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"Ophelia" London to "America" Apr 1881

"Ophelia" London to "America" Apr 1881

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I finally found my great-grandmother's (Polish) family on the "Ophelia" coming via London in Apr 1881. The passenger list only says to "America". Does anyone know the exact city where this ship landed? Donna


mary james de vries (View posts)
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was there a burns family on thar ship with your grandmother. they were from newcastle on the tyne
England. How did you get the passenger list?

1881 ship Ophelia

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Hi! I am sorry, but I don't know. I found my great-grandmother's family on the Hamburg Passenger List Index (ordered from the LDS Family History Center) and then went to the exact page where they were. They are Polish, as were as lot of the names that I noticed flipping through.

surname Heuton

Andrea McFadyen (View posts)
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My Great-grandparents Mient Michal Henry Heuton and Margaret Seeden (Sayden), arrived in America 1881. Both are from Ludwigsdorf, Osfriesland, Germany. I am trying to locate the ship they sailed on. Questioning if they can be found on the Hamburg Passenger List Index. Is the name Heuton listed?

passenger lists

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I do not have a copy of the passenger lists. You can order these from your local LDS Family History Center and then look through them. There are 2 kinds, Direct and Indirect lists, (depending on if they stopped anywhre else en route). Since you know the year, you order the time period that includes that time period. Hope this helps. Donna Schumacher Passenger Lists

Jerry ZALOGA (View posts)
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Use < > to obtain detailled info on those immigrants leaving Hamburg; listings are presently available for years 1890 to 1895 and additional years are being added monthly.

Ophelia passenger list

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Dear Donna----I am glad you found your relatives,and I would like to know where youfound the list. My grandparents came to America in March or April of 1881 and we cannot find what ship they came on. Could you please send me that source. Thanks so much. Wanda

ship passenger lists

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Hi Wanda,
If you write to me directly I'll try to explain the process I went through. There isn't enough space here.

Ship Ophelia

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Justene Krenz of Hollaenderdorf, Germany or Poland or Prussia. It was near Czarnkow.Thanks so much.

Is it possable to find mispelled surname in Outbound Hamburg Ship going either Countries: England or Montreal, Canada

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Hello: Jerry,

I was able to find a possable relative; I do not know if he could be a lost relative. Still there is an the Hamburg passager list showing a one 'Kus....' I understand that our surname might get mispelled from time to time. What I don't know is how to really find out what was 'KUS..'s home town. Again our clan (prior to 1899)left Poland, first went to England and left for Montreal, Canada (not sure when; around 1900).

July 2000; I just found out that our family Clan: "KUSMIROWICZ" is still currently living in Chelm Province, Poland. No contact from over 100 years. Do you have a copy of local Polish telephone directory; with street address...? Not currently available on the internet yet....

Thank You, for any help you might be able to provide. Oh by the way I don't speak any Polish.


Michael Kusmirowicz
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