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Culbreath from Scotland and SC

Culbreath from Scotland and SC

raechel (View posts)
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Surnames: Culbreath, Maynard
Looking for information on Deisa Culbreath b 1793 in Scotland, Brother Edwin. Keisa married Jonathan Maynard in Edgefield SC.

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

Mark (View posts)
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Surnames: Culbreath, Feraba
Deisa is the daughter of Joseph CULBREATH b. 1747 in Scotland, d. 1823 Edgefield, SC. Joseph married Hazel FERABA b. 1751 in Scotland. I obtained this information from the Church of Latter Day Saints web site. I am also decended from the same branch. Please share any additional information you have about John MAYNARD, b. 1789 in Edgefield District, SC and d. August 28, 1829 in Jones, GA. Thanks much!


Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

Dorothy Wilson (View posts)
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Surnames: Culbreath, Maynard
This reply is for both Raechel and Mark. From 2003. I don't have a Deisa Culbreath that I know of, with the family of Joseph Culbreath from Scotland. Settled in Edgefield, S.C. I do have a Jonathan Maynard b. 1813, son of John Maynard. I have Joseph Culbreath, son of Edward with the bd of 1747.
John Maynard was the brother of Elizabeth Maynard, my 3g. grandmother. She married Edward Culbreath, son of Joseph. Her niece, Mary Matilda Maynard, married Henry Culbreath. That family settled in FL.
If you both are still looking at this board, let me know if I can help and what your relationship is to these people.

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

raechel rugar (View posts)
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Surnames: Maynard, Culbreath, Minyard, Caldwell, Murrell, Middlebrooks, Taylor, Blount
I am a decendent of Lucinda Maynard b 1842. She was my great great grandmother. She married into the Jackson family. following is what I have on my Maynard line. It appears that there was a large maynard family and they repeated names often. I don't have a Jonathan b 1813 but my Jonathan D was born around 1814-could be the same. Yours was the son of John as was mine. I had the elder John married to Deisa or keisa culbreath with brother in law Edwin. I have Jonathan D with a sister Elizabeth. Let me know what this all means to you.

“Jonathan D Maynard’s Family”

Nicolas Minyard/Maynard d.1817
W: Catherine
(planters in Edgefield S.C)
Children: James d 1846
Jonathan Maynard/Minyard b 1789 in Edgefield SC d 1829

James Maynard d 1846
Married mary Sury b 1785 d jan 1881
?c. James Madison Maynard d 1849
W: Miss Caldwell
?c. Dr. John Washington Maynard b. 1/21/1820 d 1/24/1867
Wed: Laura Murrell b. 10/11/1840 d 11/12/1905 (Trenton SC)
Ch: Hampton, William Pinkney, Thomas Pinkney, Elvira (married John Satterite), Susanna, Matilda

Jonathan Maynard Will 8/8/1829 –10/19/1829 Jones Co
(Will mentioned William S Middlebrooks and Simpson Taylor)
W: Keisa Culbreath b 1793 in Scotland
Brother in Law: Edwin Culbreath
Children: Elizabeth
Martha Ann
Tabitha Catherine
Jonatha D (listed Jonathan O in will)
James Madison (Madina in Will)
George Washington

Jonathan D was 15 when his father died. He was sent back to North Carolina and lived with Uncle james. H received a slave when he “became of age”.

Jonathan D Maynard b. about 1814 in Edgefield SC.
W: Caroline M Blount (possible relation to Nancy Card) b. about 1823 d 11/10/1861 (married 12/5 or 9/1841 in Jones County)
Children; Lucinda Maynard b. 12/31/1842 d. 4/23/1923
Mary jane maynard b. 11/22/1844 d.2/12/1872
Nancy Ann Maynard b. 4/5/1847 d. 10/19/1870
John Washington Maynard b. 2/10/1849
Laborer Sylvester Lloyd born around 1822 living with them according to 1850 Census
Thomas Jefferson Maynard b. 9/16/1851
Sarah Elizabeth Maynard b. 6/16/1853 (b. 1845 d. 1925 according to headstone)
Aunt Sallie E Maynard Gordon (aunt to Annie Jackson Lockhart)
Wed: Sam Gordon b 6/20/1851 d 2/25/1921
William Abraham Maynard b. 1/8/1857
Joseph Anderson Maynard b. 7/27/1860 d. 10/4/1861

W. Marry Hammock (wed 17 Mar 1863)
Children: Addie Jane Maynard 7/22/1870 d. 3/26/1935
Wed: Robert L Cruthfield b 8/10/1870 d. 8/22/1935
Ch: James B Crutchfiedl b 10/23/1906 d. 6/22/1956

John Maynard Estate Inventory, 1698/99 - Surry Co., Virginia

The Inventory of John Manord of Late.

To 1 Cow - - - - - 4 0 0
To 2 Cows - - - - - 6 0 0
To 1 Calf - - - - - 0 8 0
To 2 heifords - - - - - 3 0 0
To 9 small Piggs and 3 piggs - - - 5 0 0
To 1 old gun without a back - - 0 4 0
To one Mare - - - - - 7 0 0
To 2 old beds & old rugg & 3 blankitts - 3 0 0
To 3 old ??? 1 rack 1 frying pan 1 ??? - 2 0 0
To 1 old chest 2 old tables - - - 2 0 0
To 3 small pewter dishes 6 spoons - - 0 5 0
To a parcell of old Lumber - - - 0 6 0
34 3 0
Charles Judkin
John (his S mark) Smith Jno. (his HH mark) Maynard

At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry 9th March 1698/9.

This day appeared in Court John Maynard Extor of John Maynard decd. and
made oath that the above inventory was a true and perfect inv.y of the
said deceased of late.

Teste (???) Clements Co.

Submitted by Gwen Hurst


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for personal use only.


MARRIAGE BONDS IN CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VA - Wm. and Mary Quarterly, V. 8, No. 3

Transcribed for the USGenWeb Archives Special Collections Project by
Kathy Merrill

USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in
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to the USGenWeb Archives to store the file permanently for free access.

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers, Vol. 8, No. 3

(Jan, 1900)




Mr. James A. Leach found among the loose papers in Charles City
Clerk's office some marriage bonds, which have especial value in view
of the destruction that overtook most of the records there during the
war. He was kind enough to make the following list of them.

Levi Jenkins and Mary Waldrop, Jan. 3, 1785
Wm Wright and Martha Jackson (Spinster), Dec. 23, 1781
Ismael Carter and Elvey Martin, June 20, 1809.
Charles Alvis and Emily W. Buffin, dau. of Giles Buffin, Oct.
21, 1828.
Armstead Atkins and Nancy Plumry, dau. of Polley, July 15,
Robt. Maddox and Lucy Waddill, dau. of Mary Waddill, Feb.
14, 1848.
Thos. Matthis and Rebecca Moody, Feb. 9, 1788.
Wm. Marrable and Susannah Weaver (Spinster), Jan. 1, 1772,
dau of Joseph Weaver.
Nathaniel Maynard and Elizabeth Mathews, Dec. 21, 1789.
Mountcastle Joseph T. and Mildred Snips, Nov. 13, 1828.
Henry Skipwith and Ann Wayles, July 7, 1773.
Wm. Haynes and Frances A. E. Hall, Oct. 14, 1824.
Jno. T. Harwood and Mildred Morecock, Dec., 20, 1821.
Wm T. Martin and Susan A. B. Binns, dau. of Bolling Binns,
Dec. 20, 1844.
Christopher Haynes and Anne Young, March 30, 1791.
Henry Lacy and Lucy Duke Timberlake, Jan. 22, 1787.
Crawley Maynard and Elizabeth Merry, May 27, 1791, dau.
of David Merry.
Geo. Clarke and Elizabeth Lawson, Oct. 7, 1842.
Braxton Harrison and Cammilla A. M. Johnson, April 18,
Robt. Freeman and Ann Hunnicut, June 2, 1824.
Benj. Hilliard and Jenny Johnson, Sept. 15, 1824.
John Timberlake and Susanna Christian, May 20, 1788, Gid-
deon Christian's dau.
Richard Taylor and Lucy Gregory (widow), Oct. 13, 1773.
Edward Walker and Nancy Lored, Dec. 28, 1795.
Theodrick Gathright and Elizabeth Jordan, April 9, 1806.
Wm. Gregory and Ann Royster (Spinster), July 24, 1764.



John Minson and Ann Whitlock Wills, Jan. 28, 1797.
John Parkes and Agnes Hodsworth, May 26, 1805.
John Wodrop and Mary Clarke, Jan. 12, 1769.
Wat. H. Tyler and Eliza W. W. Walker, May 5, 1812.
Joseph Jackson and Patsey Roach, Nov. 8, 1810.
Samuel Trower and Alice, dau. of Gideon Christian, June 19,
Fleming B. Major and Sarah H. Wilcox, Feb. 28, 1843.
James Miles and Mary Thompson, May 3, 1784.
Henry Phillips and Frances Pearman, Oct. 26, 1784.
John T. Marston and Frances B. Parker, Nov. 15, 1827.
James Brown and Sally Stewart, March 11, 1816, colored.
Wm. Burton and May Baily, March 31, 1788.
Thos. J. West and Lucy Ann Randolph, dau. of Isham Ran-
dolph, May 27, 1820.
Thos. Wilkinson and Nancy Bradley, Feb. 8, 1808.
Whill Ratclif and Jane Blanks, Aug. 16, 1821.
Henry Woodcock and Mary A. Blanks, dau. of Miles Blanks,
dec'd, Nov. 28, 1849.
John West and Rebecca Willcox, April 5, 1786.
Wm. A. Ammons and Christiana C. A. Southall, July 16, 1842.
Lewis Crutchfield and Mildred Jamison, Spinster, Oct. 29,
Henry D. Vaden and Sarah M. Stubblefield, March 14, 1842.
Michael Bradley and Elizabeth Otey, Nov. 15, 1805.
Pleasant Day and Elizabeth Jane Whitt, June 12, 1847.
Jno. Gregory and Elizabeth Maynard, Aug. 3, 1774.
Wm. Bullington and Frances Bradley, April 17, 1790.
Arthur Hamlett and Sarah Crutchfield, May 28, 1811.
Wm Dennis and Jane Parish, dua. of Wm. Parish, March 5,
Thomas Blanks and Julia Warberton, March 19, 1818.
Littleberry Hardyman and Elizabeth Eppes, April 12, 1784.
Jno. Lefrane and Jane Bolling Kenny, April 15, 1781.
Isaac Lacy and Elizabeth Walker, Sept. 15, 1791.
Chas. Christian and Rebecca Terrill, June 3, 1772 (Wm.
Christian's consent).
Brazure Williams and Agathy Johnson (widow), June 16,



Jeremiah Jackson and Nancy Bell, Dec. 16, 1799, Jno. Bell's
Jno. Christian and Mary Maynard, Feb. 3, 1768.
Henry Southall and Elizabeth Holdsworth, Dec. 27, 1793.
Wm. Southall and Sarah Dudley, March 3, 1780.
Beverley W. Ammons and Jane Frances Snipes, Oct. 21, 1847.
Stephen Bowry and Mary Gregory (widow), Jan. 9, 1769.
Geo. Chandler and Rebecca E. Armstead, June 16, 1825.
Wm. B. Morecocke and Ann C. Edloe, Jan. 23, 1823.
Wm. Mahaney and Eleanor Pointer, July 18, 1829.
Jno. A. Smith and Sarah H. Clayton, Dec. 28, 1826.
Wm. Clark and Ann Leonard (Spinster), Sept. 4, 1781, Wm.
Leonard's dau.

Edward Young and Jeannatte Stoll, Sug. 21, 1815.
Samuel Willis and Hetty Fotset, Oct. 26, 1812.
Richard Apperson and ----------, Nov., 1812.
Wm. Howlett and Lucy Roper, May 6, 1797.
Philip Wallace and Elvy Morris, March 24, 1815, Jas. Morris's
Geo. Loyd and Ann Eshon, Dec. 22, 1824.
Jno. Craddock and Susan H. Taylor, Jan. 15, 1820.
Thos. Batts and Betsy Vaughan, Oct. 30, 1806.
Wm. Daniel and Polly Martin, June 18, 1793, Martin Martin's
Wm. Brown and Martha Bassett (Spinster), May 28, 1767.
Wm. Hansil and Judith Crew, Aug. 7, 1780.
Wm. Phillips and Susannah Beckit, Apr. 28, 1818.
Geo. Woodson and Delphia White, Sept. 11, 1806.
Elijah Crew and Sally Evans, Jan. 4, 1813.
Wm. B. Page and Evelyn B. Nelson, Nov. 27, 1811.
Jno. Lamb and Fanny Finch (Spinster), Nov. 26, 1770, Wm.
Finch's dau.
Wm. T. Barlow and Susannah Crew, Feb. 25, 1817.
Wm. Vaughan and Ann Dancy, Sept. 13, 1768, Jno. Dancy's
Hubbard Wyatt and Tabitha Minge, July 23, 1767, Geo.
Minge's dau.
Seth Stubblefield and Lucy Timberlake Southall, Jan. 15,



Archelus Mitchell and Mary Gregory (Spinster), Nov. 27,
1763, Jno. Gregory's dau.
Wm. Taylor and Mary Lucy Vaughan, Sept. 9, 1811, Henry
Vaughan's dau.
Mathew Wyat Shields and Mary R. Bell, Jan. 21, 1807.
James Hopkins and Elizabeth Marston, Jan. 17, 1763.
Jno. Carter and Elizabeth Collins, Jan. 12, 1787.
Wm. Chancey and Mary Timberlake, Jan. 5, 1783.
Jno. Ridlehurst and Judith Miles (Spinster), May 2, 1764.

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

Dorothy (View posts)
Posted: 1105310646000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Culbreath, Maynard, Clark, Caldwell, Murrell, Hill, Satterwite, Manaruy, Blount, Ussery, Atteway, Gill, Jordon, Adams, Vaughn
I have:Nicholas Maynard m. Catherine.
James d. ca1785,, Mary Surry Clark (b.1785,d.Jan. 1881)
Joihn b. ca 1785, d. 1829 in Jones Co., GA.
Elizabeth b. 1791 SC,d.ante 1880, Baker Co. GA.m. Edward Culbreath.
Mary,buried Chestnut Ridge, Saluda Co. SC

My relationship is from Elizabeth that married Edward Culbreath.

For James,d. 1846: m. Mary Scurry Clark (1st husband Capt. William Clark)
Children: James Madison MD, d. 1849,m. Miss Caldwell.
John Washington (MD) b, 21Jan 1820 Edgefield,SC, m. Laura Murrell.
Wiliam Pickney ( killed in a school fight as a young boy)
Thomas Pickney, ,m. Elizabeth Hill
Elvira m. John Satterwite
Susanna .m. John B. Manaruy
Mary Matilda.m. Harry(Henry) Chappel Culbreath

John Maynard de 28Aug 1829 Jones Co. GA m ? Culbreath.I haven[t found Keisas name yet. If she was born in 1793, she must be a second line. Hope I can find that - interesting.
Children: Jonathan D. b. 17Oct 1813 m. Carolyn Blount in 1841.
James Madison b. 15 June 1819,m. Sarah Anne Ussery
George Washington b. 29Jul 1821.
Elizabeth b. Sept 1815. d. May 188f5 m. Chesley Atteway
Marthy Ann b. 25Jan 1819,.m. John M. Gill
Tabitha Catherine b. 15Aug.1822. m. Uriah Jordon.
lucinda b. 31Oct. 1826.m.John W. Smith (#1),m. David Attaway (#2).
Elizabeth b. ca 1791 in SC.. d, ante 1880 in Baker Co. GA m. Edward Culbreath b. 1788 SCd. 2June 1868 SC.
Children: Wesley, b.1811 SC. m. Frances Adams of Newberry Dist. SC.
Permelia b. 1813 SC d. 19Aug. 1840 SC. Married James Vaughn
Isham Rudd. b. 1818 d, 30Jul 1864.SC m. Martha E.

See what you think of this info, brfore I send more. I am changing ISP this week, will notify you and all I can of the change.

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

raechel (View posts)
Posted: 1105805080000
Classification: Query
I'll have to pull out my notes to find out where I got Keisa's name. What else do you have on the family. I found all of those wills-Ithink I posted them, but I can't connect them to any of the Maynards I have listed yet.

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

Posted: 1169239236000
Classification: Query
my grandfather was william thomas maynard of baker co. ga. his father was james madison maynard, son of thomas pickens or (pickney) maynard, son of james madison maynard of edgefield who died in 1846. that james madison maynard was married to mary scurry clark of edgefield.. they are buried at the pine pleasant church north of saluda.

thomas pickens maynard who was married to elizabeth hill of edgefield migrated to miller co. ga. in the 1870's and then moved to the thomas co. ga. around 1880. by 1883 they had moved to newmansville, fla now known as alachua which is near gainsville. this info is from t.p. maynard,jr who stated that they had cousins living in tampa named robert and mildred ellis (aka minnie) culbreath at that time. harry culbreath who was born around 1866 was their son.

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Culbreath, Feraba, Maynard, Attaway
I am so sorry for not having followed this thread, but to answer, but Keziah (or Desia as I originally had listed her first name) was my gggg grandmother and she was a daughter of Joseph Culbreath (b. 1747 in Plymouth, Scotland and d. Feb. 3, 1822 in Edgefield County, S.C. - or so I have recorded).

Does anyone know about the connection between Joseph Culbreath and Hazel Feraba? She's listed as his wife in all of the family trees I have seen. Very unique name and I would be most appreciative to learn more about this couple.

Keziah (or Desia) was married to John Maynard (or Miniard as some have spelled that surname). I'm hoping to go farther back and trace as much of the family as I can. BTW, I understand the Culbreath family name is also somehow tied to clan Culbreath or Galbraith. Any truth to this? Thanks in advance and thanks for all the replies to my earlier post four odd years ago!

My email has changed:

Mark Wills
Houston, Texas

Re: Culbreath from Scotland and SC

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Please see my recent posting on the Maynard Family Genealogy Forum on Genforum for information on John Maynard's wife. ( In short, her name was Nancy (maiden name unknown) and not Keziah or Desia Culbreath.

I know nothing about Hazel Feraba, except to note in passing that the name is very likely reversed, Feraba Hazel. There was a Hazel family in Edgefield and also a Hazel Culbreath in Newberry District (who was a guy by the way...).

Hope this helps,

Richard Maynard Wilson
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