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River Tombigbee?

Tom Bigbee River

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Surnames: Tom Bigbee River
In the book Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory, published in 1891 it is spelled as two words, Tom Bigbee River

River Tombigbee?

E. Delano (Ed) Christian (View posts)
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Why? is the word Tombigbee translated as Box Maker,
When it should be Grave Maker. As Tombecbe, was the British
spelling of the French/Choctaw Compound word Tombe-Ikbi.
Tombe, is the french word for Grave. Ikbi, is the Choctaw
word for Maker.

Ed graywolf.

Re: Tombigbee River

Ed Christian (View posts)
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Sorry, but the word Tombigbee is derived from the French/Choctaw word Tombe-Ikbi. (Grave Maker)
1735, Tombe-ikbi origainal spelling.
1761, Tomb-bec-be British corruption.
1783, Tomb-ik-bee Spanish corruption.
1802, Tom-big-by American corruption
1812, Tom-big-bee secound American corruption.

As you know the white people of the 17th & 18th century
wrote history to sute their agenda.

Tom Big Bee River

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Pickett's History of Alabama deals with the river's naming in a number of chapters, primarily Ch 5, as I remember. It is on the net, so go look for it. He, I recall, said the river was mistakenly named by the French who heard the Choctaws refer to "Tombe Igaby" - Boxmakers Creek - and thought they were referring to the river. Pickett seems to have had no reason for writing a distorted version of history; in fact, I wish all History texts had been so entertaining.

Re: Tombigbee River

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Surnames: Bigbee
Thank you Graywolf for clarifying what has been a mystery for the Bigbee, Bigbie, Bigbey, Bigby families for a long time.

I think we thought we were all kin to Tom Bigbee of which the river was supposedly named for. Do you know of any books, besides Pickett's History of Alabama and Leaders and Leading Men of the Indian Territory (pub 1891) that gives more information on the history of this River from 1735-1835.

I have heard there is a town in Alabama called Bigbee--do you know of it, and its location to another larger city??

Re: Tombigbee River

ED Graywolf Christian (View posts)
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Dear bonnie,
To my knowledge, there are few if any books concerning the old Tombigbee river. as to an Indian named Tom Big Bee, or in the Muskogeen "Tom Ish toh Foh pah" no such name appears on the Indian records of southern Alabama. As for the town Bigbee Yes, but it was not a town, and not in Alabama; it was and is today a small settlement on the Tombigbee River near Cotton Gin Port, Now Called Amory, in north east mississippi. Hope I have been of some service to you, and good luck with your search for your roots.


Re: Tombigbee River

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Surnames: Bigbee, Calvert
Thank you Graywolf. A picture was brought to us at a reunion and I forgot to ask the location . All that was left of the town was a service station/liquor ? store. Did not realize it was Mississippi. How far is Tishomingo from Amory? Doesn't the Tombigbee river flow from Tennessee into Miss and on down into Mobile Bay? If so do you know where the headwaters of the river are (location name) and wasn't there a Fort in the area? Many of our Bigbee's lived in Robertson Co., TN I believe they followed this river for awhile when they relocated, then traveled on across Miss and LA into No East Texas. (our bunch) Husband has always heard there is Cherokee blood in the family. I think (from looking at the Dawes report and Civil War rosters) and the alternate spellings of the family name (ie Bigbee, Bigbie, Bigbey, Bigby)
there is also Choctaw.(using the name Bigbey) Don't quite know how to pursue this as I don't have a name to check on .This family was heavy in VA then migrated to NC, KY, TN, SC, AL , MO, TX and all points West . Husbands GR GR GRANDfather b. 1818 had three wives and ultimately 18 children-------so you cqn imagine how busy I have been trying to locate all of their information.

I am still in "training pants" trying to learn about our Calvert lineage. I have never seen so many George, John, Wm, Lydia and Leonards in my entire life. It is a joy when I find out my information is correct.

We are related to the Lydia Calvert b. 1748, who married Archibald Bigbee b. 1 734.
Never paid to much attention to the history of the
Revolutionary War before I began my search-------now everything seems to fit right in and make sence---especially when you can put your own family into its midst.

Thanks again for your info. I am a serious researcher and background info helps a lot. Bonnie

Re: Tombigbee River

Jabe Fincher (View posts)
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Hi Bonnie,
YES-there is a BIGBEE, Alabama. It is either in Washington County or Choctaw County. A state representative friend has his home there. Do a search on a major search engine for Bigbee + Alabama and you should get results.

Re: Tombigbee River

ED Graywolf Christian (View posts)
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It seems that there is a Bigbee Alabama. As to your other questions, the old Tombigbee rose in northen Tishomingo County Mississippi, near Ballardsville about 65 miles north of Amory, I am sorry to say that river is no more. The Tenn-Tom Water Way however flows south through mississippi for a little more or less than 100 miles and enters Alabama. then south to the Alabama River at Mobile. There was one fort or trading post north of Cotton Gin Port on the old river at old Van Buran, now Cardsville in Itawamba County.
As to the Sirname Bigbee, have you resurched the name "Beggbe" (Beg-be) or "Baggbe" ( Bag-be) as in Baggbe's trading post on the Arkansaw River CA 1837
Most of my family is from Vann & Maggie Vallies Georgia.and what is now Lee County Mississippi, we are Cherokee Chickasaw, English, Dutch. My Indian ancestors, Chief James Vann Cherokee, Nancy Ward Cherokee, Levi Colbert "Itawamba Mingo" Chickasaw, Maggie Owens Chickasaw/white. Brown William Christian english, Col. William T. Christian, US army 1775-1789.

ED Graywolf.

Re: Tombigbee River

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Surnames: Bigbee, Blagg, Lankford, DeArman
Graywolf, I am most appreciative of the historical background on the Tombigbee. We hope to take a drive thru Tishomingo and up into Tennessee------kinda like retracing the trail my husband's relatives most likely took to reach East Texas. We could be totally wrong---I think they were in St Clair Alabama/Mississippi , at one time ,during their trek and possibly met or knew Lankford's, Dearman/DeArman's and or they may have visited with cousins who spelled there name Bigbie in Alabama and were from VA, SC originally. Rev Thomas Bigbie's kin.

I have indeed looked at every possible spelling of the family name. In England it began as Bigby according to sources, in VA----Bigby, Bigbie, Bigbee, in SC Bigbie, Bigbee and from what I have read the German spelling of Bigbea which if there was an intermarriage here and there--would cause a lot of wondering questions. We know that in the Carolinas and TN there were indian Bigbee/Bigby families--have found some supposedly related to Chief Powhatten/Powhalten?? Have been unable, at this time, to locate the male Bigbee/Bigby who married an indian maiden. We have always known of a Cherokee connection but do not know the exact who, when and where --- and it is also very possible there is a Choctaw ,and possibly Chicasaw connection. I don't have anything other than a picture of a beautiful young indian maiden in our Blagg family history. Great Great Grandfather John "Jack" Strother Bigbee b. 1818 first daughter was Susan Bigby (her spelling) who m. Josephus Blagg. One of the youngest daughters (may be granddaughter) has definite indian features. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Sorting and verifying it all out is what intriques me.

We descend from: George Bigbee-1699 & Mary Calvert-1704----, Archibald Bigbee- 1734 and Lydia Calvert----, George Bigbee-1768 & Sarah Lawler- 1774-------, Archibald Bigbee-1792 & Elizabeth Herring- 1797--TN--------, John "Jack" Strother - 1818 and (1) Elizabeth Wright 1818---TN to TX (2) Catherine Dagley--TX, (3) Isabell "Belle" Dobson--TX.,----------
William Thomas "WT" and Mary Ann Lankford Bigbee (first son of "Jack"), Robert "Bob" Fulton and Sarah Katherine Craft Bigbee, Grace Irene Bigbee and Steve Howard SR. It has been a joy to research my husband's beloved family---none of whom he ever knew about past his great grandfather "WT".(Note: "Jack" Bigbee has an uncle by the same name of John Strother Bigbee b.1795, brother of Arch. His family migrated to Missouri about the same time that our "Jack" moved to Texas.)

My thanks again and for anyone else out there who could share information, I would be most appreciative. Regards, Bonnie
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