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It appears to have become an accepted fact that the father of GW Uptain, the Rev Soldier, was John Upton; though there has never been any hard evidence to support the claim.

As a descendant of GW Uptain, the Rev Soldier, & a long time Upton researcher, I have always questioned the accuracy of this supposition. Perhaps the answer is to be found on the HARVEY LIST.

The Harvey List is an alphabetical list of Georgia Rev Soldiers, of all ranks & names, including Continentals, Militia, Minute Men, etc & was compiled from over 45 sources by Margaret Harvey. It was published as Appendix F, in the 3rd Annual Report of the National Society, D.A.R., to the Smithsonian Institution. Senate Documents, Vol 16, Num 219, 56th Congress, 2nd Session, 1900-1901.

Among the some 300 names listed are: George Upton Sr &
George Upton.

It seems obvious that these men were father & son, & therefore, John Upton was NOT GW's father.

Anyone interested in further info or discussion, please contact me. I am pleased to share.


Pat Hill (View posts)
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In fact, there is proof of who John Upton's children were and George was NOT one of them. John was of about the same age as George and was likely either a brother or a nephew. I once speculated that John MAY HAVE BEEN the father of several Uptons in Georgia and North Carolina. The "may have been" seems to have been dropped and this false information is still around even though it as been proven wrong.

I do not agree with you that it is "obvious" that George Sr. and George Upton were father and son (although that may have been the case). It was not uncommon at the time for people of the same name to use jr/sr anytime a community had families of the same name. It was used both for father/son and uncle/nephew and other combinations.

I think it more likely that George's father was Phillip Upton. Phillip sold his Georgia land in 1789 and 1790 and went to the Pendleton District of South Carolina where he appears on the 1800 Census. George married in the Pendleton District in 1795. Both returned to Georgia, leaving records in the first few years of the 1800s. Phillip and his son William had gone to Overton Co., TN (along the KY border) by 1812. In his Pension records, George says he also lived for 5 years in Overton County. Lastly, George named his 2nd son Phillip, but didn't get around to the name George until his 4th son. Usually, the father's name is used sooner. George could have been the son of either Phillip or George, but I feel Phillip is the more likely father.


Pat Carter (View posts)
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The following record offers some support (but not positive proof) that George Upton was the father of George Upton:

8 May 1769, District of Augusta[Ga], George Upton & his wife Elizabeth to John Stewart Jr, 150 A. Witnesses: Robert Germany, John Germany, Edmund Cartledge. (The Germany's were with George, John & James Upton in the West Florida Royal Forresters, 1781.)

If George was the son of George, the younger George would have been approx 10 yo at the time of this deed. When George Washington Upton filed his Rev Pension App in 1832, affidavits were given by 3 men: Lewis Powell, Levi Thrasher, &
John Stewart Jr.(who was earlier linked with George Upton, the elder).

I base my opinion that Philip Upton was also a son of George (elder) & brother of George (younger) on the following:

11 Mar 1784, Phillip Upton petitioned for military warrant of 287 1/2 A in Washington Co with a Certificate of Service in the Amer Rev from Col GB Lee.

Since both Philip & George Upton served in the Rev, it would seem likely they were of the same generation.

On the 1800 census of Pendleton Co, SC, Philip Upton has in his household 1 male under 10 & 1 male 45+, 1 female under 10 & 1 female 45+. It would appear that Philip was born at least by 1755 (George b 1759) & had 2 children born before 1790 (George's first child b 1797).

Further, there is a link between Col GB Lee (who certified Philip Upton) & George Upton, the elder.

Greenbury Lee married Susannah Few, daughter of Col William Few. Ignatius Few, the son of Col Wm Few & brother of Benjamin Few, married Mary Candler, daughter of William Candler. Rhesa Howard, son-in-law of Col Wm Few, married Hannah Few.

In 1774, St Paul's Parish, Wrightsborough Township, John, George & Richard Upton had land which bounded on each other & on William Few, Benjamin Few, Rhesa Howard, & William Candler.( Wrightsborough was located on Upton's Creek.) Earlier records indicate this George Upton was the elder, not the younger.

Several sources give the following naming practices as being used in the 18th & early 19th Century:
Eldest son - often named for the father's father
Second son - often named for the mother's father
Third son - often named for the father
Fourth son - often named for the father's eldest brother

The sons of George Washington Upton in order of eldest to youngest were: John, Philip, Nathaniel, George W Jr. We know that John Upton was not the father of GW Upton. Was Philip named after the mother's (Charity Burras) father? We can't determine that since her father is yet unknown. The 3rd son, Nathaniel, was definitely not named after his father. However, Philip Upton, the 4th son, could have been named after his father's (George) eldest brother (if he was indeed Philip).


Pat Hill (View posts)
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There are many other ties to several Uptons and the people you mention none of which help establish who was George's father. You said you believed Phillip was George's brother, in part because like George he served in the Rev. War, but remember that George, the elder, also served. So, could he not have just as well been a brother of George (the elder), especially a younger brother?

If George was the son of George Sr., it must have been interesting with them being on opposite sides of the war!

The two children in Phillip's home in 1800 were probably grand children. Children of a son named David Upton who died in Georgia in the 1790's.

George (Junior) named his 2nd son (not the 4th) Phillip. His wife Charity was most likely the daughter of Upton neighbor Rueben Barrow who had 2 daughters of her age, only one has been identified.

The biggest factor in my belief that George was more likely the son of Phillip is that George (Elder) was already in the Savannah River area of Georgia by 1759. George (jr) was born along the Holston River (now TN) sometime between 1759 and 1765 depending on which record of his age you believe. Alas, I don't think there is any way to say with any certainty which was his father.

George (jr) did name a son George Washington, but I have never seen the Washington name or even an initial on any record. Do you have some evidence for using the middle name?


MAE CURT (View posts)
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Surnames: UPTONS
Pat The info that I have is John Upton born 1710 Nottingham England to the parents of John and Elizabeth Upton. John was christened 26 Aug 1710 at All Saints, South Leverton, Nottingham, England. John married Elizabeth Roberts and had the folling children. John 1740- David 1742- Richaard 1744- benjamin 1746- Robert 1748- Edward 1750- Philip 1752- Elizabeth "Betsy" - Sarah George washington 6 Aug 1759 Holston River, Hawkins co N C William F 1760 Holston River James 1773 St Pauls Perish Tobias 1775 ST Pauls Perish I am wainting for a reply of records from England regarding other children of John and Elizabeth and info on the will and probate. Mae


MAE CURT (View posts)
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Pat In an earlier message, you mentioned two brothers going to texas after their father died. They wereWilliom Feldon Upton and John Cunningham Upton.William Ord. Sgt.comm officer Jno T. Harocourt, Capt. organ: Co. of 3 months troops, unattached 22d Brig. CSA Co. enlisted Jan 12, 1863 at Fayette/for three months I have more info when i unpack. Will get back to you.


Pat Hill (View posts)
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This information is WRONG. I don't know where you got the information about the Nottingham England Uptons, but there were hundreds of Upton families in England in the 1700 and dozens of John Uptons, many married to Elizabeths. These people were NOT the parent's of those you list as their children. In fact, I created that list many years ago and speculated to a few friends that some of those Uptons "MIGHT HAVE BEEN" the children of the John Upton and Elizabeth Roberts that were in the Augusta GA area at the time of the Revolution. That speculation was proven wrong long ago. John was actually younger than many on that list and was actually likely the son of one of them. His children can now be proven from estate records and deeds. Unfortunately, some people took that list and made it their own and deleted the important word "MIGHT HAVE BEEN".
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