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Boness Ancestors>Germany>Illinois

Boness Ancestors>Germany>Illinois

Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 948302725000
I have Boness ancestors who came from Germany and settled in the Chicago area and Wisconsin. I really don't know alot about them but am curious about the origin of the name. I understand it actually is more of an English name. Would anyone have more information.

Boness surname

Margie (View posts)
Posted: 955372359000
My mother was a Boness. Both of her parents were born in Germany..I doubt it is an English name at all. The name went back generations in Germany.

Can you tell me who some of your relatives are ? We have cousins here in the Seattle area and some in Alliance Nebraska, where my mother was born.

Write me anytime..I will try to direct you further if I possibly can..


Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 955476911000
Hi Margie,
I can't find your email address so I thought I would reply here. When searching for the Boness name at the LDS church, it is found in Germany until the mid 1700's and then is found mostly in England. This is what led me to believe it was English in origin. This and the fact that someone, many years ago, mentioned a time in English history when a group of Brits moved to Germany to escape religious persecution.
My Boness members settled in Willow Springs, Illinois in DuPage county. They attended Trinity Lutheran Church. In fact, I recently found quite a number of ancestors who were buried in the adjoining cemetery or who owned lots there. There were two August Bonesses a Franz , Henriette and Pauline Boness most of which were buried in 1895 or 1885. They are all inter-related to the Waldow and Hahn families as well. All three of these families were founding families in this church. I am still trying to piece everyone together and understand the interfamily relationships. I do know that a brother to my August Boness settled in Wisconsin. I believe his name was William. I know there are probably other Boness brothers as well and wonder if our lines could be connected. Please send me your email address and I will keep you informed.


Margie (View posts)
Posted: 955482681000
Sorry I forgot the address. LOL

Does not sound familiar to me, but my mother was a lutheran. I am sure the Boness family is all interelated.

Thanks for your info..I really was just checking for fun. I will relay the information to some of my brothers and sisters..There are ten of us kids..We have only lost one brother.
Talk to me anytime. M

Boness from Germany

Edna (View posts)
Posted: 963088993000
What part of Germany you Boness came from?
My Boness came from Germany- Prussia- Pomerania

Boness in IL WI

Posted: 969306496000
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Hi, Cindy. We're definitely related. My great grandfather farmed in Tiedville, near Willow Springs, and his brother lived in Two Rivers, WI. My aunt from LaGrange married her distant cousin from Two Rivers, so I'm a little familiar with that branch of the family - we visited them when I was a child. As I understand it, the family is from Switzerland, not Germany, and the name may be French.


Cindy (View posts)
Posted: 972684243000
Who posted this reply?
Trust me, this is your cousin but I go by my proper name on the internet. The name everyone knows me by is so recognizable!
Hmmm...did Jane post this reply? I have made contact with a cousin from Milwaukee and we are doing a road trip to Trinity Lutheran to dig through the records next week. I would be happy to share if you are interested. She knew where the family was from Germany by an obit for August Boness's brother from Wisconsin. However, the name isn't originally German and was probably either French or Scottish/English? Where did you get Switzerland from? The Weber side? For that side of the family, I actually have traced them back to Rothrist Switzerland to the late 1700's. Email me, o.k.?


Cindy (View posts)
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Edna Cravo (View posts)
Posted: 972786151000
I am a Boness. My grand father was Johannes August George Boness from Stettin ( in the past Prussie and now Poland) He was born in 1876 and came to Brasil (where I live) in 1900. One brother of him went to USA at the same time.Contact yours olders relatives to know if there are connection between your family and my family. I am sorry about my english, thanks Edna


Margie Riggs (View posts)
Posted: 972815119000
I believe my mother did say, her father came from Stettin. Her Mother from Kobzig.

I am sure we are related. E mail me anytime.

None of the relatives seem to want to get into finding out these things. Our parents have passed away. Our family is growing apart. Thanks for your reply
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