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Reliability of trees on

Reliability of trees on

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Hi there. I was just wondering what people's opinions were about the reliability of information on

I have found a tree on there which, if it is to be believed, takes my own family back from 1765 to 1523. Cautious though I am, there are sources cited in the form of references to microfilms of parish records, probate records and other documents.

The link to the tree is:

To look at the sources, click on a name (not the first one, as there are no sources for this entry), then under "Marriage" click on the button that looks like a group of skittles, then on the family page that comes up there should be a "Sources" button.

As far as I can tell, FamilyCentral is part of the Church of LDS that runs Family Search.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the authenticity, or otherwise of this tree and the site in general. How did that tree come to be put together?

Many thanks!

Re: Reliability of trees on

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This is a commercial site and unrelated to the Church of LDS.

Take with a grain of salt any information you find in any online tree. Verify all citations.

Re: Reliability of trees on

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the give 2 e-mail links for contact, the first I tried, did not deliver, I am waiting for the second one. Both names are not listed with the apg, and they give no information about the "30 professional researchers" working there or how they located their sources. I actually wanted to alert them that their "van SLyck" data is completely wrong and outdated, of course the visible tree, does not show any input date, however this is an example of bad "professional research, if they even ever did this, it looks like they just copied LDS files (old ones)I wonder if they respond to my complaint. I would not use them for $45 an hour, going to 1500 must cost an arm and a leg.

Re: Reliability of trees on

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I sent them an email on 23 January and have still had no reply, so I'm very suspicious of them now.

Since then I have discovered that the tree I found on their site is not actually related to mine, but I am curious nonetheless how they came by it, and my caution regarding its accuracy remains, as I wouldn't like someone who really is related to it to be deceived if it isn't accurate after all.

Re: Reliability of trees on

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i tried to send an email to but it was rejected.
I am concerned that there is information on there about my family which I have never put on a site. My childrens names and their spouses and my living mother and 1 sibling.
How do you delete the information or find out who put it there.

Re: Reliability of trees on

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Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear that there is confidential information about your family on that site. If I remember correctly, there were two email addresses, so you could try sending a message to the other one, but I'm not sure you will receive a reply. My original mail to them has never been answered. There is a postal address in Utah, USA, so you might be able to track them down that way.

Good luck!

Re: Reliability of trees on

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I can help with this. We are a private research firm. We recently started sharing client research online. All of the data is supposed to be filtered so living individuals are not displayed. We try to respond to all emails but we weren't prepared for the volume of requests that we receive concerning sources or offering additional information.
Please send me an email and I will make sure your living relatives are removed.
There is a link on the site that explains the following:

"This database is a collection of client files that professional researchers have worked on over the past 35 years. It also contains information from our clients' own data files and submissions from other families that may not be fully documented.
To determine if the information is documented look for "Sources" buttons on the Family Group Record. In some cases all of the sources for the family will appear under the father's sources.
Before relying on the validity of any records, please examine the sources and determine for yourself if they prove the information to your satisfaction."

I hope this helps.

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