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Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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Surnames: Swope / Bayard
I live in the state of Oregon and unable to do this search myself and would greatly appreciate assistance in obtaining the obituary for my great grandfather's sister Mary Alice (Bayard) Swope.

She was born: Jan. 18, 1859 in Travis County, Texas to Harriet I. Thorp and passed away Nov. 13, 1941 in Killeen, Bell County, Texas.

She was the wife of Abraham Lee Swope. They are both buried in the Killeen Cemetery.

Thanking you kindly in advance,
Lisa Rowlee-Smith

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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I do not live in Bell Co, hope someone comes through with an obit. However this family is found in public family trees.

Here is a start to get your files updated. She outlived two of her 10 children who were sons and they appear not to have had any children, Jackson Judson Swope and Ira Abraham Swope who were the last two children.

Texas death certificates 1890 - 1976; transcriptions of Texas marriages 1837 - 1973, Texas Death Index, 1964 - 1998

Harriet T Thorp married Julius Jackson Bayard 12 Jan 1858 Travis County. He is listed in the 1860 Travis Co census born France 1815 wife and dtr not with him. He was a physician.

Harriet Bayard, age 17 born TX, is listed with her parents W. P. age 60 born PA and Elizabeth Thorp age 35 born KY in Travis County. It appears that Mary Alice is listed as Alice Thorp age one along with Joseph Thorp age one and Elizabeth Thorp age one in the Thorp household.

Harriet Thorp then married Reuben Wingrove 06 Feb 1864 in Travis County. Dr. Julius Bayard, age 62, born France is then found in Comal Co in 1870. Dr. Julius J Bayard, age 76, born in France, then listed in Boerne, in Kendall Co, widowed; father was born in Canada and mother in Corsica.

Franklin Rubin Wingrove, Veterinarian, was born 19 Nov 1864 in Travis County and died 08 Feb 1946 McGregor, McLennan Co.

13 Aug 1870, Austin, Travis Co
Reuben Wingrove 52 born England
Harriet Wingrove 27 born Texas
Alice listed as Wingrove 11 TX
Franklin Wingrove 06 TX
. . .one family between the Wingrove's and widow Elizabeth Thorp and 11 children ages 4 - 25 including twins Joseph and Ann age 10. Ann was listed as Elizabeth age 1 in 1860 record. It appears that Elizabeth's father, Charles Walker age 82, born PA was also in the household.

Harriet Isdora Wingrove died 03 June 1929 at the Austin State Hospital in Austin, usual residence was Bell County, according to the Hospital records she was born 29 May 1842 to Joe Thorp and Elizabeth Walker and is buried Oakwood Cemetery. According to the death certificate she spent the last two years of her life at the Hospital.

Mary Alice Swope, white widowed, # 48639; 18 Jan 1859 Travis Co Texas - 13 Nov 1941 Killeen Bell Co resident of city 29 yrs 11 mos 5 days, per Ervin Lee Swope parents Julius Bayard of France and Harriett Thorp of Travis Co, buried Killeen Cemetery.

Abraham L Swope married Mary Alice Bayard 23 Mar 1876 Travis County; 10 children all living as of June 1900 census had moved from Williamson Co in 1880 to Bell Co.

I did not find Abraham and Mary in 1910 census to determine how many children were still living; Mary reappears in 1920 record widowed with sons James and Ira both single.

Abe Lee Swope Sr died Bell Co 19 Nov 1980 presume son of Jasper Henry Swope
Abe Lee Swope Jr died Bell Co 02 Aug 1997

Abraham Lee Swope born MO abt 1851


1. Jasper Henry Swope 07 Jan 1877 - 22 Jul 1967 Killeen; married 30 Oct 1898 Bell Co lived next to parents in 1900 farming
wife Mary Jane BRUCE Apr 1877 TX
Hardy W Swope Aug 1899 died bfr 1910 census
Ray Swope 1901 - Wilma Gentry; Billie Ray 17 May 30,
Inez Swope 1903
Ila B Swope 1905 - Tom Ray; Wilma Joyce Ray 13 Oct 28, Gordon Gayle Ray 24 Nov 30, Shirley Nan Ray 1 Mar 35, Rebecca Jane Ray 5 Nov 45 Bell
Abraham "Abe" L Swope 1907 at age 20 married Vera Gentry b. 1907; Abe L Jr 1928, Henry Neal 18 Mar 34,
Henry Bruce Swope 1909 aka Jack - Mary Pauline Cowan; Larry Don 12 Feb 36, Jane Bruce 27 Jan 44
Dillard A Swope 1911
Boyce Frank Swope 1914 - Argolda Margaret Krause; Donald Ross 15 Jul 40, Gordon Lee 22 Oct 42, John Kenneth 2 Dec 46 all Kendall Co
Verba Swope 1916 dtr - John C Gautier; Michael Lee Gautier 5 Dec 43 Bell
"Baby Sis" Swope 1918 as listed 1920 census her name was Dorothy Jane - George Crenshaw Reding Jr; James Randall Reding 18 Jun 36, Jack Kenneth Reding 20 Jan 38, Carrole Ann Reding 25 Jan 42

Jasper was on his WW I draft registration card and full birthdate.

2. Ervin Lee Swope Sept 1878 married 1899 lived JP 7 Bell Co 1900 farming marriage record not found;
moved to Haskell Co by 1910 then to Eastland Co by 1918 where he registered WW I draft in Sept 1918 then to Lynn Co by 1930 and had remarried.
wife 1. Ella Creola HAMRICK 1881/1882 Bell Co TX died Rising Star Eastland Co 24 Jan 1919 dtr of D R Hamrick of SC and Mary B Dennis of TX, J D Hamrick of Moran informant, buried Rising Star Cemetery, influenza.
E. L. Swope born 12 Sept 1878 Killeen died Austin State Hosp 24 June 1958 lived in Killeen and is buried with wife Ella Creola in Rising Star Cemetery, medical records informant listing father as Abe Swope and mother as Nannie Ayers who was his 2nd wife still married to her at time of death.
wife 2. "Nannie" born Texas age 51 in 1930 census son named Truit B "Ayer" age 19
David Lee Swope 20 May 1900 - 23 Oct 1965 Tyler Smith Co wife named Flora buried Smith Co
Hardie/Hardy L Swope 1902
Freddie E Swope aka Jack Fred 03 June 1903 - 27 June 1971 Talco, Titus Co resident 35 yrs, son Donald Swope informant buried Talco City Cemetery; removed to Brown Co by 1930 when he was 20 married Nora Lee Pollock 27 Mar 1905 - Mar 1987 Talco; Billie J Swope son 1925, Donald Swope 1927, Hardy Douglas Swope 20 Jun 1929 Eastland Co died Los Angeles Co CA 23 Feb 1972, Patsy Caressa Swope 8 Oct 34 Rusk Co, Gail Juanette Swope 21 Jun 41 Franklin Co, Judith Eileen Swope 7 Sep 45 Lamar Co
Clarence D Swope 1905 & Zora May Pollock 27 Mar 1905 - Mar 1986 Fort Worth, Tarrant; Clarence D Jr 15 Mar 32 Gregg, Catile Blanche 11 Jul 37 Gregg Co
Chester Cecil/Cecil Chester Swope 1907 - Thelma Lawanda Coleman; Marcia Dean 8 Mar 33 Lynn
Violet May or Mary Swope 1909 - W Poe Watson; son Arthur Watson Eastland Co 07 May 1929, Chester B Watson 25 Nov 33 Crosby Co, Jack Poe Watson 29 Mr 36 Crosby. W. Poe Watson listed as Roy O Watson in 1930 Eastland Co census. Violet Swope was 15 when she married.
. . .all of the children gone by 1930.

D L Swope - Flora Lee Hosea 29 Jan 1898 - Mar 1975 Tyler Smith Co; Lee Washington 2 Jul 29 known to live in Simms TX, Bonnie Louise 16 Jan 33 both born Freestone Co

3. John Hardy Swope 27 Jan 1880 - 27 Feb 1960 Belton, Bell Co; living w/parents 1900 married 23 Apr 1903 Bell Co; went by Hardy at times, son Charles H Swope informant said his mother was "Allie" Beard, buried Bell Wood Memorial Cemetery 5 miles west of Temple
"Luveney/Luvenia" SPROTT Swope 15 Oc 1882 - 1885 TX died May 1978 in Temple
Eva Lee Swope 1904
Mittie Swope 1906
Eunice Swope 1909 - Leslie Huff; Norma Gene Huff 7 Dec 31, Richard Lynn Huff 16 Oct 35, David Allen Huff 24 Nov 38, Leslie George Huff Jr 14 Jan 45 Bell Co.
Charles H Swope 30 Oct 1911 known to live in Temple in 1992

4. Charles/Charlie Walker Swope 23 Apr 1882 - 12 Dec 1962 Austin State Hospital, lived 1009 Searcy Dr in Killeen, retired merchant, was married and hospital records informant, buried Killeen Cemetery; married 31 Jul 1904 Bell Co
(Mary) Eva Rodgers Swope 24 Jul 1887 Talapoosa Co AL - 02 June 1969 Harlingen, Cameron Co resident 2 1/12 yrs buried city cemetery Killeen, son John E Swope informant parents unknown
Mildred Swope 1905
Mabel Swope 1907 - Dennis Elmore; Charles Dennis Elmore 22 Dec 33 Bell Co
Melva or Melba Swope 1909
"Allie" Swope 1911
Gladys Swope 1913
C W Swope Jr 07 Apr 1916 known to live in Austin in 1996 - Norma Jewel Ray; Sharon Ray Swope 14 Jul 38, David Harold 25 Sep 39
Allen Swope 22 Mar 1918 Bell Co
. . .unable to find C W Swope family 1930

5. Minnie Ellen Swope BOWEN 31 July 1884 Kempner TX - 02 Nov 1960 Coryell Mem Hosp in Gatesville lived near Purmela in Coryell Co, married, O. H. Bowen informant, buried Smith Cemetery in Purmela.
Minnie and Oran H Bowen married 27 Mar 1904 Bell Co removed to Haskell Co by 1910 and back to Bell Co by 1920
Oran Harrison Bowen 13 Mar 1883 TX
Oneta Minnie Bowen DEORSAM 24 Jan 1905 Bell Co - 07 Mar 1958 Austin age 18 married Otto Adam Deorsam born TX 1904; Doris Deorsam 1925, Mary Lynn Deorsam 1928, Bobbie Joyce Deorsam 18 Nov 1929 Bell
Carlos Coleman Bowen 13 Jul 1906 - 29 Sept 1944 St Joseph Hosp in Ft Worth lived in Weinert, Haskell Co, wife Mrs. Carlos (Nannie Erdice Carroll) Bowen informant removed to Haskell for burial, suffered w/brain tumor for 8 years.; Vernon Mac/Mack Bowen 1928, dtr Billie Jean 4 Jul 33 Bell, Jackie Wayne 22 Jun 38 Haskell Co
Oran L Bowen 1909 not in 1920 household
Norris Bowen 1913
Charles Swope Bowen 1915 - Kittie Norine Disereno; Howard Ervin Bowen 22 Sep 36, Larry Wade Bowen 11 Apr 41 Bell Co
John D Bowen 1917 - F A Barrington; Barry Dale Bowen 4 Jun 53 Bell
Arlys Bowen 1919 dtr
Laverne Bowen 1920
Billy/Bill Oran Bowen 02 Dec 1922 Killeen - 19 Dec 1971 Houston, married, co-owner of radio tower co, WW II Vet, Max Bowen informant; died from gunshot wound of chest and back at the Legion Hall in South Houston at 12:10 a.m.; buried Smith Cemetery in Purmela.
O H Bowen Jr 1924
Max Bowen 1928 - Winnie Faye Bledsoe; Vicki Bowen 6 Jan 52 Haskell, Jeff Alan Bowen 13 Jan 62 Harris

Doris Deorsam - Wesley M Atchison Jr; Donna Rae Atchison 6 Oct 43, Wesley Wayne Atchison 15 Nov 46 Bell

Mary Lynn Deorsam - Randal Johnston; Randy Lynn Johnston 1 Feb 49, Ricky Lee Johnston 29 Jul 53, Shannon Marie Johnston 26 May 70 Travis Co

Bobbie Joyce Deorsam - David Commiedor Nicholson; Rex David Nicholson 15 Jun 51, Bobby Scott Nicholson 13 Jul 65 Travis Co

6. James Leon Swope 01 Dec 1885 or 1886 Kempner TX per WW I draft registration unable to find in 1910 census - ? listed in Bell Co 1930 as T L Swope with wife Virgie and three children Estelle 1915; son N D 1919 dtr Narssia 1922. James L Swope died 15 June 1977 Killeen, Bell Co Texas death index 1964 - 1998. Virginia Jane Swope 20 Oct 1894 - 14 Mar 1983 Bell Co. One of the trees says James Leon married Pearl Janice Stewart 29 May 1922.

Newton Swope 22 Dec 1918 - Nov 1984 Belton appears to be N D Swope.

"Lonnielee" Estelle Swope - Andy K Wells; Kenneth K Wells 7 Jul 3 Bell, Jack Arllen Wells 22 Dec 35 Nueces, Ronal Warren Wells 17 Oct 39 Coryell

Narissie Margarite Swope - L B Everett; L B Jr 21 May 39 Bell Co

Narssie Margertie Swope - Woodrow Wilson Farris; Joe Ramone Farris 10 Sept 42, Tommy John Farris 20 Jun 48 Bell Co

Newton Dee Swope - Faye Hardeman; Newton Lee 5 Nov 38, William Larry 25 Jul 40, Garlan Ray 17 Jul 42, Valera Faye 19 May 45 Bell

7. Bertha Mae/May Swope MINOR May 1888 /death certificate has birth date 29 Jan 1889 Lampasas Co - 06 Nov 1961, widowed, West Plains Hosp in Muleshoe, Bailey Co resided in Tahoka, Lynn Co; John William Minor informant said mother was Alice Thorpe father A L Swope; abt 1906 married John W Minor; lived in Haskell Co 1910 & 1920 removed to Tahoka by 1928 where Bertha was head of household and
listed as being married without occupation.
John William Minor 14 Feb 1881 AL registered WW I draft Haskell Co 1918 preceded Bertha and/or left family before 1930, can't find death record.
Abraham John Minor 1907 at age 19 married Clara Ethel Vance b. 1901 dtr of Fanny; son A. Johnny Minor 21 Aug 1928 Lynn Co
Jewell/Jewel Marie Minor 1909 - Cleave Barrington b.1907 ; Billy Jack Barrington 31 Jan 29, James C Barrington, Benjamin Philip Barrington 14 May 31, Fern Ellen Barrington 25 May 36, Leo Franklin Barrington 11 Sept 38, Ronnie Gene Barrington 09 Nov 44 all Lynn Co
John William "Jack" Minor 1913
James Leroy Minor 28 Oct 1918 Haskell Co - 04 Aug 1976 VA Hosp Howard Co lived in Post, Garza Co, married, VA records informant, Vet WWII, funeral home director, buried Terrace Cemetery in Post - Marian Lee Mason; James Marshall Minor 29 Sep 42 Lubbock, Marilyn Mason Minor 3 Aug 46 Lubbock, Joan Marian Minor 20 Nov 53 Garza, John Stanley Minor 13 Jan 55 Garza.
Don Max Minor 1923
Bobbie Jean Minor 23 Feb 1928 Lynn Co - Alex Albin Ratliff; Gary Don Ratliff 26 May 47, Larry Gene Ratliff 25 June 51 Lynn Co
Joe Don Minor 29 Dec 1930 Lynn Co born aft 1930 census

8. Julius Bayard Swope, married, 13 Apr 1891 TX - 03 Feb 1970 Houston Harris resident 41 yrs, Billie Sue Hudson informant who did not know his father's name, buried Killeen Cemetery. WW I Draft card says born Kempner TX
wife Eva b. TX 1900 - reported to be Eva Belle Sadler
Billie Sue Swope Hudson 1920 first married Charles Herbert Alex Stone; Charles Herbert Alex Jr 7 Nov 40 Harris, Donna Sue Stone 13 Oct 45 Harris Co
Marjorie Swope 1922
Mary Ann Swope 1924 - Raymond George Ritmiller; Patricia Ann Ritmiller 1 Dec 44, Robert Bayard Ritmiller 3 Dec 48 Harris Co

9. Jackson J Swope May 1893 - no other record found by me. Reported to be Jackson Judson Swope born 07 May 1893 in Kempner died 20 Jul 1920 in Killeen married 05 Oct 1915 Lalla Beeman Rancier

10. Ira Abraham Swope, married, 16 May 1895 Kempner TX - 17 Feb 1937 San Angelo, Tom Green Co, banker, Mrs. Ira A Swope informant, buried Killeen TX. Ira listed as Ina Swope in San Angelo in 1930 wife Winnie b. Tx abt 1895 they were 24 when they married. She is reported to be Winnie Elizabeth Polk. Winnie Swope 29 Jul 1894 - Mar 1982 Fort Worth

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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Surnames: Swope / Bayard
Thank you so much for all of this information.. I had some of it, but not everything.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond with so many details, I greatly appreciate it.


Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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I was reading the Bertha May Swope section and found an error. It reads she had a son w/ John W Minor, who was AJ Minor(1907)and he married Clara Ethel Vance who was born 1901. Clara Ethel Vance was born in September 17, 1910(w/o doubt). It says Clara's Mother was Fanny. I (believe) her Mothers name was Mary Francis Vance.
Thanks, Michael Douglas Minor(son of AJ Minor Jr.)

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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I don't have copy of obituary but I have pictures of Abraham lee Swope and Mary Alice Bayard Swope and Harriet Isdora Thorp Bayard Winggrove.

I also have a picture of Abraham and Mary Alice with all their children.
Charles Walker is my grandfather.

I have Mary Alice 's date of death as November 3. Thanks for correcting me.
Sue Boone Newcastle, Ok

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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Correct information on Charles/Charlie walker Swope family.
He and Eva Rodgers Swope had eleven children:
Mildred 1905-1978
Mable 1906 -?
Melba Jo 1909-?
Mary Alice - 1910 -?
Gladys Eva 1912 - 2009
Charles Walker "Dub", Jr. 1916-?
Ira Allen 1918- ?
James Sidney 1922-? Look him up under WW II ace pilots
Nina Jean 1924-present. Last surviving. Sheiks my mother.
Howard Barton "Buster".1927- ? (I heard rumblings that he may have
changed his birth certificate so he could join the military, but Mother says
1927 is correct)
John Edward 1930-2011

Sue Boone

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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Not related but curious! Are you missing the death dates on some of your aunts/uncles?

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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Surnames: Swope, Thorp, Bayard, Wingrove
Hi Sue,

I sent you a private message via Ancestry. I would like to make contact with you in regards to Abraham Lee Swope & Mary Alice Bayard Swope and Harriet Isdora Thorp Bayard Wingrove.

Harriet Isdora Thorp Bayard Wingrove is my great great grandmother.

Please contact me.

Thank you,

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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On vacation. Will get back with you.
Sue Boone

Re: Obituary Lookup for Mary Alice Swope - Passed away - Nov. 13, 1941

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Regarding Item 6:

Lonnielee Estelle Swope was my grandmother. Jack Arllen Wells was my father. Estelle passed away last April at 97 years old still living. Jack passed away this past January. Both had still lived in Killeen, TX.

Phyllis Wells Anderson
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