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Surnames: Hogans
What do you currently know about the HOGANS, do you have any family charts on HOGANS?


rose prendiville (View posts)
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Surnames: prendiville, hogan

Hello i would like to know more about the prendiville's in kerry.
i would also like to know about the hogan's
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Surnames: Prendiville, Ashe
Please supply details on your Prendivilles. I have a Catherine Prendivlle of East Minard, Dingle Parish, who married John Ashe about 1857. They had 12 children. Catherine lived 1844-1916--she died in Buffalo, NY. My information comes from her grandson, Frank Ashe.

Re: Prendiville

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Catherine Prendiville of East Minard who died in Buffalo, NY, was my great-grandaunt and also a great-grandmother of Gregory Peck. She married John Ashe in Ireland and emigrated with all her family, except one daughter, when her husband died. Her daughter Catherine married Sam Peck, Gregory's grandfather.
Are we cousins?
James P.

Ashe-Prenderville family

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It is my understanding that Catherine's husband John is buried in Buffalo, can you confirm that this information is incorrect? A request for details on his death revealed that there is no record there of his death.

The 1900 Census for Buffalo, N.Y. lists Catherine Ashe b. 1842 as head of the household.
Daughter Lizzie b. 1878 (Canada)
Son John b. 1888 NY and
Gregory Peck, Grandson, b. 1887 (Illinois)

Can you add any information to the above. I have Elizabeth born in 1868 in Minard, but this is not my own data, and apart from the census data, I was under the assumption that John was also born in Minard. It might help if I knew the time and location of Elizabeth's marriage to Francis Evans plus his birth place which might clarify her age. In relation to John a date of birth would also help.

The Family Tree was researched by Frank Ashe but he also said that there were doubts as to the birth place of Gregory, John's father. Would you know if this has been further researched?

It is generally accepted that a Gregory Ashe was Catherine's grandfather and according to Frank, there was a Gregory Ashe from Murrioch who fitted this profile. With regard to the child born to Gregory Ashe, from Minard? or Murrioch? and Bridget Kennedy on 23 September 1826 it is only assumed that it is John. There was no name given to that child in the Catholic Records in Dingle. Would you have any information as to the basis for these assumptions?
No other children were noted for Gregory and Bridget and no one seems to know much about them.

As an addendum to the above, there seems to be a lot of "unclaimed Ashe data" and until it is all claimed by one family or another it will leave a lot of unanswered questions.

I hope that my queries will help to address this.



p.s. I am also wondering if anyone has attempted to research the family's route to Buffalo and why they choose to settle in Buffalo?

Re: Prendiville

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Yes James, we certainly are some degree of cousin. John Gregory Ashe (wife C. Prendiville) was 1st cousin to my gr-gr grandfather, Matt Ashe of Kinard East (wife Mary Doyle). Matt & Mary had Matt, my gr-grndfather (wife Bridget Doyle). Those two were the immigrants. My grandfather James Ashe was born & raised in Holyoke, MA, as was my mother Jean Ashe.
For a few years I was in contact w/Frank Ashe of Lancaster, CA who supplied me w/much of the information he had uncovered in his research. I don't know if he is still living; his father was James P. Ashe, son of John Ashe/C. Prendiville. I've also been in contact w/Robyn Coghlan of Australia who is descended from one of the 2 daughters of John Ashe/C. Prendiville who migrated to Australia circa 1885. I can supply you w/more information if you desire.

Your cousin,

Re: Ashe-Prenderville family

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Eibhlin, there is some confusion on this family. Much of my data comes from Frank Ashe, son of James P. The marriage date of 27 Jan 1857 for J.A./C.P. I found myself in the Dingle books back in 1976. Robyn Coghlan of Australia also has provided me w/information--her husband is descended from Brigid Ashe, daughter of J.A./C.P.; Brigid & Nora were sent ahead to Australia w/the rest of the family planning to follow. Economics of the time changed then, making it more practical for the rest of the family to go to the US, but why Buffalo, am not sure. Anyway, here's the dates I have given me by Frank or Robyn:

John Gregory Ashe 23 Sep 1826 Minard-d. 9 Aug 1892 Buffalo
Catherine Prendiville 20 Feb 1844-17 Dec 1916 Buffalo

Mary Ashe 4 Apr 1858, did not migrate; m. Patrick Curran

Brigid Ashe 14 Nov 1859-1913 Adelaide, South Australia, m. John Sweeney 20 Dec 1883

Nora Ashe 9 Apr 1861-27 Apr 1945 Australia, m. 10 Feb 1880 Thomas Riley

Johanna Ashe 5 Mar 1863

Catherine Ashe 10 Feb 1865-1928; m. Samuel PEck 1884

Margaret 6 Jan 1867, m. Cavanaugh

Elizabeth 15 Apr 1868, m. Evans

Gregory 2 Nov 1870

Ellen or Helen, 17 Dec 1872, m. Harrington

Anna Ashe 11 Apr 1874-Jan 1969, m. Charles Henry Smith 17 May 1902 Greenfield, MA

John Michael Ashe 29 Sep 1876, m. Anna Hand 20 Sep 1911 Buffalo

James P. Ashe 11 Feb 1879-1960, m. Catherine Sheridan

Thomas Ashe (now deceased, formerly of Dublin & Kinard East) --you've probably seen his Ashe family chart--said that Gregory came to Minard, married Bridie Kennedy of Coole, Anascaul.

The Ashes are a tough family to research as they were so prolific, and I personally think they were more than one family. There's simply too many around to have been one family. It's a mistake to jump to conclusions and say that this particular Gregory (or Matt or John, etc.) is the same as another, when there are not enough records to substantiate the data previous to the 1820's when the Dingle books were started.

Let me know what you think of all this--am particularly puzzled by the dates for Catherine's children given in the 1900 census you cited--it appears to be the right family because of the grandson mentioned.

Re: Ashe family

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The Ashe name is not a common one and should be relatively easy to research. But much of the research on the Ashe family tree took place prior to the computer age and with much difficulty to the researchers who would not have had access to the overwhelming amount of data that is now available. So before one picks holes in what has been done, one must first thank those who have researched the family tree and thus given those of us who are currently researching the name, a very valuable starting point.

Jeremiah King in his book County Kerry: Past and Present (Mercier Press, Cork - 1931) tells us that there were 49 Ashe families in Kerry in 1901 (Census data of 1901)

The Census of Ferriter - January 1835 tells us that there were 9 Ashe families between the Parishes of Dunurlin, Maurhin, Kilmilkedar and Kilquane - All these parishes are west of Dingle.
I have not finished looking through the land records (Griffiths Valuation) to put a number on the Ashe families in the other parishes of Corkaguinny, but this is necessary if one wishes to do comprehensive research on any of the Ashe families.

I have seen the Thomas Ashe Family Tree and the Revised Thomas Ashe Family Tree and The Ashe Family Tree that has been posted on the Internet and these have been compiled on the basis of certain assumptions - but Frank Ashe who assembled the data also queried those assumptions and did not state them as verified beyond all doubt.
In my view it is time to air these assumptions so that researchers can take a new look at the facts, ask more questions and see how much, if any, of the "unclaimed Ashe data" can be assimulated into one or other of the various Ashe families.

But to return to John and Catherine's family. I note that you say that John died in Buffalo. He died in 1892. Their daughter Catherine returned to Ireland with her son after her husband died - did they return alone, could her parents have returned home with her? Why would she come home if her parents were in Buffalo? Catherine and her son spent a number of years living in Minard - the number of years on record varies, but if Gregory was born in 1887 and his grandfather died in 1892 it must have been less than 5 years.

The land records in Minard show that John Ashe leased a house from Patrick Curran 1888-1890 - is this John and Catherine Ashe and Patrick Curran is their son in law?. Can anyone elaborate on this?

I do not have a year of marriage for Elizabeth and Francis Evans, so I cannot say which date of birth is correct, but it is possible that an Elizabeth was born in Kerry and she died. Another daughter Elizabeth could have been born in Canada but without her date of marriage and/or age when she died, I have no way of knowing.

Re sons John and James Ashe, were they born in the U.S. - did Frank Ashe tell us where they were born?

John Ashe had relatives in Westfield, MA has anyone any information on who they might have been or have I been misled by false information?

Were these Ashe's from Murrioch or were they part of the Ashe Family in Kinard that moved to Minard? I am just opening up the debate.
Frank Ashe who has provided much of the information also raised this point. I have an open mind to both possibilities.


Re: Ashe-Prendiville family

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1. John Ashe did in fact die in Buffalo in 1892. I have found a copy of the death certificate in my 'Gregory Peck' folder which I had not looked through recently. If you would like some more detail from it please Email me ( Also I would be interested to know if you are related to the Ashe or Prendiville families.
2. I cannot understand the 1900 Census data. Elizabeth was born in E. Minard on 15 April 1868. I have seen this personally in the Dingle parochial records. John Michael was born on 29 Sept. 1888 - again the same source. The fact that Gregory Peck (the film star's father) appears in the household does seem to indicate that it is the correct household, yet other things are wrong. Who checked the Census data? Should it be re-checked? Might there be another Ashe family?
3. I doubt that Catherine Prendiville's year of birth could be 1842 - this would mean that she was only 15 when she married in 1857 - that date is correct - again I have seen it in the Dingle records. I notice that Suzanne Walker mentions her year of birth to be 1844 which would have meant she was only 13 when married and that is not credible.
4. The copy of the death certificate is a poor photocopy, possibly a copy of a copy of a copy.. The age of John Ashe at death in 1892 seems to be 61, not 65 or 66. That would make his year of birth to be 1831 not 1826.
I would like Suzanne Walker to see this note and perhaps the three of us can discuss the questions further.

Re: Prendiville

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Thanks for your response and please see my note dated 2 October 2001 to Eibhlin Counihan under Ashe-Prendiville.
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