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Hash Family History - Virginia line

Hash Family History - Virginia line

James Wright (View posts)
Posted: 929304726000
Here's the Hash family history from my grandmother's line in Southwest Virginia.

Hash name comes from the name fist used "Hashes" . First one on record was Thomas Hashes(Hash) born in Europe in 1650.
He came from either France or Germany to America.
Second Hash on record was John Hashes born in 1700.
The Third was William Hartons Hash .
The Fourth was Josephate Hash who married Margaret Haulsee.
a. William "Blind Fox Billy" Hash, son of Josephate, born 1/25/1809, died 5/11/1895.
i)married Jane Bonham (born 1/29/1811, died before 1862). They had 12 children :
a. Levi (1833), Eli, Elsie, Calvin, Elizabeth , William , Abel, Zebedee,& Wiley (twins), Mary Jane, Sarah Caroline, & Loudema.
ii) married Polly Glass (born 10/1/1831, died 7/10/1890), they had five children :
a. Alice, Emaline, and Martha Jane (twins), William Mathas, & Lee F.

Tax Records in SouthWest Virginia show the following :
Willian Hash 1771
John Hash 1773
from John's will , probated in 1784, it memtions :
a. John , son by first wife
b. William, son
c. Thomas, son
d. John, son by second wife
i)Richard Hall , grandson
Thomas Hash 1774

I have some detail on the children of William Hash. Please e-mail me if you would like to know more.

I would be interested in learning more about Jane Bonham Hash (first wife of William) .
and of Eliza Bishop Hash (1840 wife of Levi Hash)



Hash family

Jeff Vickoren (View posts)
Posted: 937085168000
According to the genealogy handed down to me, a John Hash moved to Grayson County, Virginia in 1732 or 1733 with his brothers, James and William. John's children were: William who married Ellender Osborn, Thomas who married Ruth Sturgeon, Jane and another John.(ca 1760) This John fathered another John 4/16/1794 who married Mary Cole. This genealogy is pretty much complete from them on down to me. Interested?

John Hash

James Wright (View posts)
Posted: 938722593000
I would like to know more about John Hash and his ancestors and family.
For example : Who were John's wives ?

The will of John Hash , probated on May 27, 1784 can be found in Montgomery Co. VA
(Will Book B, page 63). In this will he mentions his wife , but does not name her.
The will also mentions the following :
1. his son John by his first wife,
2. A son William (who was to have a full and equal share with all of the children [not named])
3. a son Thomas
4. another son John , by his second wife.
5. also names a grandson Richard Hall

Please let me know who John hash's ancestors were, and any additional information on his children.

i will be happy to send you any information that I have .


James Wright

John Hash/Mary Cole

Posted: 939366743000
Edited: 994827307000
I can fill you in quite a bit on the John Hash who married Mary Cole, and his father and grandfather; I descend from his brother, Alvin. Would be very interested to know your line from John and Mary (Cole) Hash. You can contact me directly at

Hash family

Sharon Sexton (View posts)
Posted: 945544495000
I think maybe you can help me. My grandfather was Willaim Hash from Grayson County, VA. My grandmothers name was Cora. William was born in 1898. I would appreciate any information you could give me.

William Cora Hash of Grayson , VA

James Wright (View posts)
Posted: 945640333000
I have a Crockett (William ?) Hash who married a Cora.
Crockett was the son of Eli Hash (born 1835)
and Polly Russel. Eli was the son of William "Blind Billy" Hash
(born 1805 in Grayson Co., VA).

Please let me know if this is a match, I also have several other
William Hash's , but no others matching the date of 1898.

contact me at


William HASH

John (View posts)
Posted: 949746146000
You have stated to email you if wanting more informaiton. I do....but what is your email address? Mine is

john Hash born in 1656

kim ozment (View posts)
Posted: 957900616000
I am looking for John Hash born in 1656.He was married to Ellender Osborne born in 1698,England. I am looking for the parents of John Hash born in 1656. Please write me back. Kim ozment @

Re: William and Cora Hash

Posted: 970905825000
Edited: 1011797240000
William Hash was born March 12, 1898-died August 8, 1970. He was married to Cora Martin Mays March 6, 1918 in Comers Rock. He went by the nickname "Kenny" since his full name was William McKinley Hash. He was my grandfather. I am searching for his father Joseph Hash, born August 25, 1875, his father was Benjamin Hash which from my information immigrated from Ireland although I've found no proof of this. Would like to know if you've found more information.

Hash family dates wrong

Ruth Bedwell (View posts)
Posted: 978509358000
I think you have the family and the dates mixed up. I have William Hash Sr. Married to Ellender Osborne. His date of birth was 1743-46. and His father was John born 1725-4/13/1784.
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