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Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

'Ofa (View posts)
Posted: 973880420000
My grandmother's first cousins and they were born in Tonga some time between 1910-20, but they moved to New Zealand. One of them was called Martin (Mateni).

Malo Aupito

Re: Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

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Hi there `Ofa ,

Im Lilly living in Australia. My Grandmother is from the Lyden family Her name was Cecilia Lyden (Silia) her father was Robert Lyden.He had a brother call Frank also Henry too.
My grandmother married Siosateki Veikune Faletau from Taunga Vava`u. They had 3 boys (1) George (`Akau`ola)was a minister of police in Tonga (2)`Inoke Fotu (`Akau`ola Governor of Vava`u now) (3) John Harold my Dad a minister of the free weslyan church of Kolonga. Now can you give me more information of youre side?. Robert Lyden had my grandmother (Silia) and Robert Lyden (jrn) Jessie , Ester , Aivi , Polynn and Isabella Lyden. Robert Lyden (jrn) had Mayble , Celia , Jessie , Lolo , Irene. Easter had Vincent and Dunkin. The Lyden Family happens to all come from Ireland.(Irish).
Please sent me a n email about you`re family.

Ofa atu

Thank you for the information

Lina (View posts)
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My great-great grandmother was Edith Lyden, and from what my mother tells me her sister was Lena and her brothers were Adolph (Alofi) and Patrick (Peti). I didn't know they were from Ireland, I was always told they were either from Germany, South Africa or England. My grandmother is 1st cousins with the Akauola family. Who are your mother's parents? I haven't heard of those other names you gave me but I guess they too are also siblings of my great-great-grandmother.

Malo Aupito and Ofa 'Atu

Your cousin, Lina

I went under the pseudonym - Ofa

Lina (aka Ofa) (View posts)
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Oh yes, Robert Lyden is Peti not Patrick. He is my grandmother Teuila's uncle. Her grandmother, Edith or Iti was his sister. My family is also from Vava'u. Wow! I've never met any other Lydens before, this is exciting! I hardly know anything about this side of my family. Can you tell me, do you know why they came from Ireland to Tonga? I've always had a fascination with the Irish, I just never thought I'd have Irish in my bloodlines. How do you know they came from Ireland? May I also have your email address? Feel free to email me anytime at

Thanks again


Re: Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

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Celia Elizabeth Johnson born Bombay India 22 oct 1858
married John Henry Lyden.
She was a midwife living in Neiafu Tonga when she applied for a Tongan passport in January 1917 to travel to NZ

Re: Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

Edwina (View posts)
Posted: 1091572396000
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JFYI - Robert Lyden (father of Ada, Celia, Lolo, Richard et al) is alive and well in Kingsland, Auckland, NZ. He is my grandfather-in-law. A few of his kids live in Oz

Re: Thank you for the information

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Hi Lina,

My name is Lei, and I was doing a search for more information on my "Akauola" family. My maiden name is Akauola, and I've been trying to find more information on my great grandparents. At our last family reunion I learned the following:

The Akauola's are ONE family - they just moved to different islands and had families...and so on and so forth. I know that where I come from - the line is as follows:

There were 5 siblings (4 brothers and 1 sister)

1 - male - Nafetalai Akauola
2 - male - Mate'o Akauola
3 - female - Ma'ukava Akauola
4 - male - (forgot the name but this one married a Helu sister)
5 - male - (forgot the name but the Afeaki's come from this one)

It would be interesting to know where your great great grandmother falls in this line......if you have any more info please let me know.

=)Your cuz,

Re: Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

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Hi there, this is Stanley Lyden (son of Richard Lyden) and Robert Lyden was my grandfather (father to Ada, Mable, Richard, Lolo, Celia, Jessie et al). We have been living in South Australia for almost 20 years now, however unfortunately my grandfather Robert Lyden passed earlier this year on the 22nd January 2006. If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Re: Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

Edwina (View posts)
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heehaw - I met you at the funeral! I'm Steve's mrs. (cousin Steven I guess)

Re: Looking for the Layden family, possibly Laiteni in Tongan

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Surnames: Lyden
Hi Chris,

Can you give me your email? I am the originator of this thread under the Lyden name and I went under the pseudonym 'Ofa all those years ago nearly a decade when I was still a teenager in highschool. It's just that my mother who's grandmother was a Lyden was adopted and I've sort always longed for information about these distant, direct ancestors of mine. Can you tell me where John Henry Lyden was born and who his parents and/or possibly grandparents were? Can you tell me more about his wife Celia E. and how she came to be born in India and who her parents and g-parents were? Also, I'd like to know more about my great-great-grandmother Mary Edith Lyden who later married a Tongan man by the name Poulikavea. It's somewhat of a mistery but all I know is that she had given birth to my great-grandmother Lu'isa and divorced her father. Well, anyway all of this information would be great to have.

Thanks & Malo 'Aupito.

Katrina Tu'akoi
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