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Family Tree Maker Version 9 will work with Windows 7

Family Tree Maker Version 9 will work with Windows 7

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I am using an older version of Family Tree maker version 9. I was terrified to think I was going to have to try and transfer my 15K names and data to a new program in order to make it work with my new computer running Win7.
I backed up my FTM data from old computer to an external hard drive. I could use the program fine from the external drive.
I tried to copy it over to my new C drive and it would not work.
Confusing to say the least. It works fine on the computer frunning Win7 if I run it from the external drive.

However, now I have the computer running FTM on my C drive and saving to my C drive with Win7.

If I open the FTM program itself – and click on Help there is a System information tab.
If I click that it shows all kinds of info program version, physical memory,
program directory as c:\FTW
save directory as J:\FTW ( which is my external)
save free space
temp directory
temp free space
windows directory
system directory
Printer Driver
Video driver name
Video driver esc
There is a window Run with a drop down that has
Control panel
System editor
DOS shell
Windows explorer
FTM ini
(if I open that I see the following)
BrowserPath=C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
LastFile=J:\FTW\(file name).FTW
File1=J:\FTW\(file name).FTW
File4=C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\EDWARDS norma kite.FTW
2=&Biography Assistant...|
3=&Message Boards...|
4=M&y Home Page...|
5=&Research Services...|
12=V&isit Virtual Cemetery...||4

So what I did do was change under LAST File - I changed it to read
LastFile=J:\FTW\file name .FTW
to =C:\FTW

I also changed the
to C:\FTW

Saved it on my external drive with those changes and then copied the file over to my C drive. Once I knew it was on my C drive, I turned off the external hard drive to make sure that there was no access.
From my computer hard drive C - I opened FTW program and made sure that the settings were changed as above.
I have now pinned the program to my taskbar and put a shortcut onto my desktop and I am running just fine.
I have found no data loss and all functions are running just fine.

Re: Family Tree Maker Version 9 will work with Windows 7

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You will need to install FTM 9 onto your W7 computer using the FTM 9 program CD. It should install OK

Then you need to copy your FTM 9 familiy file (the one ending in .FTM) to your Windows 7 computer.

Then You do a File>Open from FTM 9 and select the file that you copied across.

It should work OK

I say should because I have not actually tried it nor have I heard of anyone actually doing it.

But you have managed it

But personally I think you should install FTM 2011 onto your W 7 machine. It is 9 versions further on than FTM 9 (which wasn't a great FTM version anyway).

FTM 2011 is Windows 7 compatible and will read the FTM file created by your FTM 9 program and convert a copy of it.

John D

Re: Family Tree Maker Version 9 will work with Windows 7

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You may be right, I may have to upgrade at some point. However, as a creature of habit and having used this program, I am just set in my ways.
I was just happy to make it work, and I know there are many others out there who have wanted to do the same thing.
I did a whole lot of searching and investigating out there about the 2010 and 2011 programs. I just did not find anything that made me very happy about getting patches etc, to make the software work. I am very happy that this is working anyways.

Re: Family Tree Maker Version 9 will work with Windows 7

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Certainly you can stay with Version 9.

Just want to clarify your statement about patches to make the software work. That is not a true statement.

If you remember, since you have version 9, IT HAD a patch very shortly after it was released.

Each of the Patches of Family Tree Maker, with maybe two exceptions, have been adding or improving the program NOT to Make it work. The two exceptions were to resolve an issue with the initial release. Version 9 was one of the too.

Your version is the last of the version of the program, and maybe Version 10, that will run on Windows Vista or Windows 7 on at 32 bit or 64 bit PC, until Version 2008 came out.

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