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need help translating birth record

need help translating birth record

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Surnames: Mayer
Can anyone help translating the birth record for Sophie Mayer, fourth child listed, in this document:

I believe she is my ggmother, born in a german community in the Czech Republic.

Thank you and any help would be appreciated.

Re: need help translating birth record

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Classification: Query
It's very hard to read, mainly due to the Quality of the scan. Not being familiar with any of the places I could not decipher those mentioned, neither some of the names, but this is what I could read.

Born on 2 Aug 1875, bapt. on 8 Aug
Louise Mayer
(Name of priest)
(Name of place???)
(Name of midwife)
father: Josef Mayer, soem Kind of railroad employee
Born in Oberschönbach
son of Andreas Mayer and Margarethe (Name?) from Oberschönbach

Mother: Josefine Eisenmann
Born in Ober....?
daughter to Engelbert Eisenmann and Anna (maybe Eschner?????)
(names of Godmothers) and place)

I suggest you put the same query on the Czechs Republic board. Someone might be able to decipher the places.

Hope my Translation helped a bit. Somebody else might be able to add some words

Gaby (Germany

Re: need help translating birth record

Posted: 1373237730000
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Thank you, Evelyn. Your translation did help. I will also try the Czech Republic board.

Re: need help translating birth record

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Classification: Query
As usual, Gaby is always among the first to help -
you are fortunate that she has or makes the time to help.

Here are a few additions:

Born on 2 Aug 1875, bapt. on 8 Aug
Louise Mayer
(Name of priest)Franz Fischer, pastor
(Name of place???) Chodau Nr 177, Unterchodau under the rule of Elbergen (?), district of Falkenau, governmental region of Eger

See following website for more info:

(Name of midwife)Maria Lorentz in Chodau - certified
father: Josef Mayer, "Eisenbahnstationsdiener" some kind of railroad employee
Born in Oberschönbach Nr. 10, judicial district of Wildstein, district of Eger,legitimate son of Andreas Mayer, Schaffers at the Gutsherrschaft Schoenbach and Margarethe nee Fritsch from Oberschönbach Nr. 36

Mother: Josefine Eisenmann, born in Oberchodau Nr. 21, in the ruling district of Oberchodau now Chodau Nr. 100, district of Falkenau,governmental region of Eger,
daughter to Engelbert Eisenmann, a Sattlermeister from the same place and Anna (nee Eschner) from Proschwitz Nr. 48,
district of Trautenau, district of (?) Zitschin

(names of Godmothers) and place) Franziska Wilfer, wife of the master tailor in Ober Schoenbach who was represented by the midwife, Maria Lorenz.

I have always found it difficult to give a good translation for Bezirk, Kreis, etc. In short, these are various regions or districts (some governmental, some under various rulers, etc.) One would have to research each specific region to understand and effectively translate.

Hope this helps add to what Gaby has started.

Bob Behnen

Re: need help translating birth record

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Classification: Query
Thank you very much Bob and Gaby!
How you can read that writing is amazing to me. This gives me lots of information to follow up on and research.

One question: Why do you both say the birth child's name is Louise. All I see is Sophie. Sophie Mayer is what is on her ship record and all US records. I'm hoping this is the right ancestor of our US family.

So, Andreas Mayer is a worker/laborer for Schonbach estate or land area. 'Gutsherrschaft' - the (interesting, to say the least) method or system of labor management.

And, Engelbert Eisenmann is a master saddler.

I am new to all this and find it fascinating! Thank you again for your help.

Re: need help translating birth record

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So sorry, of course it's Sophie. I have no idea why I said Louise and I assume Bob just took my Translation and added what I had to leave out because I couldn't read everything.

Bob, I do admire your skills in reading the most difficult handwritings. You help at least as much as I do.

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