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Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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Surnames: Tierney, McDonald, Gleason, O'Malley, Gilroy, Egan

I have been working on my Tierney genealogy and thought it might be a good idea to post a message here for posterity.

While a family story hints that our Tierneys originated somewhere in Roscommon I have not found any source evidence as of yet.

My paper-based genealogy currently reaches back on the paternal side to my great-grandfather Michael Tierney, born about 1859 in Ireland. He emigrated to NY about 1880 and married Anna McDonald* about 1888. They lived on E 35th Street from about 1890 to some time after 1910.

*Anna/Annie McDonald's surname needs source verification.

Michael was a NY City Policeman and we believe died about 1913. We think Anna died about 1936, possibly in Queens NY since some of her children were living there.

(I am ordering LDS films to try and track the family's births and deaths now.)

Michael & Anna's children were: Margaret, Annie, John, "Michael Edward" (or vice versa) and Thomas.

- Margaret married John Gleason and had children: Marie, John, Edmund, Thomas, Margaret, Anna, Virginia.
- Annie married William O'Malley and had children William and Ethel.

- John (my grandfather) married Sabina Gilroy and had Anna, Winifred (died abt 3 years old), John & Sabina. His wife Sabina and child Winifred died in the Spanish Influenza Epidemic in 1918.

John then married Mary Egan (my grandmother) and had Michael Tierney (my father).

- Michael Edward may have died in 1936

- Thomas did not marry and died in Queens, NY in 1975. He worked for Railway Express Co.

The 1900 census shows Michael's mother Margaret (b 1845) living with them in NYC, but that is the only record I have of her so far. We are not sure if her husband died in Ireland and then she emigrated or if they were both here before then.

My immediate goals are to see if my great-grandparents Michael & Anna Tierney both had other family in New York City (or the US) and to determine their Townlands in Ireland. Also, I'd like to find any of the Gleason family.

Of course, any other information is welcome. ;)

You can find my tree on here:

Or on Rootsweb here:

Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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At the risk of talking to myself here, I thought I would update my message with some new findings for my great-grandparents Michael Tierney and Annie McDonald.

In order to at least find a secondary source for Anne's maiden name I ordered her son Thomas' social security SS-5 which did have her listed as "Anne McDonald." You can see an image of the form here:

I also found her death certificate which confirms McDonald as her maiden name and has her parents as Michael McDonald and Anna Dougherty.

I also was able to acquire Michael's NYC police transfer and assignment card and have confirmed his death date plus found several others.
Born: 8/3/1858
Naturalized: 2/5/1885
On the police force: 8/4/1886 - 3/10/1913
Died: 12/5/1913
(Death date is on a different card from the NYPD than the one linked below.)

You can view the card here:

Based on the naturalization date of the NYC Police card I was able to order his naturalization record, but alas, in 1885 they did not take down more than basic information and so still have no detail on where he emigrated from in Ireland.

I know nothing about other possible family in NY or elsewhere, so I'd be very glad to hear if anyone thinks they might have family related to Michael Tierney and/or Anne McDonald.

Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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Have you tried obtaining their death certificates?

Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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Surnames: Tierney McDonald
Thanks for your message -

I used the indexes to find likely matches for Michael, Anna and their kids, then ordered a film for Michael a few months ago - and found I had made a mistake and ordered the wrong film number. (Argh.)

I've been trying to make the time to get my notes in order so I could order a group of films at once, but suppose I should just focus on the two of them for now.

Just throwing my messages on the forum so the info is out there just in case others in the tree are researching or show up later.


Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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NYC may still provide the copies of the death certificates whereas the LDS may not have copied or cataloged them yet.

I often find that I know the date and where people have died and I can't get copies of records on line.


Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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Surnames: Tierney McDonald
Very true - So far it looks like the records I am looking for are on LDS films, though.

I'm going the LDS route first to minimize costs ($6 per film vs $15 per copy from NYC).

Thanks for your help!


Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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I am currently doing some geneology research and stumbled upon your message due to the police connection. Can you tell me where you got the police transfer card from? I am looking for info on my great great grandfather who was listed as a policeman on the 1900 census. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Anton.

Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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Sure thing!

I sent a request into the following address:
New York City Police Department
Personnel Resource Unit
1 Police Plaza Room 1014A
New York, NY 10018

I suggest you include as much information as you can - all I had at the time was his name, a possible death year and his addresses from the 1900 and 1910 censuses.

I also sent in a self-addressed, stamped envelope - not sure if they prefer it or not. They did not use mine and sent the info back in a large envelope.

I'm very happy with just the cards I got back as it tied a few things together for me. But, one of my cousins received a package back from the NYPD with his great-grandfather's records and they were a few inches thick and had a photo - so you never know what you'll get!

By the way - don't forget to search for your GGF in the NY Times historical papers as well as try looking him up in Google Books.

The municipal services published roster and assignment changes in the Times, so you may get some extra hints at his precincts or time taken off in those.

On Google Books I found some old almanac listings with my GGF's name as the secretary of the Traffic Police Benevolent Association. It turned out they still exist and a current board member was actually able to send me a photo of their first muster. Neat stuff.

Best of luck!

Re: Michael & Anna Tierney - NYC Policeman

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Thank you very much. I did find him in Google Books under a publication called The City Record. Assuming it's the right person, he was hired in 1881 in the tenth precinct. Thanks for your help, Anton.
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