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chew of N.J.

chew of N.J.

Bill Sweiderk (View posts)
Posted: 948296216000
any infomation of chew family in chew's landing N.J. I am son of Olivia Shaffer, daughter of Anna Chew> They resided last in Gloucester ,N.J. Believe family roots go back to mid-1700's(1640+)as settlers in the colonies.

Chews of NJ

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Found cemetery inscriptions on microfilm in local FHC.

"Old Chew Cemetery up Mautua Creek" Mantua Twp.

1. In memory of Rebecca (Moffett), a faithful wife to David
Eldridge 43 years who departed this life in the 64th year
of her age.

2. In memory of Sara H. (Chew) wife of David Eldridge and daughter
of Jeffrey Anne Chew who died August 10, 1771 aged 34 years.

3. Sacred to the memory of David Eldride who departed this life
June 8, 1853 in the 89th year of his age.

4. In memory of Anne wife of Jeffery Chew who died Nov 31 1773
aged 63 years.

5. In memory of Jeffrey the son of Nathanial and Mary Chew who
departed this life 10 April 1774 aged 60 years 3 mos.

Chews are all over Gloucester Co., there is even a area once known
as Chews Landing.

Chews NJ

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From the Nathaniel Chew Bible:

Nathaniel Chew b. 1799 april 29 wife Rachel Eldridge b. 1801 June 34d.

Theodore Chew b. 11/16/1824
Elmer Chew b. 7/5/1826 d. 2/13/1827
Elwood Chew b. 1/20/1829
Mary Chew b. 3/8/1831
Samuel Chew b. 10/4/1833
Eli Chew b. 11/27/1836
Job Chew b. 8/29/1838
Martha Ann Chew b. 10/28/1839
Rachel Chew b. 12/28/1840
Anna Eliza Chew b. 10/13/1842
Achsah Ann Chew b. 5/30/1844 d. 9/25/1844
Elisha Chew b. 12/26/1846
Howard Chew b. 1/4/1849 d. 1/9/1850

Chews NJ

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Elisha D. Chew Family Bible

Elisha D. Chew and Elizabeth Heritage were married
December 29, 1808 in Gloucester County, New Jersey by
John Boqua, Minister in presence of Samuel Dilks and
Mary heritage.

Asa Chew b. 11/1/1809
Elijah Chew b. 3/22/1812
Annie b. Chew 4/27/1814
James Stiles Chew b. 12/16/1816
Sarah Springer Chew b. 1/21/1820
Burrows Chew b. 4/21/1824

Elisha Chew was born 10/24/1785
Elizabeth Chew was born 11/15/1784
and died October 2nd 1864 in
Oaskaloosa, Iowa.

Elisha Chew and Martha Myers were
married in Iowa 12/19/1866

Elisha Chew died 3/18/1876
Asa Smith Chew died May 30, 1891
Elijah Chew died 7/13/1890
James Stiles Chew died 4/18/1896
Burrows Walter Chew died May 22, 1916

Chews NJ

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Israel Chew Family Bible:
(Bible in possession of Mrs. John Chalmers, Hammonton, New Jersey

Israel Chew b. 2/12/1792
Hannah Chew daughter of Wm. Worster, b. 9/12/1799


Margarette Chew b. 12/14/1818 d. 2/8/1819
Aaron Chew b. 5/22/1820
John Chew b. 7/22/1822 d. 10/2/1823
William Henry Chew b. 10/9/1824
Allen Chew b. 3/12/1827
Contine Chew b. 5/19/1829 d. 8/27/1902
Hannah Ann Chew b. 7/1/1832 d. 11/8/1886
Sarah Chew b. 1/16/1835 d. 11/4/1837
Israel E. Chew b. 8/17/1838 d. 8/3/1874

Contine Chew married Alice Kell b. 6/22/1834 d. 4/29/1891


Allen b. 11/13/1855 d. 11/12/1922
Tacy b. 6/30/1858 d. 3/17/1929
John b. 3/11/1861 d. 11/25/1861
Ephriam b. 7/28/1865 d. 5/4/1867
Hannah b.
Lydia b. 3/4/1870

Chew of N.J.

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My g grandfather Ezekiel C. Chew was born in N.J. and of the line you're interested in.
E-mail me and I can give you a lot of info on the family Naida

Olivia Shaffer

Gary F Curry (View posts)
Posted: 953667453000
Bill please email me at your earliest convenience.. Gary Curry

NJ Chews

Denise Chew (View posts)
Posted: 962114459000
HI. I'm part of the Chew line running back to Walter Chew of Williamsburg PA and then Cape May Point NJ. My grandfather (Clifford Chew) has done extensive reasearch on our specific line and has it traced back to England. Also, we are having a family reunion this summer at which I can look up any specific lines for folks or ask him of his knwledge. Id be happy to help. Also there is an amatuer historical society in Glouster NJ which has a bit or research on the origins of the Chew name.
Denise Chew

Elijah Chew

Posted: 962132087000
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My great-great-great grandfather was Elijah W. CHEW. He married Sarah MILER and had one daughter that I know of--Frances Anna Chew, born April 12, 1853 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Karen, would you please contact me at Thanks!

Ezekiel Chew

Gary Byar (View posts)
Posted: 962288003000
A close ancestor of mine here in Northern Michigan was Abel Woolston Chew (b 11/01/1843 from Camden, NJ)who was the son of Ezekiel Cooper Chew. Abel was the superintendent of schools for the Charlevoix school district around 1900. If there is a connection I would love to know more on the Ezekiel line. I also know Abel's mother was Salome Holdeman. I can provide info on descendants of Abel if you would like also.
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