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mary stace gander

mary stace gander

martha gandier (View posts)
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Surnames: stace, gander, bates, choate, gandier, simons

My ancestor, Mary Stace, married James Gander in East Sussex (I believe Hooe) in 1803. They had fifteen children, one of whom, Joseph, emigrated to Canada in about 1838. He came as a teacher and lay preacher, and was ordained here in Toronto in 1876. If you are the same lineage, I would be interested to know what happened to Benjamin, born in 1822 and who became a doctor in Dublin, Ireland. Also Daniel Gandier, who I believe lives in California. Please e-mail me if you would like further information. Martha Gandier

Staceys,Irish Roots, Canadian Immigrants to America

Robert Stacey (View posts)
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Surnames: Stacey, Stace, Stacy, Staysa, Stacie, Statia, Eustace
I'm pleased to note that your people are connected with Ireland. It is possible that our Staceys are as well. One was a rather famous pioneer doctor named Silas Scruggs Stacey, born January 1828 in Jackson Co., Tennessee, the son of William Stacy and Rebecca Griffith who had cherokee roots and welch ancestory. One of the stories about our William written in 1950 by the recollections of a 74 year old local historian was that he was tall, red headed, and a genuine Irishman. That quotation appears in Lackeys History of Newton Co. Arkansas publ. 1950.

Although we have searched diligently for the parents of our William Stacy (aka Stacey) b. circa 1800 we have no certain connection as yet. It is , of course, possible that
he came down from Canada, or came in at New Orleans, undocumented, or he could have come in by some other route.

I am interested in seeing a listing of the 15 children you speak of. It is possible that we have some information on them at our Stacey-Stacy lists at

When I graduated from Law School at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles I used to see a handsome fellow, hearty, with a beautiful smile with a similar name to mine--here and there about town. He was light skinned, blond, had the build of a contractor or construction worker, and seemed to have many friends. Although I never met him face to face, in person, I was told by some of the women who adored him that his name was Robert Stace.

Since there aren't many of that spelling here in Los Angeles I thought it unusual enough to remember all these years. I would be willing to bet he, if still living, is one of your relatives.

I will go to and search for a Robert Stace in Los Angeles and see if I can get an address for you. The other Stace families in america will come up for you if you use only the last name, no first, city, or state. Then you can select from the list the ones you desire to contact. Robert Stacey 10/6/99

Mary Stace Gander

Martha Gandier (View posts)
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Surnames: Stace, Gander, Calvert, Choate, Bates, Ryder, Swackhammer
Hi Robert: Mary Stace, my GGG Grandmother, was the daughter of William and Mary Hook Stace. She was baptized at Ewhurst, Sussex, England on 25/5/1785 Her siblings (some missing, I am reading from an old hand-written document) are: William, b. 10/4/1775 (could this be your William? At this period of English history, the less French your name sounded, the better!); Richard b. 12/10/1780, James b. 26/10/82 and Elizabeth b. 19/8/83. There are definitely more children, as the line goes off the edge of the paper with a note 'see over'. The rest of the document, found by my father with HIS father's possessions when he died, is lost forever. James Gander and Mary Stace were married in Hooe, Sussex, 3/5/1803. Their children: James Jr., 24/6/1804; Charlotte, 24/7/1805; William, 6/6/1806; Charles, 27/10/1808; Thomas 17/2/1810(emigrated to Australia); Jacob 3/4/1812; Joseph 21/1/1813 (my ancestor, emigrated to Canada 1846), Mark 19/2/1815; Ann 26/4/17; Hannah 10/5/18; Harriot 8/7/19; Sarah 8/7/1821; Benjamin 22/9/1822 (emigrated to Dublin Ireland, became a doctor); Hester 23/5/24, John (born posthumously) 15/7/1827. I hope this is some use to you....and thank you for your help re my own Stace search. Cheers...Martha Gandier

Stace in Austra

John J. Evans (View posts)
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Surnames: Stace, Evans
Dear Martha,
Wow, that's some reading on a name that is very difficult to track down.
I enquire as to your Thomas Stace (1810) that emmigrated to Australia, did he have any children and did one of them marry a Martha EVANS? My records show that Martha and ? Stace had two children; Flo (who married a Dunnett) and Percy Stace who had atleast two sons Norman and George Stace.
Any info relating to this line would be greatly appreciated.
Good hunting.
John J. Evans (Sydney, AUS)


Robert Stacey (View posts)
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Surnames: Stace, Stacey, Stacy, Eustace, Stacie, Statius, Stacia, Stacye
We're thrilled to find more Stace Families. Cousin Martha Gandier has been communicating with me and sharing some of the details of her wonderful Stace-Gander, Irish family.

We know that some of the Staceys left England for Canada, Australia, and America, and NewFoundland in the 1600's and since that time. We also know that families settled in each area and grew to prosper. From an old will found in the 1600's in England in which almost every Stacy person mentionned therein spelled the last name differently that some of the ancestors didn't spell well, either because they couldn't or because they chose to be independent and different. Thus, it is entirely possible that we are all connected in some way, by location, or the nature of the work the ancestors did, or because our ancestors merely hung out with the same group of folks.

More to come of all this., and perhaps our Stac---Family reunion will just be bigger, and bigger, and bigger as time goes by and we can prove these anticipated connections.

Robert Stacey 6/19/00 I am a Descendent of Howard Stacey, born Stacy, descendent of James Silas Stacy, son of Dr. Silas Scruggs Stacey, who descended from William Stacy b. about 1801, location unknown, and Rebecca Griffith, daughter of Jonas Griffith Jr., son of Jonas Griffith preacherman who came to America on a religious mission from Wales in the 1700's.

Re: Stace--Eustace--Stacey--Stacy--etc.

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Surnames: Clinton D. Stacy
Hi, my husband is Kenneth L. Stacy his father is Kenneth Lee Stacy His father Bruce Lee Stacy m. Estelle Musselman/Sheets in1897 Bruce was born in Harrison Co. MO his father was Clinton D. Stacy mother Nancy Jane Petit, Clinton was born in Sangamon Co. IL in 1834 to Lorenzo Stacy and Margret McCormack Stacy whos father was Ezekial Stacy anyone with information on this line please e-mail me. I would love to share what little I have.

Reply re your Missouri born Clint Stacey &: Stace--Eustace--Stacey--Stacy--etc.

Robert Lee Stacey (View posts)
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Surnames: Stacey-Stacy
I remember dad mentionning Clint Stacey. I also remember some sort of conversation with Carol Berry Clouse regarding a Stacey man named Clint. She was a resident of Berryville Missouri for some years during her early adulthood. If you want her snail mail address so you can write to her let me know your snail mail address or send me your email address with a request for the above information.

Re: Reply re your Missouri born Clint Stacey &: Stace--Eustace--Stacey--Stacy--etc.

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Surnames: Stacy/Stacey
You can reach me at 5481 Cinnamon Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89122. I would love to know any information you might have on Clinton Stacy.

Re: Reply re your Missouri born Clint Stacey &: Stace--Eustace--Stacey--Stacy--etc.

Robert Stacey (View posts)
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Surnames: Stacey
The Clint that I have heard of was a relative of Carol Berry Clouse and he was said to be extremely handsome, loveable, and he also liked his liquor. As I recall, he may have died under rather sad circumstances.
This report was received by letters circulated among members of the family, none of which are in my possession.
I suppose because of the time frame involved, probably born between 1890 and 1915, died in the 30's or 40's probably, that he was the same Clint Stacey of whom my father, Howard Chester Stacey, born 1907 Marble City Arkansas, often said was a cousin.
Robert Stacey

Re: Reply re your Missouri born Clint Stacey &: Stace--Eustace--Stacey--Stacy--etc.

Judy Stacy (View posts)
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Hi Robert, Thank you for answering my message. I don't think your Clint Stacy is the one I'm looking for. The Clinton Stacy I'm looking for was born around 1834 in Illinois, and he married Nancy J. Petit around 1862 in Mo. They had 6 children, Ida A., Henry P., Frank, Bruce, Effie M., and Leona Jenne. But I do know that my husbands grandfather Bruce Stacy had a drinking problem too. Your Clint is problably a relative but I don't know the connection. I would still like to see if we are connected through my Clinton Stacy. His parents were Lorenzo and Margret McCormack Stacy I look forward to hearing from you or anyone with any information on this line of Stacys.
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