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Chryssa Yialitaki

Chryssa Yialitaki

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My Yiayia, (maternal grandmother) escaped Smyrna to Greece in 1922. Her name was Chryssa Yialitaki, (1908 - 1993). Father was Emanuel Yialitaki, born after 1870 in Crete, died in Smyrna. Mother was Erini Emmanouil Mavromihalakis, born abt 1870 in Athens. Does anyone know anything more about them, or previous generations? I am looking for proof/sources for this family.

Attached are two images. One is the family tree I am working on that may be of assistance.

The other image is her wedding invitation in Greek. I cannot read Greek. Can anyone please translate it for me?

Maybe I have the names spelled incorrectly? I can't find much at all about her maiden "Yialitaki", or her mother's maiden name "Mavromihalakis".

Thank you in advance.


Re: Chryssa Yialitaki

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Your grandmothers family is a very interesting family.
The original name is IALLINOS (in Cretan dialect GIALLINOS) and is going back over 700 years. Some males are known with the title "ARCHON" which is the equivalent of "Nobile" (Noble). Some did have the title "Domine". After 1669, many migrate to Zante, Corfu and Lefkas.

The invitation simply says: Mr & Mrs George Panagiotopoulos invite you in the wedding of their son Nikolaos with Chrysanthe Giallitakis. On the other site, Mr & Mrs Peter Moschovitis invite (their friends) in the wedding of their NIECE Chrysanthe with Peter Georgiou Panagiotopoulos.

Taking into account that Mr Peter Moschovitis was Chrysanthes Uncle, that means either her mother's name was Moschvitis or Peter Moschovitis's wife was her mothers sister.

Another good family is:
Moscovitis is also a Cretan family of Venetian descent, Original name was Mosco (and any name starting with Mosco is related like Moschonas, Moschopoulos, etc). Moschopoulos was Metropolite of Crete 800 years ago.

Another name that may hide a surprise is Mavromichalakis it could be a Cretan nickname but also it could be variation of the name "Mavromichalis" which is a significant name in Modern Greek History.

Re: Chryssa Yialitaki

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I apologize. I mistook the name Yalitakis for Yalinakis.
I do not know the name Yalitakis and have no record of the name Yalitakis

Re: Chryssa Yialitaki

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I would like to thank you. You have helped me more than you know.

By your translation, the name, Peter Moschovitis, who was the Uncle of my Yiayia, Chryssa Poulos, (her name in the US), I was able to talk last night to his granddaughter, and thank her. Her grandfather saved my grandmother from the fires in Smyrna, and helped her escape. I was able to tell her the stories I know, and she was very happy because she knows very little of her family. I am so happy to finally learn his name!

My mother, Poppy Poulos, wrote to me last night with several interesting twists.

Here are her comments:

Peter Moskovitos married Stella (I don't know her maiden name but she is the sister of Irene).

They had 5 children----John, George, Litsa, Moscha and Helen

Peter Moskovitos had a sister named Despina (who married Tom Poulos (my father's brother) and a brother named James.

Helen Moskovitos married Stelios Siderias from Chios. They had 5 children named Michael, Stella, Virginia, Sophia and Despina.

You may find information on Stelios Siderias because he wasn't from Smyrna and there may be information about him in Chios. Stelios is commonly called Steven in the US.

Now I have to research more.

One last thing, my Yiayia's last name has always been "Yialitaki" to me. But with your translation, I now have the possible proper spelling of Gialitakis vs Yialitaki. This should help immensely.

Thank you so much!

Re: Chryssa Yialitaki

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You are getting somewhere; however, you need a good software package and "Ancestral Quest" is one of the easiest to use and not very expensive.

You must follow certain rules from the start.
1. Always write to correct Greek name. If sometime in the future you seek information in Greece, they must understand you. No point asking about Steve when you mean "Isidoros" or "Stellios" or "Stephanos", etc.
You grandmother is "Chryssa". Chryssa from "Chryssanthi", "Chryssa" from "Chryssoula" or "Chryssa" from "Chryssi" ? He is not "Poulos", her husband was Poulos. What is her maiden name?
2. Greek names and words do not usually start with "Y" simply because "Y" = "U" in Greek. SO. it is not YiaYia, it is GiaGia, it is not Yiorgos, it is Georgios, it is not "Yialitakis" it is "Gialitakis".
3. Be consistent. If the name is not Greek, use the Latin name, if it is Greek, use the closest Latin letters. Use the same spelling all the time.
"Mosco" is Greek-Italian word. Has no meaning in Latin. Nevertheless, any name that starts with "Mosco", theoretical has (Greek)Italian ancestry. Soon or later an ancestor will appear called "Mosco".
Mosco probably derives from the Greek word "Moschos" which roughly translates to "young, well looked after, nice smelling person". Form "Moschos" derives the word "Moschari" = Veal. A few people think that Mosco derives from Moscow and Moscovitis is a person who originates from Moscow. Vitis has also other meanings (Vita = Life)

Which one is the correct name? Sideris, Sideras or Siderias? All three exist, all are correct but all derive from one. Which one was first?
I guess Sideris. A very common name in Asia Minor (Vryoulla, Gioul Baxe, Mellyso, etc. The Siderias from Chios settled around Bethlehem in USA.

Finally, there is a lady called "Petridis" or "Petrakis" or something like that. If I remember well, she is from Chios and has Sideras(is)(ias) connections.
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