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St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

Mike (View posts)
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I am looking for info on a St Vincent's cemetary prior to the one located on Larksville Mountain near Plymouth. My great - great grandfather died in 1907 and I don't think he is buried there. he was an early memeber of St Vincent's church located in plymouth township.

Re: St Vincent's Cemetary/Plymouth

Peg Austin (View posts)
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I am pretty sure that there is an "Old St. Vincent's" Cemetery on the same road as the present (I have relatives buried in the present one) I seen to recall a sign that indicated an old cemetery down a dirt road, I will check it out for you if you want-probably will not get down there until next Wed or Fri.
If you give me a name and it doesn;t look too bad when I find it I will have a look

Re: St Vincent's Cemetary/Plymouth

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I was in Plymouth recently researching St Vincent's at the Plymouth library. The church evolved from the larger St Mary's in Wilkes-Barre as a mission church in 1868 and became a parish in 1872 with a largely Irish congregation. Their cemetary was first established on 'Welsh hill' in Larksville. The original site is a is off the main mountain road and marked now as 'Old St. Mary's'. Polish in the area purchased adjacent land, and both Irish and Polish were buried there until 1911. In 1911 the Kingston coal mine company purchased the Irish section and the Irish relocated their dead up the mountain to the 'new' St Vincent's cemetery. Apparently the records are not at all good as to who was put where. The 1972 report I read ended saying "There are more persons buried there who do not have stones than who do."

St Vincent's is an interesting cemetary as there are some much older stones mixed in with 1900's stones. St Mary's is also interesting, many graves marked with wooden crosses and illegible wooden placards. An eagle scout cleared the brush etc for his eagle project some years ago. It was sorely neglected prior to the effort.

The 1972 report did transcribe the visible St Vincent stones. Perhaps the librarian at the Plymouth library could have a look for you. Your relative was likely moved with the others in 1911. I saw no sign of Irish names at old St Mary's.

Good luck to you.

Re: St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

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Mike I have a list of burials from that period at St Vincent's

What was you great-grandfather's name?


Re: St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

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My great great grandfather's name was Michael O'Callaghan(Michael Callahan)1850-1907
my great grandfather was James Callahan

Re: St. Vincent's Cemetery, Plymouth, Luzerne Co. PA

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Surnames: Callahan
OK Thanks

Yes I have him - he was buried from his house on Johnson's Green - and buried in the OLD St. Vincent's Cemetery on 23-Sep-07. Most likely his remains were moved to the NEW St. Vincent's cemetery when the cemetery was relocated in late 1911.

Michael Callahan died on 19-Sep-1907

I have a Mary Callahan who was buried there in 1906 but no way of knowing if they were related.

I hope this is helpful


Re: St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

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Are there any Haggertys on the list from the old cemetery? We think our great grandmother moved with her children from Plymouth to Allentown about 1910. Our great grandfather stayed so he may have been burined in the old cemetery. Do not have his first name.

Re: St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

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Sorry but no one with that name is on the list.

Re: St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

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Surnames: Hosey, Mangan
I am searching for ancestors believed to have been buried in the Old St. Vincent's cemetery. Last names are Hosey and Mangan.

Re: St Vincent's Cemetary, Plymouth

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Surnames: Hosey, Hostey,Hesty,Hosey, Cuddy ,Mangan, Lynch, Keating,Loftus,
Hi Emily:

I have one Hosey entry and another 'Hostey' which may have been a typoographical error in the newspaper. Both are for burials in the old St. V's cemetery. I have lost of Mangans and list them below

best, Michael

_____ Hosey
Died: 13-Dec-1895
Buried: 15-Dec-1895
Source: WBT 16-Dec-1895
Obituary: WBT (Dec 16): “The three-years-old child of Mr. & Mrs. William Hosey, of Orchard Street, died Friday of diphtheria and was buried Sunday morning. Interment in Welsh Hill Cemetery.”

John Hostey (Hesty?) (Hosey?)
Died: 25-Oct-96
Sources: WBT 26-Oct-96
Obituary: WBT (Oct 26): “John Hostey died last evening . . . at the home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Cuddy of Pierce Hill of Bright's Disease, aged 23 years . . . interment in Welsh Hill Cemetery.”

____ Mangan
Died: 14-Feb-1908
Buried: 15-Feb-1908
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 15-Feb-1908
Obituary: WBT (Feb 15): “The six-month-old child of Mrs. Ella Mangan died last evening after a brief illness of grip at the home of its grandmother Mrs. Ann Lynch of Main Street.”

Ann Mangan (Mrs. Michael Mangan)
Died: 13-May-1905
Buried: 16-May-1905
Source: Wilkes-Barre Times, 15-May-1905 and 16-May-1905
Obituary: WBT (May 15): “The grim messenger of death visited the home of Michael Mangan, Sr., the meat dealer, on Saturday evening and took from [him] his beloved wife, Mrs. Ann Mangan. She had been in poor health for some time … Deceased was 61 years of age and resided her for the past thirty-eight years … Besides her husband she is survived by the following children: Michael, Thomas, Dominic, John, Charles and Batholomew … Interment in St. Vincent’s Cemetery.””

Charles Mangan
See Wilkes-Barre Almanac (requires research)

Mrs. Edward Mangan
Died: 05-Feb-1895
Buried: 07-Feb-1895
Source: Wilkes-Barre Times, 06-Feb-1895
Obituary: WBT (Feb 6): “At about 1 o’clock yesterday morning Mrs. Edward Mangan of Church Street, Plymouth, breathed her last after an illness of only two weeks. She is survived by a husband and four children, the youngest of whom is only one week old and her loss will be heavily felt by the young husband. She was nearly 30 years of age and has lived in the town nearly all her life. Deceased is also survived by a mother, Mrs. James Keating, three sisters and one brother. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock with requiem high mass in St. Vincent’s church. Interment in Welsh Hill Cemetery.”

Edward Mangan
Died: 18-Dec-1905
Buried: 20-Dec-1905
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 19-Dec-1905
Obituary: WBT (Dec 19): “While crossing the tracks of the traction company at Plymouth last evening, Edward Mangan, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mangan, of High street, was struck by car No. 258 of the Carey Avenue Line, in charge of conduction Thomas and motorman Turner, and almost instantly killed, the body being badly mangled. The accident happened just opposite Main & Dank’s store and was witnessed by a large number of people … he was gently picked up and carried to the office of Dr. McKee, where he died a few moments later…” WBT (Dec 19): “The funeral of Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mangan, who was killed by a trolley car last evening, will be held to-morrow afternoon at 2:30 … Interment will be made in St. Vincent’s cemetery.”

Mrs. Hannah Mangan
Died: 06-Apr-1896
Buried: 09-Apr-1896
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 07-April 1896 and Plymouth Weekly Star, 09-Apr-1896
Obituary: WBT (Apr 7): “Mrs. Hannah Mangan, one of the oldest residents of Plymouth, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Loftus, of Walnut Street, at 10 o'clock last evening. The deceased was 90 years of age and has lived in Plymouth for many years … the funeral will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock with requiem high mass at St. Vincent's Church. Interment in St. Vincent's Cemetery.” PWS (Apr 9): “Mrs. Hannah Mangan, one of the oldest residents of Plymouth died on Monday night aged 90 years at the home of her daughter Mrs. John Loftus, of Walnut Street. Her funeral took place this morning at 10’’oclock.”

Miss Jennie Mangan
Died: 12-Sep-1906
Buried: 14-Sep-1906
Pallbearers: Martin Dougherty, Edward Reichter, John Mangan, Patrick Finn, Thomas Calahan, Bart Mangan.
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 12-Sep-06, 13-Sep-06 & 14-Sep-06
Obituary: WBT (Sep 13): “…of typhoid fever, Jennie Mangan, 16 years.” WBT (Sep 14): “The funeral of Miss Jennie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mangan, took place this morning from the family home on Vine street … Interment was made in St. Vincent’s Cemetery.”

John J. Mangan
Died: 25-Aug-1907
Buried: 28-Aug-1907
Flowers: Thomas Dooley and James Brennan of the Knights of Columbus, John Heffernan and John B. Farrell of the Fraternal Order of Eagles."
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 26-Aug-1907 and 29-Aug-1907
Obituary: WBT (Aug 26): “John J. Mangan died Sunday morning at his late home on East Main Street after only a few days illness … the deceased was 32 years of age and was born and raised in Plymouth … in the conducting of the meat market owned by his father he was zealous and faithful … Deceased's father, Michael Mangan … died July 30 … and since his demise John took full charge of the business.”

John J. Mangan
Died: 12-Nov-1910
Buried: 15-Nov-1910
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 14-Nov-1910
Obituary: WBT (Nov 14): “John J. Mangan, an aged resident of Elm Street, this town, died on Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock of general debility after several weeks illness. Mr. Mangan was born in Ireland and in arriving in America he located in the place where he had resided up to the time of his death. He had a host of friends and relatives. Deceased who was about 54 years of age is survived by a wife and three children, John, Catherine and Mary, at home, and one sister, Mrs. Catherine Brennan of Main Street. The funeral will be held Tuesday morning with a requiem high mass at St. Vincent's Church. Interment in St. Vincent's cemetery.”

Mary Mangan
Died: 31-Oct-1894
Buried: Place of Burial is not mentioned but was probably St. Vincent’s Cemetery
Source: Wilkes-Barre Times, 01-Nov-1894
Obituary: WBT (Nov 1): “Mrs. Mary Mangan, a well known lady of this town, died at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon after a lingering illness of dropsy. Deceased was a native of Ireland and was brought to this country by her family about two years ago. At the time of her death she resided with her son on Church Street. Mrs. Mangan was 51 years old.”

Mary Mangan
Died: 04-May-1895
Sources: Plymouth Historical Society tombstone transcript; Wilkes-Barre Times, 07-May-1895
Obituary: WBT (May 7): “Mrs. John Loftus, of Willow Street, received a message on Saturday morning announcing the illness of her sister, Miss Mary Mangan, formerly of Plymouth, now of Pawtucket, R.I. Mrs. Loftus left for that place at once, and before her arrival there another message came saying the young lady had died. The remains arrived on the 9:40 train at Plymouth last evening. Funeral announcement later.”

Michael Mangan
Died: 30-Jul-1907
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 31-Jul-1907
Obituary: WBT (Jul 31): “Michael Mangan, who for years was one of Plymouth's prominent businessmen, died … last evening at the family residence on East Main Street, death being caused by a complication of diseases … He was aged 70 years, and is survived by five sons: Michael, Thomas, Dominick, police patrolman, John and Bartholomew, of this town … deceased's wife died May 13, 1905. For many years Mr. Mangan conducted a saloon and a meat market and disposed of his saloon business to devote his entire time to his meat market. He conducted this branch for over 45 years, and was one of the oldest merchants in continuous business in the town … He was born in Ireland and came to the United States when a boy, and had resided here ever since.”

Mrs. Michael Mangan
Died: 20-Sep-1906
Buried: 23-Sep-1906
Pallbearers: Patrick, John, Richard, Bartholomew, Edward and Patrick Mangan.
Sources: Wilkes-Barre Times, 20-Sep-1906, 21-Sep-1906 and 24-Sep-1906
Obituary: WBT (Sep 20): “Mrs. Michael Mangan, a well known resident of Walnut Street, this town, died last evening … deceased was about 36 years of age and her death was due to a complication of diseases.” WBT (Sep 24): “The funeral of the late Mrs. Michael Mangan took place yesterday afternoon from the home of her mother, Mrs. Griffin, of Marlborough Avenue, Wilkes-Barre … interment was made in St. Vincent's Cemetery.”

Patrick Mangan
Died: 11-Jan-1900
Buried: 13-Jan-1900
Source: Wilkes-Barre Times, 11-Jan-1900
Obituary: WBT (Jan 11): “Patrick, the eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mangan of Willow Street, died this morning at 6:10 of diphtheria. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 and will be strictly private. Interment will be made in St. Vincent’s Cemetery.”

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