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Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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Surnames: Alejski, Androsink, Krystyniak, Ulejski
Hi everyone, I have been researching my family history for my grandparents and I am coming up short on finding any information on my grandfather’s family. I was hoping someone more advanced in their searching abilities may be able to help! Here is what I know:

My grandfather’s name is Theodore Ray Alejski (born 1937 in Hamtramck MI), and his family is from Poland. His father’s name is Theodore Alejski (no middle name). I believe his birthdate to be Nov. 1, 1886 in Posen. Grandpa’s mother’s name was Tekla Alice (went by Alice). She was also born in Poland.

This is where it gets REALLY confusing. Both of my grandfather’s parents were married before, and had children with their other spouses. Apparently my Great-Grandfather loved his name. . . because he named several of his kids Theodore Alejski (with or without a middle name). This has made my search very difficult. Apparently, someone has records mixed up between the Theodores, because the documents I find that match MY grandfather’s birthdate say he was born in Pennsylvania, which is not true. One of his brothers (Theodore) was, but also died as a child, maybe even an infant. There was another Theodore born who was a half-brother.

This is what I know:
Theodore Alejski (1886) was married to Minnie Alejski. They had children together, I do not know all of their names but there was a Theodore and a Florence. I believe they came to US as a couple, from Poland.

Tekla’s maiden name was Krystyniak, and her other spouse was named Trofhion Androsink. They had several children, I do not know if I have them all named here, but I know of: Helen, Edward, John, and Chester.

Tekla and Theodore married and had my grandfather, Theodore.

Somewhere in there there was another Theodore as my grandpa had an adult living brother with the same name, and a deceased brother with the same name. Different mothers I believe, but can’t be sure.

I know that at some point this family was in Pennsylvania, but later moved to the Hamtramck/Detroit Michigan area.

Add to this the fact that there may have been a spelling/pronunciation change to the last name at some point. I’ve seen it spelled Ulejski, but this could be an error on the part of whoever was documenting.

I am struggling with finding anything that extends beyond what my grandfather already knows. His family was very secretive and not open about their heritage. They weren’t a very close bunch. Every time I get on’s worldwide search, I have difficulty picking up anything with my search words. Beyond that, I cannot read Polish. Many of the records are in Polish, and many of them are about WWII and concentration camps, which really isn’t where I need to be looking (to my knowledge).

Can anyone help? I would love to find manifest documents, birth certificates, death certificates (I have this information for Tekla), marriage dates, childrens names, and trace our ancestors back a few generations beyond my grandfather if at all possible!

Thank you

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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There is a WWII registration for Theodore Alejski, born November 1, 1886. It says his birthplace was Posen, Poland
There is also a WWI registration for a Theodore Alejski, birthplace Poznan, but gives birthdate as November 1, 1876.

There is also a marriage for Theodore Alejski, born 1886, marriage in 1914 in Detroit to a Blanche Krolikonski.
Blanche died on January 12, 1916 from pneumonia. Theodore and Blanche had a premature infant named Theodore who was born December 13 and Died December 14, 1914
You can find these death records at

In 1930, his wife is given as Monica
with children Florence, 10 and Edward, 8
This may be the same as Minnie in the 1920 census, but not sure.

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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At there is this person arriving on May 12, 1913:

Theodor Alejski, age 26, occupation joiner? Polish, gives last permanent residence ?berg, person in country he came from is father, Theodor Alejski. His destination is to a friend in Detroit. (I can't read the town where his father lives, or the name of his friend in Detroit, but perhaps someone else here can. You can search for free, you just have to register) Theodor was traveling by himself.

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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It looks like Minnie/Monica and Theodore divorced, because she is married to another man in 1940, and is living with her children Florence and Edward.
So far the children I have found for Theodore born 1886 are:
Theodore, born and died 1914, with Blanche
Florence and Edward, with Minnie/Monica
Theodore, born 1937 with Tekla.

I did see one reference to Edward's middle name being Theodore.

This appears to be Florence in the SSDI - I couldn't find an online obit for her.
Name: Florence Alejski
State of Issue: Michigan
Date of Birth: Sunday September 14, 1919
Date of Death: Friday December 07, 1990
Est. Age at Death: 71 years, 2 months, 23 days

I see Tekla was in Pennsylvania, but I find no evidence that Theodore lived there.

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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Thank you barbdale that is very helpful!!!!

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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Thank you again, it is late here I will look at all of these things in the morning. What sites are you using to find the information? Thanks:)

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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It's interesting what you wrote about Theodore traveling alone. I wonder if it is the same one? I know theodore is a common name, and for all I know Alejski might be in Poland too. I found a manifest that had he and Minnie traveling together, but then again there could have been another Theodore and Minnie. I have found that with my other sides of the family when researching. Sometimes there are different couples with the same or similar first and last names but they are not the ones connect to my family. I will have to check into that further!

Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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Re: Stuck on Polish Ancestors Please help!

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One thing which no one has mentioned but which might make a difference to your searches is that at that date there was no such place as Poland. Your ancestors were undoubtedly Polish by ethnicity, although some of the names sound Ukrainian, but at that time they would have been Germans by nationality. Posen was in Pommerania (Ger. Pommern) part of the German Empire and nowadays is Poznan in Poland, but still in the same place.
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