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time to look again - Amede (Edward) Levack Adams, MA - maybe in Maple Street??

time to look again - Amede (Edward) Levack Adams, MA - maybe in Maple Street??

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Surnames: Choquette, Levack
I have had some success in finding other folks recently, so thought I would come back here for advice again. Being the anniversary of his death, maybe I will have luck ;-)
Maybe someone has a new idea....

I am still on the hunt for the Burial Location of my GGGrandfather Amede (Edward) Levack (Lavack/Levac/LeVack).
MA Vital records list him as dying in Adams on May 1, 1893 of Pneumonia. No burial place listed. I do NOT have the actual Death Certificate - would there even be one from that long ago? If so, who would have it?

Here is what I have tried:
1)I called the Town Clerk in Adams who told me she could not find anything and told me to call North Adams town clerk. The N. Adams clerk told me to email her the information, but has not replied to me.

2) I called St Stanislaus and had a great conversation with a very nice lady who told me that the only way he would have been buried there in 1893 was if he had been Polish (he was Fr Canadian). Also that her earliest records are from 1900 anyway ;-(
She said that the 3 Catholic Churches in Adams have merged, so there is not a different number that I can call for Notre Dame/Seven Dolors.

3) I added a memorial to Find a Grave placing him in Maple Street Cemetery - since that is my next guess - and added a Photo Request - No luck with that so far.
I tried calling Maple Street directly, but the number I have takes me back to the Clerks office (I think). Anyone have a better number to try?

4) I just found this listing - - but I thin this information actually came from me and not the cemetery records.

I know it is very possible that he does not have a marker - his wife in Athol does not. But I would think that there has to be some sort of record...somewhere?

He had 2 children die before him Peter Levack in 1891 and Eva Levack (Liva LeVeque on the registry) in 1885 in Adams as well - thought finding them could lead me to him, but no luck with them wither...

SO any thoughts?

Erin Levack

Re: time to look again - Amede (Edward) Levack Adams, MA - maybe in Maple Street??

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I am not sure if this is an ansewer to your problem I have a book A Guide to Berkshire Col CEmeteries
INscriptions for Daniels Court, and Stevens court can be found in"Miscellaneous Vital REcords, Berkshire Co.Towns (in the Cheshire section), found in the Berkshire Anthenaeum. Inscriptions for the Cole Burial Cemetery Inscriptions from Berkshire Co. INscriptions from Barker, Walling Rd. ans Sprague are listed in the book but none that you are looking for. You can go on line and get contact info for Berkshire Anthenaeum they have a genealogy dept. good luck

Re: time to look again - Amede (Edward) Levack Adams, MA - maybe in Maple Street??

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Maple Street Cemetery
Adams, MA‎
(413) 743-8380

Is that the number you have? The cemetery is run by the town so most likely you'll deal with the town clerk.

There are some town records online at - free. You can browse by county then city/town then once you're in the books you have to look for date of death. I looked for you and naturally Adams didn't have town records online! You need to see the town record - that sometimes will give more info than the State record. Some town/city clerks will let you look at their books. Can you make a trip? I would email/call first and see if they'll let you.

Did you ever find an obit? Catholic - what about the Archdiocese?

I have a number of relatives that I know what cemetery they are buried in because of the town record but cemetery doesn't have any record of them buried there!


Re: time to look again - Amede (Edward) Levack Adams, MA - maybe in Maple Street??

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thanks for the tip 0 I will see what I can find.

Re: time to look again - Amede (Edward) Levack Adams, MA - maybe in Maple Street??

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Hi Margeret,

thanks for your reply - unfortunately a trip to Adams, is not likely to be in my near future as I am in California. Although we may need to make a trip to Athol sometime in the next year, so maybe....

I actually just got his Obit today!! I am quite excited ;-)
His funeral was at Notre Dame in Adams, but burial location is not listed...however, when I spoke with the lady at the current Catholic church (apparently they have all merged) she said that Notre Dame did their burials at what is currently Maple Street. The obit does use a different spelling of his name (Leveque) so maybe I need to call the Town Clerk back and try this spelling.
His obit really does not sound like that of a man that would not have some sort of marker. It speaks of his "numerous friends".
The other curious thing is that the only other name in his Obit was Miss Lurana Brown...says that he was "engaged as her Hostler". I found her and her family buried in Maple Street...I wonder if that might lead me in a direction...hmmmm ;-)
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