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James HUNTER: Scotland > PA > VA > KY > IL

James HUNTER: Scotland > PA > VA > KY > IL

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Researching ancestors & descendants of James HUNTER. The quality of evidence (census & marriage) indicate James HUNTER was born 14 Aug 1778/79 in PA - not VA. Family lore points to Duns, Scotland for earlier HUNTER generation(s).

He traveled to or through Loudoun Co., VA sometime between 1778 & 1806, then moving on to Gallatin Co., KY where he married Rachel SCOTT in 1806 and raised 9 children. In December 1828, James moved his family to Illiopolis, Sangamon Co., IL.

Several HUNTER descendants adopted naming patterns which suggests James HUNTER’s father might have a given name of William or James. I have uncovered many descendants of James HUNTER.

-Greg Hunter

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Greg, I think we are related somehow...

Re: James HUNTER: Scotland > PA > VA > KY > IL

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It's nice finding cousins. How do you think you are related to my G-G-G-G Grandparents, James & Rachel (SCOTT) HUNTER? Perhaps I can help, but I will need to know something about your ancestors to try to piece it together.

Greg Hunter

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Hi Greg, Just letting you know I'm still keeping our "potential" ancestry in mind.

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Surnames: Hunter
The name James Hunter seems to be pop up frequently in Hunter families. My GGGrandfather was Benjamin F. Hunter, born in PA in 1820. He migrated to Indiana and married in 1847. He and his wife had 12 kids, with the boys names William, Samuel (my G grandfather), James, Robert and Charles. I have not been able to find the parents of Benjamin F. through the census records in PA. Do you have the parents of James or the names of his siblings?

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Surnames: Hunter
James C. Hunter was born around 1796 in Ireland. He had several brothers: William (the oldest b in 1790 - See the Hasenjager Family site to find relatives through; Thomas, Alexander, Fletcher, John, and David Hunter. I do not know for sure but I have read (through information related to James's family who ended up in Sterling, NY - near Fair Haven State Park, that his father's name was Thomas. Also, that info noted that Thomas was the owner of a large estate in Antrim, Ireland which was approximately 15' N of Belfast. I descend from Alexander Hunter.

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Surnames: Hunter
Judith, I know we have chatted before. You may remember that I am working on a James Hunter line that was in Virginia in the 1700's and then in Halifax County, NC. He seems to be the immigrant ancestor and would have been born about 1684. I too have noticed family naming patterns...James and William are frequently used. You mentioned a Fletcher. I have two half brothers who were killed in the Civil War as very young boys. Their names were James and Fletcher. I am wondering about your Irish connection. What info do you have? ....and could it be that it is still the same family though immigration to this country is apparently separated by quite a few years?

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Surnames: Hunter, Groot, Mills,
I came across your email and thought perhaps you might have run across some of my relatives. I have tried to make connections over the years with someone who might know of our Scottish and Irish relatives. I hit the usual brick wall and am stuck. Family lore has it that we came from Ireland –7 brothers…but ? no sisters seems so unlikely. Later I found out that we are actually Scotch-Irish and that we may have had distant relatives in Hunterston. In fact, in one report that I read (whether true or not) it noted that all Hunters come from Hunterston. Apparently there were several Hunter sons and at least one of them went to Ireland and from him came our family. I am not sure if this is Thomas. I know of 7 Hunter brothers who came from Ireland whose father was likely Thomas (i.e., according to records written by Richard Webb a relative of the Hunter family from Sterling Valley, New York) and I am guestimating that he was born abt 1770 In ? Scotland and then abt 1780 went to Antrim, Ireland where it has been written that he had a large estate 15 miles NW of Belfast. I do not know what his wife’s name was but their children included:

I. William Hunter

II. James Hunter

III. David Hunter

IV. John Hunter

V. Fletcher Hunter

VI. Thomas Hunter born in 1818 and remained single

VII. Alexander born 1828-1832 or so –youngest and my direct line back

I. William Hunter b 1790 in Newton, Tyrone County, Ireland and died on 3 November 1847 in Cayuga County. He married Nancy Ann Simpson who was also born in Ireland in 1787, died in 1861, and was buried in Conquest Cemetery in New York State, USA.

Children of William and Nancy Ann Simpson

(1) David Hunter b 1809 died in 1853 Married to Ann b in 1807 and died in 1861

(2) Robert Hunter b 1810 died 1810 in Ireland

(3) Twin A

(4) Twin B ? names or dob

(5) Hugh Hunter b in 1813 in Ireland (farmer) died in 1888 married Sally Daratt b in 1817 died in 1878

Hugh and Sally’s children:

(1) David E. Hunter b 1836 in Victor, NY, USA; died in 1904 and buried in Union Hill Cato Cemetery.. US Federal Census for 1879 he was in Cato, Cayuga County, NY, USA. He married Martha

F. Jennie VanAernum b in 1835 and died in 1900; also buried in Union Hill Cemetery. They had 2 children :

(1) Willis A Hunter b in 1861 in NY State, USA and died in 1933; married Annie M. Allen b in same yr and ? died in same yr as her husband.

(2) Hugh V. Hunter b in 1871 in NY State, USA and died in 1938; he married Mary J. Marvin who was b in 1878 in NYS, USA and died in 1957; burial in Union Hill Cemetery

Hugh and Mary’s child

(1) Hugh W Hunter b in 1908 and died in 1943 in Cato, Cayuga County, New York State, USA. He is buried in the Union Hill cemetery next to David E.

Hunter. Hugh W Hunter married Genevieve May Ware who was born in 1914. (2 children)

(2) Cynthia Ann Hunter b in 1838 in NY, USA died in 1869 with burial in Union Hill cemetery. She married Julius Rufus Allen b in 1835 and died on Feb 1883 at 58 yrs of age; burial Union Hill

Cemetery (UHC).

(3) Edward H born in 1840 died 27 Jan 1841 burial UHC

(4) Matthew M. Hunter born 5 Aug 1842 in Victor, NY died in 1907 and burial UHC Married twice

(5) James B. Hunter born 16 Aug 1844 in NY, USA and died 12 Feb 1915; burial UHC

(6) Virginia Hunter born 6 September 1847 in Cayuga County, NY, USA and died 4 Dec 1925; burial UHC

(7) Francisco (Frank) Hunter born in 1850 in Cato, Cayuga County, NY, USA and died 30 April 1892; burial UHC

(8) Alice Amelia Hunter born and died in 1849 the latter on April 4th; burial in Brick Church Cemetery (1 month and 19 days of age)

Children of Wm and Nancy Ann Continued from above:

(6) Matilda Hunter born in 1822 in Ireland and died in 1870; Burial in Conquest cemetery in Cayuga County, NY, USA

(7) Matthew Hunter born in 1824 in Ireland died on 31 Mar 1882; Burial Conquest Cemetery in Cayuga County, NY, USA

(8) Thomas Hunter born 18 Dec 1828 in Ireland died 26 June 1897 : burial ? Conquest Cemetery, Cayuga County, NY, USA

(9) Reverend William hunter Jr. born in 1837 in Ireland unknown date of death ; he married Mary E Norris

(10) Eliza I. Hunter born in 1839 in Weedsport, NY, USA and died in same place married David

II. James C. Hunter Sr. born in 1796 in Ireland died 4 Nov 1851 in Sterling Valley, Cayuga County, NY, USA. Arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1820 from Belfast, Ireland. 1812 his Native land of Ireland Town of Antrim, halfway from Belfast to Ballymana where he grew up. First to come to USA. He married Isabella A. Crockett who was born in 1795 in Ireland and died 24 June 1882 in Sterling , NY; Burial in Sterling or Mt. Pleasant Cemetery at the age of @ 87.

III. David Hunter born June 1845 in ? NY, USA and died in 1921 Wolcott, Wayne County, NY. He married Clara B who was born Apr 1852 in Red Creek, NY and died in 1925 in Wolcott, Wayne County, NY. They were both buried in UHC in Cato, NY, USA

IV. John Hunter born in 1808 in Tyrone County, Ireland and died 5 march 1885 in Brutus, Cayuga County, NY, USA married First Cynthia Marie Jones aka Marie, born in 1821 in Essex County, NY, USA and died in 1892 Burial in Weedsport Rural Cemetery.

V. Fletcher Hunter born 24 may 1816 in NY, USA and died 8 May 1876 in Cato, NY married Fanny C. Robinson Martin born 8 Sept in NY, USA and died 25 May 1900 ? Lacross, Wisconsin, USA

VI. Thomas Hunter born in 1818 in Ireland Died in 1879; Buried in Bethel cemetery.

VII. Alexander Hunter born between 1828 – 1832 in Newton, Tyrone County, Ireland and died 12 December 1876 in Cato, NY, USA; Burial in UHC. As the last to arrive in the US he did so on 5 May 1851 in New York. Departure was Belfast, Ireland. He married Ellen who was also born in Ireland in 1840 and she died ? year in Cato, NY; burial in UHC

Children of Alexander and Ellen Hunter (3)

(1) Charles Clinton Hunter born abt 1858 and died abt 1859

(2) Charles B. Hunter born abt 1859 and died abt 1860 in Cato, Cayuga County, New York, USA

(3) Charles D. Hunter born in 1858 in Ireland died in 1935 in Cato, Cayuga County, NY, USA. He married (first) Sarah M. Mills born in 1857 in New York State and died there in 1894. He remarried a woman called Belle (? Last name of McKee) born n 1870 in NY, USA and died in 1953 in Weedsport, NY, USA. Charles D. and Ellen Hunter had Irving Hunter (my paternal grandfather) born on 11 September, 1891 in Cato, Cayuga County, New York, USA and died in May of 1968 at his home in Weedsport, New York. He had married Lena M. Groot (my paternal grandmother) who was born on 18 Dec 1893 in New York (while growing up lived one county over from Cayuga County). She died in Nov 1978 while a patient in Auburn Memorial Hospital: Mesenteric occlusion. My grandfather Irving and grandmother Lena are buried close by several Hunter relatives. My father is buried directly across from their burial plot in the cemetery.

Children of Irving and Lena:

(1) David Charles Hunter (my father) born 10 July 1916 in Cato, NY and died on 27 June 1990 at his home in Fulton, NY. He was first married to a woman named Pearl (? Last name) . She was born about 1916 in NY. Married about 3 years. Second wife of my father was Constance Francis St. Phillips. She was born on 5 October 1920 in ? Volney, NY. She died recently on March 11, 2008 on the day of her sister Carmella St. Phillips Warner’s birthday. This occurred in Auburn, NY, USA. My parents had 4 children.

(2) Leslie Hunter born 28 April 1918 in Cato, Cayuga County, NY and died May 1981 in Weedsport, NY. He married Beverly Boughton who was born in 1921.

(3) Ralph Hunter born on 25 June 192 in Cato, NY and died 9th may 2007 in Weedsport, NY. He married- first Lila E. McFall and 2nd Vern (unknown last name)

(4) Winfield Hunter born 27 March 1925 and died 27 March 1993 in Cato, NY.

(5) Arthur Hunter born 18 Nov 1927 in Cato, NY and died 23 June 1998 in Weedsport, NY

(6) Sarah M. Hunter Buettner born in 1923 in Cato, NY and died 7 Jan 2001 in Sodus, Wayne County, NY, USA. She married August J. Buettner born on 12 May 1920 and died 22 December in Sodus, Wayne County, NY.

I understand this is lengthy however I am trying to give you as much information as I can to help out. As I peruse different family trees or history sometimes I find my relatives in unexpected places. I am also working with the Sterling Town historian, Halley Sweeting. She said that the Hunter family from Sterling, NY came first out of Washington County – Orange County. There certainly must be a connection but I cannot find it. I have located all of the relatives listed above but am unable to get back into Ireland or Scotland because there are so many Hunters. Some of the information that I have been given –taken from family bibles etc. appears to be incorrect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Judith Hunter Fager

Re: James HUNTER: Scotland > PA > VA > KY > IL

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Surnames: Hunter, Crowell, Godwin
Judith, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I don't believe I got a notice of a response. I just happened to be checking back. I am going to Washington for a geneology class at the Library of Congress in July. I will be digging out my names and looking for information then. Will let you know if I turn up anything.
In the meantime, here is some of what I have on a Benjamin Born 1803.
We KNOW that Joshua was in this country in the early 1700's, but there is a notation in the family bible (bought for 200 lb tobacco 1725) that "James Hunter died 1738 65 years 11 months" We believe he is the immigrant ancestor.
Joshua Hunter B.1709

m.Mary Conengentan
Thomas Conegentan Hunter b.174?/d.1748
Willaim Hunter..1740
Sarah Hunter b.1748/d.1751
Mary Hunter b.1755
James Hunterb.1767/d1831
m. Martha Crowel
Eliazbeth Hunter b.1769
m. Edwin Godwin
James had numerous children. One was Benjamin b.1805,BUT this Benjamin was born in NC. Names that show in this line on my chart are Mary Hunter Norman, Ellen Hunter Norman, Samual B. Hunter Edward Hunter, Sarah Hunter Bowers, Lillie Hunter Vinson. Family lore has it that we came from Hunterston. For many years they thought it was ENGLAND not Scotland.
It doesn't look like a match to me unless we go way back. It is good to post it though. We never know who might put something together. I have just recently been in touch with a very distant cousing. She is Benjamin's line. They seem to have stayed fairly close in the Eastern NC area. To date I've been unable to connect my line with the line of Hunter's in Western NC.
I will keep my eyes open at the Library of Congress. I will spend some time before I go with the files on line.
Thanks for sending this information.
Mary Judge

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Thank-you very much for your help. Recently through these boards I have come across two relatives - One on my paternal grandmother's side and the other on my paternal grandfather's side. I am really excited about this! Of course I am still looking for relatives of the Cochran, Crockett, Mills, Groot, and Simpson family in addition to the Hunters. A great site is OldFultonPostcards - I've been looking through the obits and coming up with a lot of information.
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