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My g-grandfather was John Wesley Lingerfelt and I believe his father was also John Lingerfelt and his mother was Synthia Black. Does anyone have info as to the dates of this marriage and also John and Synthia's parents?


sheila (View posts)
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John wesley and emaline Howard are my anccetors too- I haven't alot- of info yet- but I would love to talk with you! please email me at

John Wesley Lingerfelt

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There are more than one John Wesley Lingerfelt's
One of which has lineage via South Carolina and one through
North Carolina. If the father of your John Wesley is
James Monroe, then I can help you.

James monroe Lingerfelt

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son of solomon, I need dates on this family and
wives straightened out. I list #1 as Mary
Pace, #2 as Lillie ?, no info on either and
scant on children of which I have 10 total listed.
e mail to

James monroe Lingerfelt

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son of solomon, I need dates on this family and
wives straightened out. I list #1 as Mary
Pace, #2 as Lillie ?, no info on either and
scant on children of which I have 10 total listed.
e mail to

john wesley lingerfelt

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John Wesley Lingerfelt born 4-3-1866
in cleveland ,bradley county Tenn
died 4-15-1912 in maud,potawattomie cty ok.
son of James Lingerfelt and Polly A.
William Henry b. 1860
Sarah C b. 1862
Jacob F b. 1863
Jake b. 1868
Henry b. 1870
Sarrah b. 1872
Julia b. 4-1886
John's father was James Monroe Lingerfelt
was the son of Solomon Lingerfelt who was
the son of Jacob Lingerfelt.
James Monroe Lingerfelt was born sept 1841 in
Georgia and died in 1920 in Bradley Cty. Tenn.
He married #1. Polly Pace
#2. Elizabeth Fortiner
#3. Lillie ? abt. 1908
This is information taken from a decendents
line compiled by Wayne Lingerfelt in Mint
Hill North Carolina.
James Monroe Lingerfelt was my gr grandfathers
brother (Marion Lingerfelt)
Hope this helps.
dee lincomfelt roekle


Geri Lingenfelter (View posts)
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Let me tell you our name was spelled in the census as Lincomphillier and in the next census as Lingenfelter.
I have written to a school teacher in Mississippi, that knew our father, and swears we are spelling our last name in error.
But you see our father and grandfather all sepped the name Lingenfelter, they just did not disturb others by correcting others about the spelling.
Our family also lived in Okl. and yes we have American Indian blood.
Some other connections, we have connections to Stricklands and Bell .
Our grandfather died in Miss. at State line near Ala. and our father died in Miss.
I have seen our name spelled LingInfelter and LingOfelter and LingAnfelter and many other spellings and we do have proof these are our lines,
It is fact our name was Lingenfelder in Germany and after coming to America they changed it to Lingenfelter.
We do have family yet in Germany that have connection to our line and the German archives have our early families listed as going to America.
We do know our misspelled name was due to phonically spelling, and poor education.
Some of our line did not have that much of an education maybe only 3rd grade, due to farming and no time for book learning,( also many had a broken German / English speech ) that they thought maybe they made an error in spelling and took on the new spellings,as
not to make trouble , they carried on the name.

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thank you so much for the info, this is the
first hit ever mentioning american indians
in this line. I thought i was reaching the
end of my search for while. I grew up with
my grandfather (george) and his brother (jesse)
telling us about his family (lincomfelts)
living in Indian Territory Ok and that his
family was Indian,(cherokee) he left home in
his teen years never to return. most of his
siblings left years later and followed him to
indian bay bottoms in arkansas, 2 siblings
remained in oklahoma and married "well" and
never would admit to the indian conncection.
Later in a family bible I was told that the
tribe choctaw was mentioned, i have never
seen this bible so i cannot prove this, but
knowing the history of cherokees and choctaws
it is highly possible of the two being the
same or close.
In many years of research I could not get anywhere
as long as I looked in the Lincomfelt area.
A genealogist in ark. told me I was not looking
at the right name and I do remember the name
lingerfelt being mentioned in my early years.
so i went into the lingerfelt line and was
overwhelmed by the thousands of lingerfelts
out there. i ran into a man 5 minutes from
my home who has done extensive research on this
line.(wayne lingerfelt) and he has helped alot
except for his belief that lingerfelts was
a phoneically changed name and that it does
not come from germany. he thinks our family
name was changed from the men marrying german
women who could not pronounce the original name
whatever it was and over the years it changed
to what it is. also he has my gr grandfather
date of death and place of death wrong, which
was info given to him by others. Any way I
appreciate all info i have recieved from him
and it was through him that i have gained
most of what i have.
I do have to admit that the indian conncection
is my main goal though, and I am almost positive
it has to come from the women marrying into
this name. do you have any documentation on
the connection, what line are you from.
The best I can come up with is that my
gr grandfather marion was the son of
Solomon and Luvitta. I do know that he was
born in Chatt. Tenn in 1850, this was taken
from a census him and his wife Henrietta
was listed on in OK in 1900 on the choctaw
census records. in 1910 Henrietta was listed
as a widow in Montgomery township Ark, but
from 1900 to 1910 they had one more child.
Is your family was the oklahoma lingerfelts?
I have a theory that henrietta and her family
was indian and i have info on them but no
proof to this theory either, henrietta's
mother was a strickland from mississippi.
any further help you could give me I would
very much appreciate. the proof i want is
for my own, not for gain. it started out as
a vendetta to prove to my grandfathers niece
that what we were told as children was truth
and that her version of heritage was not.I
guess i am trying to prove that the important
men in my life as i was growing up told me
fact and that i can relay this information
and pass it down to my grandchildren and so
thanks so much
dee lincomfelt roekle

Re: German Archives

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Geri, would you contact me by e-mail and tell me how to access the German database you referred to in your response of 7-28-00.
I decended from a Lingenfelder who immigrated to America in 1754. However I have hit a dead-end in locating anything further about family left in Germany. Do you have any info that may be helpful to me? If so, I will be happy to share with ou any info I have as well. My e-mail address is Many thanks, Paul.

Lingerfelt /Lingerfelter

geri Lingenfelter (View posts)
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yes the L 's married into the Indian line from the wife side of the family.
Our grandfather never talked about the Indian part of our family until the last 3 years of his life.
He told us how he lived on the reservation in Okl. for a short time.
But back then the chance of a making ends meet and raising your family safe and productive ,they did not say there we not indian, they just never spoke about it.
Our father did talk about Preacher Indian Brewer , who was our great Great Great grandfather on our Indian Grandmother s side if the family.
The Brewers and Browns were both Indian And married and our grandmothers maiden name was Brown. She married Lingenfelter. our grandfather.
They lived in Indian Terr. in the 1890 's and 1900 , by 1907 they went back to Ala. and Ms. and by 1910 they went back to Okl. for awhile. before returning back to Ms.
Our Great Grandfather and before are on the Indian Archives and have numbers.
But when our grandmother married a Lingenfelter she no longer used a number or stayed registered with the tribe.
She did not cut her self off from the Indian family, she just did not take any more goverment money.
She owned her own land and home.
Hope this helps in some way?
Sincerely, Geri
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