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Serena Thomason - letter written in 1906 when she was 77yrs. old

Serena Thomason - letter written in 1906 when she was 77yrs. old

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Surnames: Thomason, Duncan, Wilson, Youngblood
I have a letter written in 1906 when she was 77yrs. old
talking about the Thomasons John Thomason of living in the Old Cherokee Nation, Stating that Hanna Thomason's maiden name was Duncan(Indian) She married James A. Thomason son of John Thomasonthis go's on to tell of his grandfather Robert Wilson and Margret Youngblood.

Serena Thomason - widow of James Abercrombie Thomason

Carol Jacobson (View posts)
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Surnames: Glaze, Thomason, Abercrombie, Duncan
Joan, Serena (Glaze) Thomason, widow of James Abercrombie Thomason, gave this deposition when she was quite old, and it contains a few discrepancies. A great-nephew, Zimri Thomason, was trying to share in the Indian land reparations and needed to prove Indian descent.

A copy of a family Bible record clearly named Hannah as an Abercrombie. Actually, two of Hannah Abercrombie's sisters married Duncans.

A 450+ page research notebook is available for John Thomason b. 1776 and his descendants. E-mail me for more info.

How do you descend from John?

Carol Jacobson

Re: Serena Thomason - Jennie (Jane) M. Thomason, Zemeriah and Mary (Polly) Thomason

Joan Boster-Meredith (View posts)
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Surnames: Thomason, Potts, Boggs, Abercrombie, Montgromery, Crittenden
My Grandmother is Jennie(Jane) M. Thomason, her parent's are Zemeriah Wesley Thomason & Mary (Polly) Ann Potts,
My GGGGrandparent's are Zemeriah Thomason and Elizabeth Boggs, My GGGGGrandparents are
John Thomason and Hannah Abercrombie Then on to the Montgromery and Crittenden's

Re: Serena Thomason - widow of James Abercrombie Thomason

Debi Hogue (View posts)
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Surnames: Abercrombie, Thomason
Carol I would love to purchase this book. I am a descendant
of Hannah Abercrombie and John P. Thomason. I am just now starting my research on this branch of my family tree, so anything would be of help. Thanks in advance. Debi


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Surnames: Thomason, Perry, Washington, Land, Birmingham, Phillips
Carole, I descend from Cooper Thomason who came to Va prior to Amer Rev from Scotland. According to family legend he and 9 sons fought on side of Colonies. One of the 9 sons was John Vincent Thomason who married Martha Washington Perry. they had 7 children one of whom was James Albert who married Augusta Ann Land in Troup County Ga. in 1846. They had 9 children one of whom was my Grandfather John Robert Thomason born in 1880. John married first Catherine Birmingham and after her death he married my Grandmother Nancy Jane Phillips and they had 2 children one of whom was my mother who is now 88. I have much more info on this family but would be interested if this notebook is about my ancestors and if so where can I get a copy? Thanks.


Carol Jacobson (View posts)
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Surnames: Thomason
Sorry, but your "family legend" is in error regarding John Vincent Thomason's parent. James Albert Thomason (1849-1897) wasn't married until about 1873. He was a son of John Vincent Thomason (1825-1897), who was a son of William (1797-1873), who was a son of John Conner (1776-1862), who was a son of Rev War soldier William Thomason (1748-1844). This William didn't marry until about 1774.

"Cooper" was a shot in the dark by an inexperienced researcher about 25-30 years ago.

The John Thomason b. 1776 notebook is about another line. I'm planning to compile one for your line, but not until next year.


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Surnames: Thomason
Thank you so much for your timely reply. My info on my Thomasons list came from a paper written and given to me approximately 1960 by my Great Aunt. She had someone do research for her on ancestors she could not recall hearing about. I am very new to this geneology stuff. Just got my first pc two months ago and am having a great time but very tiring as all our ancestors seemed to never stay in one place very long which makes it hard. You are a Geneology Angel. Thanks and Happy Holidays. Marian (nee PAYNE originally Troup Cty Ga).


Carol J. Morrow (View posts)
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Surnames: Thomason
My name is Carol J. Thomason-Morrow and I am the daughter of John Roy Thomason who was the son of John Robert Thomason.

I am interested in your information regarding the THOMASON line of John Robert Thomason 1880-1927, James Albert Thomason, 1849-1897, John Vincent Thomason, 1825-1897, William Thomason 1797-1873, John Conner Thomason, 1776-1862, William Thomason, 1748-1844 mar in 1774.

Until now I have only known about John Vincent Thomason and had heard there was a Cooper Thomason. I am doing my families genealogy and making a book. I also am seeking to become a DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution) and am seeking hard evidence of the blood line. Can you tell me how you have found the births and deaths of the above and if you have any names of their wives.

I am in touch with gypsygirldido who is my cousin. Thank you very much for any knowledge you may be able to provide.


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Hi Carol:

the message about the Thomason line was me (gypsy Girl aka Marian) your first cousin. Some of the info I had from Aunmt Ora some from census online and the two Wms. and John Conner to replace Cooper who was in error unless that was possibly his middle name was from Carol Jacobson from the query board (Thomason). The wives that i know about are Martha Washington Perry married to John Vincent Butts, Ga. 8/23/1828. Martha was the si9ster of Sarah (Sally) Perry who was the Great Grandmother of George Wallace (former Alabama Governor. James Albert married Augusta Ann Land in Troup County Ga. (LaGrange my hometown) in Sep 1846. And of course you probably know jJohn Robert married 1st Catherine Birmingham and after her death married my Grandmother Nancy Jane Phillips. I have subscribed to a few programs temporarily to help me with my research but have not had the time to do a lot. Will get back to you probably after the holidays . We are going to Ga. in a couple of will be away from my PC. If you have family tree access check out the Fuller line and the Chew lines. If not when I return I will e-mail you a few things. Later. Marian

Re: Serena Thomason - Jennie (Jane) M. Thomason, Zemeriah and Mary (Polly) Thomason

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Surnames: Thomason, Wright, Green
Jennie Thomason was briefly married to my great-grandfather John WRIGHT. Together they had one son, Wesley. Do you know if Jennie's second husband, George GREEN, adopted Wesley? I'm having trouble finding information about Wesley under the surname Wright. Jennie was briefly stepmother to my grandfather Earl Wright. But he was so young at the time, I don't remember his ever talking about Jennie. Does anyone have photos of Jennie or Wesley? Or any of the Wrights? - Carol Wright Krause
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