? If so, please reply, as I am always interested in communicating with relatives.


steven stucker (View posts)
Posted: 942078608000
i have a genealogy which traces the stuckers back to at least 1752 with Michael, whom I believe was a German who fought for the revolutionary army against the British. I can provide the entire document if you wish.

Michael Stocker

Posted: 942146724000
Edited: 1016728049000
Michael Stocker (1700-1750) came to America from the Palatinate in 1731. He was married at that time and had 3-4 children. He died in 1750 or 1751, after fathering 10 children. To my knowledge, this Michael never fought in an armed conflict, most certainly NOT the American Revolution. He was dead 25 years before that began!
From which of Michael's sons do you descend? He had seven! Only two of those boys eventually adopted the spelling "Stucker," George and Jacob. They both were killed in Kentucky by the Indians circa 1780.
I am going to need some more information if I am going to be of any assistance. Write me directly at
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