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Re: census

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I would appreciate if someone could enlighten me for the following-----Question: Did the Germany or Prussia ever take a census every 10 years or so in their area of partitioned Poland? I have asked this question on several different sites and have never got a satisfactory answer.Thanks

Re: census

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Dear lkaspick1

[Note: names are preferable in my opinion when asking for help]

In America we have used censuses since 1790 which improved over time with the amount of information gathered; however, in Europe and specifically in Germany, they did not unify until much later and prior to that time few censuses were taken and if so, they were more regional. There were numerous German states or duchies, etc.

In the US, the states did not generally all keep vital statistics until after 1900. In Germany, such info was gathered locally first through the churches and then through the local government (Standesamt) starting in 1874 but these were not submitted to a national database but kept locally.

Thus, one must know where to look, i.e. which town to find the records. Frustrating for sure when trying to find immigrant ancestors but understandable once you see how their system developed.

Now, for this specific question about available census reports in Poland (Prussia or Silesia), you would be better asking this question on one of those message boards as they may have more specific info or experts on those areas who can answer.

Bob Behnen
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Hi Bob, certainly you are right, I usually include my name at the bottom of my queries. I suppose as I asked this question on several sites before this time I failed to add it.

I believe Poland was one of the sites I tried before but I haven't tried Prussia, I will try that. I even asked a German history professor once, and even he said "You know I don't know for sure". Whenever I brought up the subject over the last 10 years, the result was sort of what you have just said. It was that they generally did a survey of sorts from time to time. Thanks Bob.
Regards, Leonard Kaspick

Re: census

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A majority of the people that emigrated from this area to America left through the port of Hamburg which did an excellent job recording the passengers towns of origin.

The Hamburg passenger lists are not to be confused with the American passenger lists made upon arrival. Thus, if you find the passenger list in America and they sailed from Hamburg be sure to check the Hamburg passenger lists and you will find the town.

Good luck or post your inquiry here with the info you have.

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Thanks Bob, I have searched the Hamburg lists as well as Castle Garden lists. Like many people I have so little information to go by. I notice that there seems to be more information on the Hamburg site every time I go into it so I think they are still doing transcribing. Also I went ahead and left a message on Ancestory's Prussia site as you suggested.
Regards, Leonard
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