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Andy Pupavac from Detroit

Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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Can help me someone with old phonebooks? My uncle Andy Pupavac lived until the 50th in 1438 East Ferry in Detroit.
He died in March 1985 in 48201 Detroit. I don`t know anything more about him. There was also a family Vlaich
(relatives?) with him.

Re: Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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Info I found on

Andy died 19 Mar 1985 and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan.

There are several other Pupavacs listed in the cemetery that are most likely relatives.

Robert Pupavac b. 1888 d. 1947
Violet Pupavac b. 1902 d. 1944 (perhaps a sister?)
Jovo D. Pupavac b. Mar 20, 1880 states that he was born in Yugoslavia, d. Dec 27, 1941.

I would try and get an obit for Jovo. Andy might be his son or nephew. Michigan Death Index 1971-1996 also states that Andy was born Nov 14, 1903. You could see if he shows up on the 1910 census anywhere.

also on in the US Naturalization Index, Andy naturalized on Aug 20, 1940 in Detroit. Birthdate is stated as Nov 8, 1904. Since he filled out his naturalization index, I would assume this might be a more correct birthdate. His petition #139011 will enable you to order this document. It could give you more clues. Good luck!

Re: Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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In the time between february and now I found out, that
Robert and Joseph were brothers. Violet was the wife of
Robert and Andy was the half-brother of my father and son of
Joseph. The mother of Andy and my father was her whole life
in Yugoslavia. My father came as a DP-Person after WWII to
Germany, he never told us that he had a half-brother in USA.
3 years ago I found in some papers that he had this address
from his brother in Detroit and my search began.
Andy had no children and was never married but Robert and
Violet have living children but they don`t replay to my
letters. I only want to have some fotos of them - but
nothing happens. There is another family Pupavac (today
Popovich) at Battle Creek (their grandparents came from the
same village in Yugoslavia). I think that this family are
also relatives. I am in contact with a grandchild on face-
book but no answers I get. It`s a pity about this.
Thank you very much for your reply.

Re: Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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I am intrigued by your story of Andy but I am wondering what your end goal is. Are you just wanting pictures or Andy's story why he never talked to your father. Perhaps you are seeking more genealogical information.

Have you gotten his naturalization papers?

Have you searched for him on immigration lists?

Re: Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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Yes, I have found him on the immigration papers, have now
his deathcertificate and naturalization papers. From the
family of Battle Creek I want only to know something about
his life and some fotos from him and his father.
Thank you.

Re: Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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We list burial dates on findagrave as we do not usually have death dates.

We do have information that Andy was cremated on March 9, 1985 in Detroit, MI. So his death date would probably be around March 6th.

The funeral was ordered by his cousin Jos Popovich.

Hope this helps!

Debra Stanley
General Manager, Oak Hill Cemetery

Re: Andy Pupavac from Detroit

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Thank you very much!
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