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Laursen relation

Laursen relation

Rebecca Laursen-Castner (View posts)
Posted: 951483601000
Hello, My maiden name is Laursen and my great grandfather was Soren Laursen from New York state beyond that I'm unsure. I know the family origionated in Denmark. Anyone with more family history please respond. Becky


R Jensen (View posts)
Posted: 955637256000
Soren Laursen married my grandfather's sister,Agnes Jensen. Soren was born 11 Mar 1892,and died 31 Mar 1975. Their children were (not in order) Erna(Christensen),Glenwood,Kenneth,Ernest,Albert M.,Henry,Elmer,Lynn.

Jensine (Celia)

Ann Johnson Dover (View posts)
Posted: 967312785000
I believe my grandmother Jensine (Celia)Laursen Johnson was a sister to Soren Laursen. She died in Westbrook, Maine 12/31/69.

Soren Laursen

Rob Jensen (View posts)
Posted: 968665086000
The Soren Laursen I have was born 11 Mar 1892 and died 31 Mar 1975,at which time he still had a sister living in Westbrook,ME. Her name was Mrs. Pauline Paulsen. Soren was born in New Denmark,New Brunswick,Canada. He came to Geneva,NY about 1912. I should be able to e-mail you his obituary and decendancy list.


Ann (View posts)
Posted: 968665556000
Thatis the birth date I have for Soren also. I knew Aunt Pauline quite well. Remember attending a family reunion at their dairy farm when I was a little girl. After months of trying to locate some family, have I finally done so? Amazing.
Thanks so much. Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
Aunt Pauline's son Everett still lives in Westbrook, Maine. Just saw him last November at my Uncle Bob's (Johnson)funeral.

Soren, Pauline, and Jensine

Donna Johnson-Rattray (View posts)
Posted: 969728623000
my notes from my great-grandmother say her parents were
Soren (Damkjor) Laursen and Kirsten Marie Mortensen
Jensine Birthe Kirstine born March 2, 1877 died Dec 31, 1969
married: first Henry James Hollins and then Elias Johnson
children: Etna and myrtle (first) Hermon, Chester, Robert (second)
Karoline Marie born Jan 18, 1879 died Jan 30, 1972
married: Niels Peter Mikael Jensen
children: Henry, Grace, Karen, Ernest, Larrence
Anna Marie Born Sept, 26, 1880 died Jan 12, 1971( my great-grand mother)
Married:Hans Harold Rasmussen
children: Richard (granddad), Martin, Harold, Martin, Evelyn, Mable, Carl, Winton
Oline Dagmar born March 3, 1884 died Dec 19, 1885
Oline Dagmar born June 2, 1886 died Feb 35, 1965
married Halgar C Christensen
children: Ella, Harry, Earl, Emert, Joy
Emma born Jan 25, 1888 died Aug 16, 1959
married: Harry Lee Marsters
children: Verna, Florence, Irvine, Errold, Warren, Murial, Charles
half sister with mother second husband (said to be Soren's brother)
Pauline born May 14, 1895 (no dead date found still alive when Great-Grammy Anna Died)
married: Walter Paulsen
children: Everett Lee

Laurits born Feb 2, 1875 died Nov 25 1961
married: Anna Kirstine Rasmussen (sister to Hans Harold)
children: Arthur, Martin, Dorrice, Dorrice, Lillian
Jens Peter born July 26, 1882 died Oct 20 1903
Julius Alfred born Oct 9, 1889 died Nov 1, 1969
Valdemar Victor born March 20, 1881 died May 25, 1971
Soren Jr born March 11, 1892 died April 11, 1975
married: Agnes Jensen(never listed any children) could this be your Soren?
Half brother from mother's second marriage
Henry Alfred born April 27, 1894 died July 3, 1898

hey R Jensen

Donna Johnson-Rattray (View posts)
Posted: 969728914000
Would your grandfather be niels Peter Mikael Jensen?

Laursen/ Johnson

Ann K-V Johnson-Dover (View posts)
Posted: 969807437000
Thank you for all that information. Lots of familly since that. I am the grandaughter of Elias and Celia (Laursen)Johnson. My father was Chester Forrest Johnson. His brothers were Herman Elias and Robert Veiling. Robert, the youngest brother, just passed away last Thanksgiving at the age of 87. My father died April 4, 1986.
Herman and his wife, Dorothea had two daughter, Betty Louise and Ruth Janice. Each of them had four children. My parents, Chester and Dorothy, had two children, me and my brother Chester F. Jr. I have four children and my brother has three. Robert and his wife Pauline had two sons, Robert Veiling, II and Gregory Keith. Bob and his first wife, Sigrid, adopted two children, a boy and a girl. Greg, I have lost track of. Believe he has been married three times and am not sure of his children.
Thank you for answering. Am interested in any and all information.

Soren and Kirsten's parents

Donna Johnson-Rattray (View posts)
Posted: 969813455000
I have been told that Soren's parents are Laurst Larsen son of Lars Vidricksen
and Jensine Kirstine Stephansdatter daughter of Stephan Jensen.

Kirsten's parents are Morten Christensen son of Christen Mortensen
and Birthe Larsdatter daughter of Lars Vidricksen

Yes, they are first cousins
It looks like your grandmother was named for her grandmothers

a little more info on family origins

Donna Johnson-Rattray (View posts)
Posted: 969814139000
my great grand mother was born in Harreso, Veijle, Denmark
the odd were that you grandmother was too seeing that she was older.
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