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Schalow relatives

Schalow relatives

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My great grandfather was Herman Schalow b. in Mecklenburg, Germany. He was married to Anna Wilhelmine Luebke on 20 Feb. 1901 in Adair, Iowa. She had came to the U.S. with her family from Germany in 1891. Would appreciate any addit. information on Herman.

Otto Herman Schalow

Robert Eugene Schalow (View posts)
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I'm wondering if Herman Schalow Anna Wilhelmine Luebke could be my ancestors.
My father: Otto Wilhelm Schalow Jr. born 3/17/21 in Pipestone, Minn
His Father: Otto Herman Schalow born 12/18/1883 in Germany (town unknown)
His Father: William Schalow born 10/20/1859 in Germany, died 2/25/1939 in Merrill, Wisc
Mother: Emelie (nee Luedike) Schalow born 7/9/1862 in germany, died 11/27/1938 in Merrill, Wisconsin

Otto Herman Schalow

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Read your message with interest but don't know if we can "tie" our ancestors together. However, maybe so. Did your Schalow's ever live in Iowa? I really don't have much information but do have a great aunt who is 95 y.o. is a Schalow. I'm going to write to her to see if she can give me a little help. I don't know who Herman Schalow's parents were. I do know that he had 2 brothers--Wilhelm(Bill) Frederick. Herman was born in the city of Schwerin in Mecklenburg, Germany. He was in Adair, Iowa when Anna her family arrived in 1891. Herman Anna moved to North Dakota between 1905 1911 farmed there. They had 4 chldren, 3 were born in Iowa the youngest in N.D. Herman Anna are buried near Mandan, North Dakota.


Robert Eugene Schalow (View posts)
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I lived in Ft Dodge, Iowa with my parents for about 4 years when I was in high school (1955-59) but other than that I'm not aware of any of my ancestors living in Iowa.
BTW I was born 3/31/41 in Pipestone, Minn. now live in Elgin, ILL.
My siblings:
Theodore William Schalow b. 1/28/54
Diane Margaret Schalow Connor b. 6/30/42
Barbara Ann Schalow b. 8/18/44 died 1/16/56
Beverly Jean Schalow b. 11/9/51 died 8/7/56
all born in Pipestone, Minn.

My father Otto Wilhelm Schalow's siblings:
Irene Violet Schalow Earl b. 1/29/1927
Richard Edward Schalow b. 7/4/1929
all in Pipestone, Minn. I believe

My Grandfather Otto Herman Schalows siblings:
Anna M. Schalow b. 1886 germany, died 1969
Bertha A. Schalow b. 11/30/1887 germany, died 10/4 or 6/1894
Gustave H. Schalow b. 4/7/1894 USA, died 1982
Arthur Schalow b. ?? USA, died ???

Herman's brother Wilhelm (Bill)

Robert Eugene Schalow (View posts)
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Probably a longshot, but I wonder if your grandfather Herman's brother
Wilhelm (Bill) my great grandfather William could be one the same.
Do you happen to know the approximate birthdates of your Herman or his
brother William. Probably later than my Great grandfather Williams, but
maybe not.

My father Otto Wilhelm used the middle name "William" for most of his life.
It was in the last 10-20 years that he discovered some early documentation
showing his middle name as Wilhelm. I think he doesn't actually know for sure which is correct.

My grandmothers maiden name was Gnotke, but she has siblings that used the spelling Gnatke.

Anyway, these inconsistencies seem to be abundant.

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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I don't know if my ggrandfather Herman is brother to your Bill. It would help immensely if I had birth/death date of Herman. My Dad thinks he has Herman's b.d. is looking!!. I've been told that Wilhelm "Bill" married Irene Mechtell they had a son Merle(b. about 1923) a daughter named May (b. approx. 1924) Bill his family moved to North Dakota with Herman his wife while the other brohter Frederick remained in Iowa. I've not been able to locate Herman on any census sheets for Iowa or North Dakota. I did find a Frederick on the 1880 Dakota cty., Mn. census. I'll keep you in mind if I am able to solve any of this would appreciate any input from you.
Good luck

Wilhelm/William Schalow

Robert E. Schalow (View posts)
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it looks like we struck out, but thanks for the info.

My great grandfather William Schalow was probably born much earlier than your Great grandfathers brother
and there is no match on his wife Emelie Luedike b. 7/9/1862

or his children:
Otto Herman Schalow, b. 12/18/1883 (My Grandfather)
Anna M. Schalow, b. 1886
Bertha A. Schalow, b. 11/30/1887
Gustave H. Schalow, b. 4/7/1894 and
Arthur Schalow, b. ????

By the way, my father says that My grandfather (Otto Herman)
talked of coming over here to the USA from Germany with
his parents William Emelie and he thinks he was about
7 years old when that happened. That would have put
it at about 1890.

As far as I can ascertain, Merrill, Wisconsin
is the only place my great grandparents William Emelie,
lived in after coming over from Germany.
Their address in Merrill was 602 Prospect Street.

Keep me informed as to any further information that you obtain
and I will do likewise.

from Germany an
Anna M. Schalow, b. 1886 Germany, died 1969
Bertha A. Schalow, b. 11/30/1887 Germany, died 10/6/1893

William Schalow

Ron Schalow (View posts)
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My grandfather, William Schalow was born in Germany (approx. 1868)and died at Velva, ND (approx. 1933) He married Irene Machtell. Merrill Schalow was born 1923 and lives in Minot, ND. (He is my father) May, my aunt, was born 1924 and lives in Long Beach, CA. I wish I knew more.
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Was excited to read your message. According to my father, my ggrandfather, Herman Schalow had 2 brothers named Frederick Wilhelm "Bill". Bill married Irene Machtell so I fee sure we're part of the same line. My Dad grew up in Velva, North Dakota he and his mother lived with his grandparents Herman Anna Schalow. I only know that Herman Schalow came from Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany. Do you know when they came over from Germany or do you know your grandfather's parents names? My Dad's name is Pete Peterson, b. 1925 in Velva.

Velva Schalow's

Ron Schalow (View posts)
Posted: 966182874000
Herman, Anna, Fredrick...those names all sound familiar. I'll check with my father.
A few other facts:
One of William's brothers had a son, Ralph b.1910 who still lives in Velva and owns farmland south of town. Ralph has two sons...Jack Jim Schalow, both born around 1940.
My father Merrill William was born in Velva in 1923...was only 10 when William died.
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