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Help translating record

Help translating record

Posted: 1358657197000
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Surnames: Knaus
Can anyone read this record? It is about my 6th great grandparents. His surname is Knaus and her given name is Anna Katharina and it looks like they might have married on 29 Jan 1732, but I'm stuck there. Any help would be much appreciated!

Re: Help translating record

Posted: 1358696027000
Classification: Query
Dear awysock1 (including your name is nicer)

Here is what I read:


Christian Knaus cog. 29 Jan 1732 mit Anna Katharina
Sohn des Michael Knaus T. des Georg Binde=
von Benzingen im Sigmaringischen wald, Burgers u
gest 14 Dez 1755 alt 60 J Webers in ? L
wiederverh en(?)
Andreas (Rauch?)
in 1762

Christian Knaus, son of Michael Knaus of Benzingen in the territory of Sigmaringen, died on 14 Dec 1755 aged 60 years

married on 29 Jan 1732 to

Anna Katharina, daughter of Georg Bindewald, citizen and
weaver in (?), was remarried to Andreas (Rauch ?) in 1762

It is always best when providing a document for translation to note the source of the document as it helps in identifying towns. For example here, the person notes that
Anna Katharina's father is from a town with initials, likely the same town where the records originated or an affiliated community.

Bob Behnen

Re: Help translating record

Posted: 1358698799000
Classification: Query
In checking out your family tree, it appears that the document likely came from Neulußheim which was abbreviated in the document as N. L.; thus, the Bindewald family was from there.

Unfortunately, the formatting in my first e-mail did not remain after I hit send; however, you can see the line by line transcription.


Re: Help translating record

Posted: 1358702750000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1358702787000
Bob - thank you so much! Yes, the record was from the LDS microfilm of the Neulußheim / Altulußheim church book. The towns are located just across the Rhine from Speyer. This is so helpful - I can't thank you enough!


Re: Help translating record

Posted: 1358730975000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Knaus, Bindewald
Bob - you were so helpful in translating the record for Christian Knaus and Anna Katharina Bindewald, I was wondering if you might be able to help me with some information about their chidren from the same family register from Neulußheim.

The first is for Christian's son Johannes Knaus who was born 17 Jun 1733 and was married on 1 May 1757 to Susanna, daughter of Georg H????. Their daughter Anna Katharina was born on 3 Sep 1759. I'm struggling with Susanna's surname here - I believe it starts with "H", but I'm not sure about the rest.

The second is a list of all of the children of Christian Knaus and Anna Katharina Bindewald. It lists:
1/ Johannes, born 17 Jun 1733;
2/ Johann Peter, born 8 Feb (year not listed);
3/ Maria Elisabeth, born 13 Mar (year not listed), married to Peter ? in '72
4/ Johann (Walter?), born 11 Jan 1743
5/ Christian, born 2 Sep '45; ?
6/ Johann ?, born 14 Mar '48 and died after 21 days?
7/ Johann ?, born 18 Sep '49 and died 14 Mar '52
8/ Katharina Christina, born 13 Oct 1752; ? 22 Sep '78; died 1 Oct '78; married to Johann Jakob ?
9/ Johann ?, born 8 Sep '55

Can you confirm that "Walter" is the name of child #4, the names of #6, #7 and #9 and the surnames for the husbands of #3 and #8?

Thanks so much for all of your help - tracking down these records (and your translation of them) has broken down a big brick wall for me!


Re: Help translating record

Posted: 1358736088000
Classification: Query

Since I do this professionally on the side, I will gladly do this next bit gratis but will need to limit it to that lest my paying clients get too upset with me. ;o)

1. Susanna is the daughter of Georg Heinrich Kern, a citizen of N. L. By the way, you may wish to double check the record; however, it looks to me as if they were married 1 May 1758. In fact, it is always best to double check each of the entries below against the original baptismal, marriage and burial books to ensure dates are correct and other additional info was not excluded in the summary.

2. notes about Christian's children:
#1 Johannes * 17 Jun 1733, married
#2 Joh Peter * 8 Feb (year not listed), married
#3 should read Maria Eva Elisabeth who was married to Peter Stief in '72
#4 Joh. Veltin *11 Jan 1743
#5 Christiana * 2 Sep 1745, married to Georg Lucas Beister in 1772 they had illegitimately Phil Jakob * 14 Oct 1768 and died the 26th of the same month.
#6 Joh. Heinrich * 14 Mar 1748, and died the 21st.
#7 Joh. Heinrich * 16 Sep 1749 and died 14 Mar 1752
#8 Katharina Christina * 13 Oct 1752; she had illegitimately Juliana * 22 Sep '78; who died 1 Oct '78,
married to Joh. Jak. Baumeister
#9 Joh Tobias * 8 Sep 1755 and (died ?) 4 Mar 1757

Hope this helps,


Re: Help translating record

Posted: 1358741020000
Classification: Query
Thanks so much Bob! I will gladly pay for future translations - please message me to let me know how to become a client.

Unfortunately the two films I ordered contained the family registers but not the original baptismal/marriage/burial entries for the timeframe I need. But now that I've been able to confirm this is my family and the correct village, I'm going to order the third film to check the family register information against original baptismal, marriage and burial books.

Thanks again!
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