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Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Surnames: Neuckranz
Does anyone have any information on the Neuckranz family in Denmark and/or Germany?

Family history says there was a Neuckranz in the 1860s that was Ambassador to Germany.

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Hi, This Neuckranz was ambassador from what country to Germany? May I suggest that you expand your query, including your Neuckranz connection and reason for the ambassador story?

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Neuckranz
Thank you...

My grandmother on my father's side, was Ferdinande Neuckranz (she legally changed her first name to Nan) Her father (my Great Grandfather) was Ferdinand Fredrich August Neuckranz. He immigrated to America in 1891 with his wife (Bertha Beckmann) and one daughter (Marie) According to the family story- his father, Ferdinand Neuckranz was either Ambassador to Germany in the 1860's FROM Denmark- Or he was Ambassador TO Denmark in the 1860's from Germany.

My dead end on the family line is Ferdinand Fredrich August Neuckranz's parents. If his father Ferdinand was an ambassador- which way did it go? I've always thought the Neuckranz family came form Germany- not Denmark. I'm having trouble making headway- and not sure where to search.

When they came to the US, they came on the steamship "Russia" from hamburg to New York. I have nothing showing my Great-Great grandfather ever came to the US.

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Okay, that helps. The place to search is the USA. The first thing you want to do is to collect all the details you know so far about your great-grandparents Neuckranz from naturalization records, census records, death records, obituaries, family stories and other private sources, and then share with the forum. Thanks.

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Find a Grave Website
Name: Ferdinand Neuckranz
Birth Date: 23 Sep 1865
Age at Death: 54
Death Date: 31 May 1920
Burial Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Find a Grave says daughter Nan was born 1893. The Find a Grave memorial might be one you created or maintain?

BTW I'm a volunteer, not related -- All best

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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According to the Cook County birth records Ferdinand Neuckranz was born in
Heide, Holstein. Today, this area can be found on google maps under Heide, Dithmarschen, Germany.

The region of Dithmarschen has a good genealogy group. You should visit this website which
will tell you how to order his baptismal record:

Just click on the English translation if you don't understand German. Of course, you can
wait to see if anyone else responds to your request for info on the family or you can just move
forward and do the research yourself. Naturally, you will have to pay. If Ferdinand's father
was an Ambassador, such would be revealed in the description of his father's position or job
in Ferdinand's baptismal record.

You might inquire further about proving this family lore as the people who put the website up may be able to help you.

Good luck,

Bob Behnen

I would explore the Dithmarschen website and learn about the area.

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Good find Bob - very exciting! (BTW I presume you meant Ferdinand's death record?)

Sandi, more about immigrants from Schleswig-Holstein here:

This area (the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein) was under Danish rule before 1864, then won by Prussia in a war in 1864, then northern Schleswig returned to Denmark ca 1920. The family stories of descendants of immigrants from this area often include some confusion about Denmark and Germany.

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Dear Falsterden (first names are preferable IMHO)

No, I meant the Cook County birth records which note the father and mother's towns of birth:

Cook County, Illinois, Birth Certificates Index, 1871-1922 about Bertha Georgine Carla Neuckranz
Name: Bertha Georgine Carla Neuckranz
Birth Date: 26 Sep 1891
Birth Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Race: White
Father Name: Ferdinand Friedrich August Neuckranz
Father's Birth Place: Heide Holstein, German
Father's Age: 26
Mother Name: Bertha Beckmann Neuckranz
Mother's Birth Place: Hamburg, German
Mother's Age: 26
FHL Film Number: 1287919

It appears to me that Ferdinand was born in Heide and then moved and likely was married
in Hamburg where their first child was born before emigrating to the US.

Bob Behnen

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Thanks for that. I'm wondering what makes you say this: "It appears to me that Ferdinand was born in Heide and then moved and likely was married in Hamburg where their first child was born before emigrating to the US."

Okay - I took a look at Ancestry. A family tree called "Neuckranz" says Ferdinand Friedrich August Neuckranz was born 23 Sep 1865 at Rendsburg-Eckernforde,** Germany and was married in 1888 to Anna Georgine Bertha Johanna Beckmann. Gives Bertha's dob as 17 Dec 1865 in Germany and died 16 Sep 1940 in Chicago. I can't open the tree - that's all I can see. Ditto for additional trees listing Ferdinand and Bertha.

[**Rendsburg-Eckernforde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany]

You may have the following records but these are good to post because they can help reserachers to find the family in Germany.

Hamburg Passagierlisten 1850-1934 as transcribed on
Departure Date: 8 Mar 1891
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Ship Name: Russia, Captain: Schmidt
Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft
Ship Type: Dampfschiff, Accommodation: Zwischendeck
Ship Flag: Deutschland
Port of Arrival: New York
Ferd.d Neukranz 25
Bertha Neukranz 25
Marie Neukranz 4

1900 US Census
Milwaukee Ward 20, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Fred We*Kranz 34 born Sep 1865 Germany, married 1888, married 12 years, to USA 1891
Bertha We*Kranz 34 born Dec 1865 Germany, has had 6 children, 3 are living
Bertha We*Kranz 8 born Sep 1891 in Illinois
Ferdinand We*Kranz 6 born Mar 1894 in Illinois
Margaret We*Kranz 5 born July 1895 in Illinois
August Beckmann 68 widowed father-in-law, b Jun 1831 in Germany, parents b Germany, to USA 1887

In Bertha's death record her father is named as Joseph Beckmann, so it could be his name is Joseph August Beckmann.

This might possibly be the death of Bertha's father. The online transcription of a death record usually has less information than the original (original might have parents' names, birth place, day-month-year of birth, spouse, etc.)
Name: August Beckmann
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 18 Jul 1901
Event Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Page: 0544

In 1900 city directory for Milwaukee Ferdinand is listed as a fresco painter.

Chicago Ward 27, Cook, Illinois, USA
Ferdinand Neuckranz 52 born about 1868 in Germany, to USA 1891
Bertha Neuckranz 52 born about 1868 in Germany, to USA 1891
Harry Neuckranz 17 born 1903 in Wisconsin

Death Record as transcribed on Family Search
Ferdinand Neuckrantz
Date: 30 May 1920
Place: Bremen, Cook, Illinois
Gender: Male Race: White
Age (Formatted): 54y
Birth Date: 23 Sep 1866
Birthplace: Germany
Spouse: Bertha
Father's Birthplace: unknown
Mother's Birthplace: unknown
Occupation: draftsman
Address: 4202 N. Sacramento
Residence Place: Chgo., Ill.
Burial Place: Montrose
Burial Date: 01 Jun 1920
Informant's Name (Original): X
GS Film #1308656, Digital Folder #4484381, Image #678
Reference ID:

Bertha Neukranz [sic]
age 61, widowed
occupation h/hold
Birthplace: Hamburg
Immigration Visa No. 249358 issued at [Washington], date 4/9/27.Pt
Last permanent residence: Chicago, own home
Whether ever before in the United States: 1891/1927 Chic. own home 4202 N. Sacramento Ave.

Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA
Bertha Neuckranz 64, widow, born Germany
Nan Dyer 36 daughter, widow, born Illinois
Donald Dyer 5 grandson

Ferdinande married William Dyer 02 August 1916 in Cook County, Illinois - possibly her marriage record might provide a new clue about her parents.

US Naturalization Records as indexed on
Name: Bertha Neuckranz
Birth Date: 17 Dec 1866
Birth Place: Germany
Age at event: 62
Court District: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa
Year of Arrival: 1891
Date of Action: 14 Feb 1929

Death Record
Name: Bertha Neuckranz [an user suggests maiden name Bertha Beckman]
Birth Date: abt 1866
Death Date: 16 Sep 1940
Death Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Death Age: 74
Gender: Female
Father Name: Joseph Beckman <----------------------
Spouse Name: Ferdinand
FHL Film Number: 1953583

Sandi, just as a matter of interest on the side, search the Chronicling America website (Library of Congress) for an article in the The Day Book, August 05, 1914, titled "Germans Sore at War Action of Newspapers." Topic is the outrage of German Americans in Chicago that media coverage was biased against "the German cause." Ferdinand Neukranz [sic] is mentioned as being appointed to a special Red Cross committee.

Re: Neuckranz 1860's Denmark Germany

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Dear ???

Because the Hamburg passenger list notes the 'Neukranz' family left on March 8, 1891 and that their residence was Hamburg.

Also, the mother's birthplace was given as Hamburg (Chicago birth record for several of her children and Heide was given for Ferdinand's place of birth) and thus, I believe one can presume that Ferdinand likely met and married his wife in Hamburg where she was purportedly born and since their child, Marie, was only 4 months old according to the passenger list and the family was residing in Hamburg, I presume she was likely born in Hamburg too.

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