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Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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Surnames: Heilker
I am trying to find some record of arrival or departure from Germany to the United States for this person. So far I have had no luck. It is complicated by the fact Heilker is often misspelled.

My Ancestor is John Heilker we have that name in common. He put on census he arrived in 1866. And that he was born in 1836. He was a shoemaker in Baltimore Maryland.

He can First be found in the 1870 Baltimore Census under "August Heilker" and that he immigrated from Prussia in 1866.

by the 1900 Census it lists him as "John Heilker" and that he immigrated in 1866 from Germany.

I have found a Johann August Heilker born in 1836 in Recke Germany...

"23 FEB 1836 Saint Dionysius Church, Recke, Tecklenburg, Westfalen, Germany "

More interesting his father is listed as "Johann Henrich HEILKER " and his occupation is listed also as a shoemaker.

This seems a really strong candidate, and I put it on my tree, and unfortunately others have copied it, but the reality is I have found no sure proof they are the same. I desperately need to find that either proves or disproves these two men are the same. I have scoured passenger lists, and what I can search through online without speaking German. But I am stuck. And I simply can not afford the thousand dollars or so to hire a professional. Can anyone offer me any leads or assistance? I feel like I am so close, these two men very much sound like they are the same....but I can not be sure is Recke where my people come from? Thanks for any help.

Re: Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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You could write to the retired reverent HEUKAMP in Recke.He´s 84 ys old and very into research of loc al history.
Homeyers Hof 1a
49509 Recke
Tel.: 00495453/74 24

I´m sure Mr. HEUKAMP will look up original records and manybe he knows other soures ( like tax lists or church propety list, when people rented land from the church for their animals ). Here your ancestors name and profession could appear.
It is very likely that these people are the same. In former times babies got two names.The first name is called : "Vorname "( pre-name ) . This name they had before their name was selected and the child baptisized. It was usually a name of a saint or Joseph or Maria. The second name was called : " Rufname " ( calling name ). The child got this name at baptizm and had been called by this name. The Americans call this name : middle name. But in America the middle name is not the name a person is called by lifelong.
1870/71 was the franco-prussian war in Germany. Maybe he decided to anglisize his name to assimilate among the Americans.
Nowadays the name TIMMERMANN doesn´t appear in the phone directory for Recke. So probably the original name was ZIMMERMANN ( = carpenter ). This name has 6 entries .

Good luck !

Re: Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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Going back to Recke, although it could be very interesting, would still not provide the proof you need. I would say the two names refer to the same person and it would seem reasonable that he would change his names to fit in with the English speaking country he had settled in but it would be there that the proof would lie. Even if you found the arrival record it would only be under one form of the name, probably the German one and you would still not know if the Anglicised form found later was the same person. Perhaps a marriage certificate would record the German form and then it could be traced to see if a resident with the anglicised version was living with a wife of the "marriage" name? What about a child's baptism record? The father could well have been using the German form in his church but a later, residential, occupational record would prove that the child was living with a father with the Anglicised form. Bit of lateral thinking needed!

Re: Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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Thank you for info on Werner Heukamp, will definitely write them. Also found the information on naming very interesting thank you.

As for other post on Name..this is a non issue for me. The person in Germany is Johann Augustus Heilker, my Grandfather is John Augustus Heilker. There was a huge pressure upon arrival at that time to Americanize given names.

John or Johann are common names, even Augustus while not common today, was much more so then. Heilker is fairly unusual with this spelling both then and now though. All it would take to confirm this is not him, is a record of death of Johann in Germany. Or a Migration somewhere else. For me to feel sure this is him I really either need a immigration record, or perhaps a church record. Had a thought the Church in Baltimore might have recorded what church immigrant members came from. The more I think about it the Church records may be a good way to go. I really really wish I could find a passenger record though.

Also on Timmerman, he married his wife here in 1870. So she is not from Recke most likely. However she was from Westphalia per census, so likely they hit it off from common geographical background.

Still would like any advice and or help on immigration records.

Also I apologize my original link was incorrect, it should be this one. I fixed original

Re: Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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well, let´s see...
After the kingdom of Prussia with help of their allied troops have won the franco-prussian war of 1870/71 they established a new gouvernement. Many little states teamed up together and formed the German Empire ( 1871 - 1918 ).
The emperor of Germany was the king of Prussia.He ruled over all states in this foederation.
In the german - austro war (14 June – 23 August 1866) Austria lost the war and Germany annected the kingdom of Hannover. So the Us census 1870 states :Clara Angela was born in Kingdom Hannover. When she moved in 1865 it was the Kingdom of HANNOVER. After 1871 her birthplace was part of the state of Prussia.
Before 1871 the conditions for a move had been harder. They had been defined by law 07.April 1826 .
People had to prove that they had paied all debts and and that they own nobody any money. Male people needed a certificate of discharge from the army. 10 % of their propety they had to pay as a tax. They lose their citizen rights and were not allowed to move back.
When Johann August moved he definitly had to declare his intentions to the local court . So maybe at the state archive are records available.
This archive is here in Münster
Clara Angela came 1865 . Probably with her father and 3 siblings on 05.Juni 1865.
Along came the Naturalization Act of June 18, 1798 - a time when political tensions were running high and there was an increased desire to guard the nation. The residence requirement for naturalization was raised from 5 years to 14 years.
Four years later, Congress passed the Naturalization Act of April 14, 1802, which reduced the residence period for naturalization from 14 years back to 5 years.
So when Johann August came in 1866 the earliest chance for naturalisation would be in 1871. Us census 1900 states he was naturalisized. According to your list he lived between 1870 & 1900 in Baltimore . So he should have been naturalisized there. For that they file two applications.
Maybe you have good luck here to track him back.

Re: Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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ich habe dies hier nur zufällig mitgelesen. Vielen Dank für diese wertvollen allgemeinen Informationen, die ich mir abspeichern werde. Ich habe einiges dazu gelernt.

Welches ist Ihr Forschungsschwerpunkt in Deutschland? Vielleicht benötige ich mal Ihre Hilfe.

LG Gaby

Re: Heilker, Johann August immigration 1866, need help

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Sorry I have not replied sooner. I just want to say this is an incredible amount of good information. I think you have given me enough leads to last me quite awhile. Thank you so much for your time, and your expertise! I appreciate it very much!
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