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Land Record

Land Record

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Could someone explain what this record means:

Whereas Absalom F. Temples assignee of Nok Een Tubbee Represenative of ??? no wah tubbee has deposited in the ....

whereby is appears that Choctaw Certificate 891C in the name of ??? no wah tubbee for 80 acres of land.

Goes on to describe the Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty and some act of congress of 1842. Then is goes on to say that the said tract was given and granted to Absalom F. Temples and heirs....

This is dated 1862. Does this mean he bought the land and it was owned by this Choctaw man/woman or did he handle the transaction for this Choctaw man/woman?

Does anyone recognize these Choctaw names?

I'm confused.

Re: Land Record

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Surnames: Temples Tubbee
I ran across your post as I searched for info on Absalom F. Temples, who is likely my husband's Great Uncle. Just in case, you haven't found the answer to your post after all this time, I thought I'd reply.

My research on that land record suggests that Absalom Temples was assembling parcels of government land held by former soldiers and by beneficiaries of the Choctaw Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. Temples purchased the land from Nok Ne Een Tubbee, the representative of Ah No Wah Tubbee. I assume that both these Choctaw names belong to people who had chosen to gain Mississippi citizenship after the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, which contained the following Article allowing some Choctaw to remain in MS and granted those who remained a set number of acres of land owned by the Federal Government:

"ART. XIV. Each Choctaw head of a family being desirous to remain and become a citizen of the States, shall be permitted to do so, by signifying his intention to the Agent within six months from the ratification of this Treaty, and he or she shall thereupon be entitled to a reservation of one section of six hundred and forty acres of land, to be bounded by sectional lines of survey; in like manner shall be entitled to one half that quantity for each unmarried child which is living with him over ten years of age; and a quarter section to such child as may be under 10 years of age, to adjoin the location of the parent. If they reside upon said lands intending to become citizens of the States for five years after the ratification of this Treaty, in that case a grant in fee simple shall issue; said reservation shall include the present improvement of the head of the family, or a portion of it. Persons who claim under this article shall not lose the privilege of a Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any portion of the Choctaw annuity" (

I don't recognize the Choctaw names, but if I learn anything else about this land transfer or the individuals involved, I'll let you know.

Re: Land Record

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Surnames: Temple/Temples
Thank you so much for your reply. This was so long ago I’d forgotten about it. LOL. Yes please let me know anything you may find out. It was family lore on my moms side that her maternal grandmother was part Choctaw but a DNA test I did last year proves I don’t have a single drop of Native American in me. I’m majority British, Irish with a side dish of Scottish and Spanish and a few sprinkles of other Eastern Europe folks for flavoring. I was so disappointed.

Re: Land Record

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I think that the land was gotten for a heir. It was probably Lydia Bryant. Later on she was given land bought by William Temples, Baleem Corley, and Franklin P. Corley that equaled that amount of land. It must have been for her and they were involved somehow. Her land ended up being next to Nok Een Tubbee's. Just a thought. J. Yaggi
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