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kory klein (View posts)
Posted: 947920998000
looking for great great great great great great grandfather CHRISTAN F. ETZ. HE LIVED IN ILLINOIS SOMETIME IN 1710-1799

family tree

dkn (View posts)
Posted: 982694980000
my granfather lived in milwaukee and was an etzel -his parents were from germany could there be a connection?

Re: family Etz

Kris (View posts)
Posted: 1000080750000
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I have a brief notation of a Christian Etz. Time frame is wrong but this is what I have. "the 1 March 1811 will of Christian Etz of "Canajohary" mentions his sisters Mary Vanderwerke (who is Anna Maria Etz who marries a Martinus Vanderwerken) Anna is born 23 May 1748. One of Martin and Anna's children end up in Kalamazoo in 1838.

Re: family tree

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Surnames: Etzel, Obilborger, Reith
Seeking contact with anyone who may be researching the following lines:

Born 23 April 1904; baptized 1 May 1904: Clarence Josephus ETZEL son of Nicolai ETZEL and Margaretha
OBILBORGER; Godparents/Sponsors: Joseph ETZEL and Margaretha OBILBORGER (nee REITH)

Extracted from the records of St. Martin's Catholic Church, a mission church of St. Anthony's in Fussville, Waukesha County, longer in existence. Was located 2 blocks east of Timmerman Field on south side of Appleton Avenue in an
area known as Granville. Engelsburg families also attended church here. Neither communities exist anymore and the old
records have been sent to St. Agnes' Catholic church in Butler, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

I am related to a Veronica Reith who married a Patrick McCalvey. They had a daughter named Regina McCalvey who was
born in 1846 and married an Antonii Brahm at St Anthony's Catholic Church, Fussville, Waukesha County, Wisconsin on
November 12, 1867.

If anyone has this family in their database, or knows of any of their descendents, please contact me at:
Thank you in advance,
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Are you still looking for information about Christian Etz? Christian, Jr. who died about 1812 was the brother of my 4th great grandmother, Elizabeth Etz, who married Johann (John) Walrad (Walradt, Walrath). I have copies of the wills of both Christian, Jr. and his Father.

Jerry L. Walrath

Re: family tree

Robina Etzel (View posts)
Posted: 1040965215000
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Surnames: Etzel
I too am searching the Etzel's from Butler, Fussville, WI. I have some info that we could share, I believe.
Robina Etzel

Re: family tree

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I am excited to hear from you--wondering how you may think we have relaed lines.

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Please contact me at:

Thank you,

Re: Wisconsin Etzels

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Surnames: Etzel, Winter
In my family I have a Christopher Etzel m. Maia Topp in Hartford Wisconsin in 1866. Is Hartford near any of these places you listed, Susan?

Christopher was one of 6 sons [Christopher, Frank, Joseph, Albert, August & Philip] of Jacob Etzel and Margareth Winter who were from Saxe-Weimar, Germany and settled in New York City.

I am a descendant of Frank.

Re: Wisconsin Etzels

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Surnames: Castenholz; Kastenholz, Brahm, Laus

Hartford in only one County away--and was on a major road-way and railway west of it is very possible..I have relatives from other towns around the Hartford area, as well..seems to me that onw of the Castenholz/Kastenholz line settled there...Hartford is just off the old ..darn it--I can't think of the name of it--(Watertown Plank Road) but the major road from Milwaukee to Watertown in Jefferson/Dodge County...the main spur of the Railroad going north-west to Minneapolis/St. Paul also ran thorugh this area.

There may have been some related BRAHMs and LAUS's there as well...

Re: Wisconsin Etzels

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Surnames: Michels, Kalscheuer
I forgot to mention that there was a MICHELS line and a Dr. H. Kalscheuer, in that area, too.

Found in a large box in the basement of Coreen Petta's home labeled, "From Doc's Desk". (Doc Ackerman was Lorraine Hoppe (nee Linger)'s second husband) There was a funeral book:
Geo L. Weiand, Funeral Director; 3412 W. Center St. (Milwaukee, WI)
In Loving Memory of Dr. Joseph Linger; Birth Place: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin; Date: November 10, 1871; Entered into Rest: October 5th, 1941 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Aged 69 years, 10 month and 45 Days-------Requiem Mass at St. Sebastian's on October 8, 1941 at 10 AM------Interment: Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin on October 8th, 1941.
Casket Bearers:
Dr. H. Kalscheuer, M. Castenholz, Chas. Reiter, Ted Star(nin?), and Dr. E. Seegers
Relatives attending: Mrs. Emma M. Kelley; Marian Kelley; Martin Schottler; Louisa Schottler; George J. Schuh; M&M A. J. Weiand; Math Jonen; Edna Schwister; M&M Sylvester Kreuser; and Raymond Jonen
Friends who called:
M&M George A. Jaster; Carl Hoz(im?); Mrs. Jos. Forester; Mrs. F. B. Miller; M&M H F Hoppe; M&M August Rack; Dr. and Mrs E. C. Segers; Mrs. Marge Weiand Masuhr; Mrs. Ruby ( Weirirkauf ?); Mrs. Fred (Werierkauf?); Wm. E. Murphy; M&M Frank Kohler; Charles T. Frey; Phillip Rack; M&M M. Heinen; M&M H. Siel; M&M W. Frangen; Mrs. W. Frangen, Sr.; Mrs. W. Frangan (Schaefer); Mrs. A. G. Stegemeyer; Mrs. Clarence S. Becker; Mrs. Albina F. Wei(r or n); Mrs. Irene Knobbe; Miss Janice Knobbe; Mrs. John Schaefer; M&M H. R. Addicks; M&M Erv Meier; Clarence (S.?) Becker; Albina F. Weiand; L. W. Toelle-Quality Fuel Oil Co.;M&M John Pattow; F. M. Fischbach; Mrs. Walter Hoppe; M&M Ted Stamm; Francis J. Ott; M&M Frank Kores; Mrs. Nelson; Gilbert Wehner; Mrs. Louise Lauerhaas; M&M Henry Holzem; Mr. W. H. Ogle; Mr. N. A. Stuart; M&M Joseph F. Lauer; M&M Joseph Meinga(st or rt??) Sr.; M&M Wm. M. Roof; Mrs. Laura Delaforte; Mrs. Miolo Bolton; E.F. Sanders; M&M Albert Eine(u or W??); M&M Fred Reinhold; William R. Reinhold; Richard Kochr Lang; M&M A. F. Sch (invale or wale or wak??); Dr. W. B. Ford; Ella Schmitz; M&M F. W. Bliesner; M&M F. Berner; M&M Theo J. LaChapelli; Mrs. W. V. Paul; Mrs. F. Gubler; M&M K. A. Weber; Mrs. Herman Ubbelohde; M&M Elroy Huntington; M&M Albert E. Haak; M&M Fueger; Mrs. Arthur Luidtke; Andrew Petta, Jr.; M&M Matt Halbben?; M&M Anthony Raaf; M&M Carl Schetten(berg or burg?); M&M G. W. Lasby or Lasly; Leo Werner and daughters; M&M A. Brettmann; Dr. and Mrs. Wm J. Benson; ???Entry unreadable??..Woman's Auxilliary; Mrs. Dorothy Orloski; Mrs. I. J. Letain; Mrs. John Eh(urmannM&M Wm. Knatzschmal??; M&M G. J. Kullmann; John (unreadable); M&M A. Lauer; M&M Jos Bleier; M&M Chas. Kaulf??; M&M Louis M. Koehn; Mrs. E. H. Butterfield; M&M Ralph Hoppe; M&M Fred A. Hoppe; M&M G. J. Willing; Max Gottleib; M&M E. J. Heggestad; Flora Nenning; Mrs. Elizabeth Hoppe; M&M James Rourke; M&M Harry F. Wolff; M&M (Gurge?) Mingers; M&M L. W. Lass; ??? G. Sopp; Mrs. P. J. Holzhaeuser; Mrs. A. Fribiger; Mrs. C. Adler; Mrs. E. Hoffmann; M&M M. (Czllinow??); Harry D. Ohl; Fred Berling; Walter G. Mahar; L. P. Kenny MH.M.S.; J. E. Barren; Harry Henes; M&M Ray Hoppe; M&M John Holzem, Menominee Falls; Mrs. Fred Schumacher; M&M Wm. Brunner; Antoinette Schroeder and Frank; M&M John Oed; M&M J. Duchek; M&M Fred W. Hoppe; F. J. (Benre?) 2336 W 63 St.-Wauwatosa; M&M Chas. O. Reiter; M&M P. J. Shimmel; M&M C. J. Eadler; Frances Waitmann; M&M H. Preuss; M&M A. Boppel; Mrs. H. Ohl; Mrs. E. (P. or T.)Sanders or Sauders; (next entry unreadable); Eugene Weiand; Anton J. Brahm; A. R. Moed, Sr.; H- - Y Bell - art; Ferd A. Bittl; Mrs. John A. Weiand; M&M Henry Brahm; Harold Brahm; Meta (Meu----nler);Mrs. H. E. Georgi; Mrs. George Knipfel and Marie; M&M (Ea?) Hartmann; Mrs. Eva Brahm; Mrs. Anthony Clark; Dr. and Mrs. F.C. (Margutes?); M&M Henry E. Weiand; M&M A. A. Deuster; M&M H. Hauck; M&M Ed Simonis; M&M Gordon Ische; H.O. Hoppe; Estelle E. Weber; Donald Weber; M&M Stephan Roehl; Etta Schmitz; A. Schaefer; Mrs. Joseph Hol(zem?); Fred H. Bliesener; George Ott; M&M Henry Jonen; M&M A. J. Paulsen; Mrs. Clara Schwister; M&M Henry Schwister; M&M H. Bowers; M&M (James?) Sch....);M&M M. (J.?) Castenholz or Casterholz; Alois G. Pimpl; M&M S. Sandelin and Alma; Mrs. Edw. Arnesan; Dr. and Mrs Henry Kelscheuer; Otto A. Haeute; Georgia Meyer; M&M HA Wieben; Mrs. E. Robbins; M&M H. A. Wegner; M&M W. H. Gruner; Paul Wm Schuh; M&M Allen A. Ische; Roy Ott; M&M A.J. Paulsen; G. J. Dreyer; M&M John Mullan(g?);M&M (Katzfey; Mrs, C. Sch....ander; Henry Schneider; Albert C. Weigel; Ed M. Cary; Mrs. T. Eggersg..uss; M&M Nic Klein; M&M Christ W. Schaefer; Annette Schaefer; Dr. J. H. Schaefer; M&M Wm. Gleisberg; Mrs. Elizabeth Brahm; Margares Brahm; Fred Goebel; Erwin Goebel; M&M Harry Goebel; M&M A. J. Gengler; M&M Wm. (J or T) Stakel; Mrs. Emilie Rohr; Mrs. Arthur Castenholz; Mrs. H. F. Hoppe and Edward Po..k
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