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Surnames: Burgwinkel
I am in search for information regarding my Grandfather Peter Lawrence Burgwinkel. He was born in Koeln Germany about 1898 and immigrated to the United States in 1927 on the Seydlitz. Any help in finding more information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Your details on these person are unfortunately very scanty. Was Peter for example already married? If yes: What was the name of his wife? What was the name of his parents? Many open questions . . . In a district of Cologne I could find a Peter Burgwinkel in an old family bible from this district; perhaps is this your Peter? This Peter Burgwinkel was born in Cologne as a premarital child 20. 8. 1898. His parents were Peter Lorenz Burgwinkel and Anna Maria Christina Weitere. Peter and his wife shall have had two children: Daughter Bettina and son Josef; but he was died in the WW I.

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Sorry! A typing mistake of me. I meant WW II, not WW I.

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Yes, this is the one! We just found out his mother's name was Anna Maria since we posted. My mother thought she had step siblings in Germany but knew nothing but her grandmother's first name and had never met her father and has never seen a picture of him. Is there a way that you can email me a picture of what you found or a link of how to access this data? THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This is going to make a 73 year old woman (my mother) a very very very happy woman! :)

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Dear Dixiefiddler (a name would be better)

When you look at the passenger list(s) for Peter Burgwinkel don't forget to check out the following page which also includes great information.

For example for the 1927 Seydlitz ship, the next page notes the following under the column of the name of nearest living relative where alien came from:

Sybilla Burgwinkel in Bruck/Baden living on Flebacherstrasse. It also notes his destination as Clinton, MA which was the home of his uncle, Jonas Burgwinkel, 11 Beech St., Clinton, MA

In the 1932 General von Steuben ship list, the next page notes the following:

his father is Peter Burgwinkel who lives at Pfeiffergasse 3, Cologne-Poll. (Poll is a section of the city of Cologne) This is also a confirmation of the connection above to Jonas Burgwinkel because when you conduct a search for him on ancestry you will find his passport application when he returned to German in 1925 which notes he was born in 'Boll' which is undoubtedly Poll in Cologne. Don't forget to check out the next page on this document too so you can see a picture of Jonas Burgwinkel. There is also a family tree for Jonas on ancestry you will want to check out too:

Obviously, Uncle Jonas came back to visit in 1925 and surprise surprise, Peter decides to emigrate just two years later and where does he head to? To his uncle Jonas in Clinton, MA! But his wife, Sybilla is living in Bruck in the state of Baden.

Now that you know the towns and specific sections, you should have no problem pursuing your research with the local Standesamt (civil records office) in Poll/Cologne and Bruck in Baden. My guess is that your mom's half-siblings were likely born in Bruck??

Hope this helps,

Bob Behnen

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Hello, dixiefiddler:

I can confirm the information from Bob! Yes, Köln-Poll is meant. I know this place personally very well. I had searched there for different interested ones. I would Peter Lorenz' brothers and sisters mention to you yet:

Gertrud, * 23. 1. 1904;
Wilhelm; * 13. 1. 1905;
Catharina Margaretha; * 2. 2. 1906;
Anna Maria Katharina; * 31. 7. 1910;
Theodor; * 17. 3. 1913 ( Theodor has died in the war in Stalingrad).
Anna Maria Elisabeth; * 5. 2. 1915
Emil Erich; * 20.5.1917

All children were born in Köln-Poll. They were baptized in the church St. Joseph in Poll.

Here the address of the church:
Kirche St. Joseph; Poller Hauptstr. 26; 51105 Köln



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Ilse Burgwinkel


* 5. 9. 1925 + 21. 2. 2014

Died at the age of 88 years

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