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Mitchells of Sumner County TN 1800''s

Mitchells of Sumner County TN 1800''s

Linda Franks (View posts)
Posted: 944901491000
Hi, My ancestory Betsy Mitchell was born in VA abt 1800. She married Elisha Robertson 21 Jul 1817 and the bondsman was Thomas White.
This is all I know about my Mitchell line.

Here is what I know about Mitchells in Sumner County TN, but have not been able to link Betsy to any of them, as of yet. Can you help, or, at least, I hope this information can help you.

Record of Tax, Paid for the paying of, the Militia employed in cutting the road and escorting families from the town and of Clinch Mountain to the Cumberland Settlements August 25th 1789, part II
(My ancestors weren't here yet, but this could help one of you) Mitchell, Peter, Land 640, amount of tax: 6-4 3/4
Mitchell, Edward, land: 640; amt of tax: 6-4 3/4
Mitchell, John, land: 640; amt of tax: 6-4 3/4

I have a handwritten note of Mitchell's. I believe they are from old tax lists:
1811: C. John; Henry; John; Elisabeth; John R; Robert; Robert B.
1816: Archibald; Henry: John: and Solomon.
Pensions drawn in Sumner County, TN for Service in the RW War of 1812:Mitchell, Solomon; 1832 list age as 73; served in NC line.
1817 Record of taxable property and polls in Sumner County:
John Mitchel, land: 123 1/2 acres at Station camp Creek. John Mitchel, no land listed, area is Gallatin; Archibald Mitchel, 274 acres at Bledsoe Creek (my family was living at Bledsoe Creek); Henry Mitchel, 160 acres at Bledsoe Creek; John Mitchel land and area not listed.Peter Mitchel land and location not listed; Robert Mitchell, 425 acres at West Fork Drakes Creek. Solomon Mitchel, 194 acres at Barrens.
Taxable Property and Polls in Sumner County for the year 1821:
John Mitchell, 1239 1/2 acres at Station Camp Creek; John Mitchell, 225 acres at Cumberland River; Hiram Mitchell, 200 acres at Barrens; Solomon Mitchell, 262 1/2 acres at the Barrens (Hiram is son of Solomon); Peter Mitchel, no land or location listed.
Archibald Mitchell, 274 acres at Bledsoe Creek; Archibald Mitchell for John Mitchell, 160 acres at Bledsoe Creek.
1820 Census: John Mitchell page 36, 220010-10110 (he is 26-45); John Mitchell, page 67, 320010-22010(he is 26-45); John Mitchell, page 68 200001-21110(he is over 45); John Mitchell, page 69 300010-21011(he is 26-45)
Solomon Mitchell, page 66 000001-00000 (wife Elizabeth is deceased, Solomon is over 45); Peter Mitchel, page 85, all zeros! must be transcription error!
Archibald Mitchell page 69 300100-20100(he is 16-25); Hiram Mitchell, page 68 010100-20010(Hiram is 16-25)
1830 census of Sumner Co. TN.
Mitchael, Hiram (s/o Solomon) 12001-00001
Mitchell, Frances,0011-0010001
Mitchell, Peter 0-0 (Poor Peter, he is still listed as straight zeros!)
Mitchell, soloman 000000001-001000001
(in 1820 Soloman was listed as alone, here his wife is back and another female also, hmmm)
Mitchel, John 1221201-2002101
I have list of marriages of both brides and grooms with surname Mitchell 1850 and earlier
. there are several so e-mail me if you are interested in them.
Will of James Busy1816, Jno Mitchell is a witness.
Will of Wiley Mitchell, 1819. Wiley is son of Solomon and Elizabeth Mitchell. He has no offspring and is not married. He leaves to his parents, to the children of John and Elizabeth Moore and to children of John and Srah Herman. Silas Polk is executor. Signed by Wiley Mitchell and his brother Hiram Mitchell plus Risdon d. Moore and Silas Polk.
This is all I have. My best bet is that somehow Archibald and John are related. Why would Archibald pay the tax for John? Was John underage? Archibald wasn't all that old himself. Any help is appreciated.


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Linda, are these Mitchell's
of a Black or White race?
I have a connection that say's
my Mitchell's have a cousin with
the Moore named, however I don't
know if its a married name
or family name.
Do you know if there are Loops or Woolever
surnames involed, Shepard, Harrington?
Please give me your e-mail if you do.


Linda Franks (View posts)
Posted: 945081310000
Gabby, I do not have any of these surnames in the family, because all I really know is about Betsy Mitchell. The family was caucasian, by the way.



Posted: 945088443000
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Thank you for messagereturn.
Mine are also Caucasian
Keep us in mind if you find something.


kelly (View posts)
Posted: 951853319000
My great grandmother was a moore and she married james mitchell her name was Dora

Mitchell Surname, Sumner Co, TN

jack miller (View posts)
Posted: 969659482000
Hi - I, too, believe Henry Mitchell to be the oldest known ancestor in my Mitchell
line. I would be interested in looking at your deed reference, as I have not come
across that reference to date. What year was the deed written?

My ancestor is John Mitchell (1808, Sumner, TN - aft 1860, Washington, IL). He
married Susan Hunt, 30 Oct 1830 in Sumner, TN. His siblings were:

Elizabeth M (1801, VA - 1875, TN) m. John Hall Henry, 1821, Sumner, TN
Robert, m. Miley Woodall, 1827, Sumner, TN
Nancy (1803, VA - ?, IL) m. Miles Stewart, 1821, Sumner, TN
Mary (1806, VA - bef 1880, TN) m. Jesse Meador, 1825, Sumner, TN
Pleasant (abt 1813, Sumner, TN - abt 1840, Sumner, TN) m. Sara Hunt, 1833,
Sumner, TN
Henry (1818, Sumner, TN - ?, KY) m. Harriet Shemwell, abt 1845, Todd, KY
Sara (abt 1816, Sumner, TN - bef 1840)

John and Susan Mitchell had 12 children in TN, KY and IL. They moved to Todd
Co, KY about 1843, and then to Washington Co, IL in 1849. They are listed in
the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Washington Co, IL Cannot find them in the
1870 census, except their children are being married in Washington Co during
the 1860s , 1870s and as late as 1884 in Washington Co, IL. I have assumed
they are deceased but I am going to recheck the 1870 census. I have ordered
the 1865 census to check if they are listed

To get back to Sumner Co - My research leads me to believe a John Mitchell
(Sr) is my John's father and believe Henry Mitchell is his father (my John's
grandfather). Archibald could be Henry's son and John's brother. The following
are my reasons for selecting John and Henry as being my John's father and

1. A Henry Mitchell is listed on the Tax Rolls for 1811-1818 for 160 acres in the
Bledsoe Creek area

2. Henry apparently died 1818-1819 and a John Mitchell (Sr) is listed as paying
taxes in 1819-1820 for 160 acres in the Bledsoe Creek area.

3. John Mitchell (Sr) apparently died 1820-1821 as Archibald Mitchell pays the
1821 taxes for the John Mitchell heirs on 160 acres in the Bledsoe Creek area.

4. After Archibald's death before 1830, a John Mitchell is handling the estate
(My John Mitchell (Jr)?).

5. My John Mitchell (Jr) is involved in legal and land transactions in the Bledsoe
Creek area for the Pleasant Mitchell and the Hunt estates.

A Frances Mitchell is listed on the 1830 census (0011-0010001) The children fit
John's younger siblings, Pleasant, Henry and Sara. The exception is, there is
no 20-30 year old male, John, who could be away.

I cannot match John Sr's family (22001-1121 or 21101-1121) in the 1820
census, if my reasoning is correct it should be the John on page 69, the same
page as Archibald Mitchell.

Also the Peter Mitchell (0-0) is probably a free black. If you have the opportunity
to look for him in the census check the free blacks columns and you will probably
see his count.

I originally had connected my Mitchells with a NC line Last year I corresponded
with an Aneita Allen (). She indicated my connection was
erroneous and that my line was from VA, giving me the names of my John's
siblings. The parents of the children were unknown.. She gave me reference to
notes on the genealogy research by Mrs. W R Eckhardt of Houston, TX, a
descendant of John Hall and Elizabeth Mitchell Henry. This reference is
available at the Allen Co, IN Public Library.

My email address is

Henrietta Mitchell Holloway of Sumner TN

Brenda Luke (View posts)
Posted: 975470232000
Do you have any info on Henrietta Mitchell b.1780/1786 VA who married Whitfield Holloway b.1770/1779 VA? They married on 17 Mar 1800 Halifax Co, VA. Whitfield first shows up in TN during the War of 1812. He is also listed on the tax rolls for 1816, 1819, 1820 in Sumner Co, TN. In 1819 Whitfield made several purchases at an estate sale of Henry Mitchell (I believe this is your Henry). Whitfield Henrietta are on the 1830 Sumner Co, TN census. Henrietta shows up as H of H on the 1840 Allen Co, KY census living by John Elizabeth Dearing. (youngest daughter Elizabeth married John Dearing moved to Allen Co, KY). I find no further mention of Whitfield so I assume he died 1830/1840 no mention of Henrietta after 1840.

I believe Henrietta is somehow related, perhaps closely, to your Henry others. Can you help me fill in any gaps? Thank you.

Re: Mitchell Surname, Sumner Co, TN

Posted: 994268674000
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Surnames: Mitchell,
My gr-gr-grandfather Nelson Turner Mitchell married Minerva Mitchell in Sumner cty, TN in the early 1800s and relocated to Alton, IL. Nelson is African American. If you have come across any information on African American Mitchells from Sumner County,TN anthing you'd be willing to share would be much appreciated.

(some of my MITCHELL names: Nelson T, John H., Umey, Zachariah, Edgar, Effie, Sarah, Mabel, Dollie, Alice, Retha, Daisy, Isom, Jessie, Pleasant, Cyrus, Marcus, Ruby,)

Re: Mitchell Surname, Sumner Co, TN

Posted: 1103579865000
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I just learned that my GGF, Charlie ( Marcus) Mitchell was b 1836, Sumner Co., TN., and that you refer to a Marcus. Can we xchange info?

Re: Mitchells of Sumner County TN 1800''s

Posted: 1308601915000
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Surnames: Mitchell, Neely
I wish I had seen this 10 years ago!!
My second great grandfather was Edward Neely Mitchell (b. 21 Aug 1824 in what is now Mitchellville, Sumner, TN - d. 21 Jan 1872 in Franklin, Simpson, KY). His wife was Susan Elizabeth Hail (b. 18 Jan 1829 in Simpson, KY - d. 12 Oct 1899 in Franklin, Simpson, KY). Their daughter, Bettie Frances Mitchell married my great grandfather, James Campbell Morris and they lived and died in Woodburn, Warren County, KY.

I think his father was Hiram Mitchell and his mother Valinda Neely but I have no other info about them. I’m trying to confirm that and get more info on Mitchell & Neely prior to 1824. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance for any help you may provide.
Walker Morris
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