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origin of Lair name

origin of Lair name

Krystal Lair (View posts)
Posted: 969031013000
I would like to share some info on where the origin of the name Lair came from. I cannot tell where the root of my name came from, because I can only trace it back to 1830. However, if anyone else were interested, there are several guesses you can make.

1. It could have come from Germany and been changed from Lehrer to Lair.
2. It could have come from Scotland, and have been changed from Laird to Lair.
3. It could have come from France, as I have found a couple of Lairs in old census records, that have immigrated from there.

I just thought this might be interesting.
-Krystal Lair

Pronunciation of our branch of LAIRs in IL

Linda R.F. Arnold (View posts)
Posted: 975662492000
We have been able to prove our line of the LAIR Family back to Charles Nancy LAIR who were from PA; went to Macoupin Co., IL via VA, KY and TN.

Our branch pronounces the name Lay-er and in some records has been spelled LAYER, LAYOR as well as LEAR. The spelling being LAIR, at least back to Charles LAIR Sr. b. c1760.

Linda R.F. Arnold


Robbie Hampton (View posts)
Posted: 981248598000
Linda, my grandfather was Thomas Bradford Layer born in Kentucky, born 18??, moved to Texas. I know that there was a disagreement between family members and some of them kept the Lair spelling and some changed it to Lair.

Lair Family Name

Dr. Robert E. Lair, Jr (View posts)
Posted: 982674744000
I can only speak for my branch of the family.
I can trace my family back to Germany.
In German "Lehrer" means teacher.
Mattheus Lehrer (1654-1746)was a schoolmaster
Wurttemberg, Germany. His grandson, Matthias
(1714-1787) came to America in 1738, and his
wife, Catharina, was the first to shorten the
name (in her will).

Lair Family Name

Krystal Lair (View posts)
Posted: 982690717000
As far as I can tell, and I'm not the big geneology person on my side of the family (my grand Uncle Blaine Lair is) but I think this is a completely different group of Lairs. There is a Lair/Lehrer message board, and I have come across that branch quite a bit during research. I've also read the website that one of your family members has set up to describe your family history. It's quite interesting. The farthest we can trace our group is to Francis Marion Lair b. 1833 in. We have no idea where he came to America from, or if our name was ever different, but my uncle (please contact me if you would like to e-mail him and I will give you his e-mail address,) is putting together the different branches of his children(there are about 12) and this message board has been very helpful in locating a few of them. If you have any information on our group of Lairs, please e-mail me and I will put you in touch with my uncle. Also, this group mostly resided in Wayne Co. Kentucky.

Lair Family

Dr. Robert E. Lair, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 982744941000

Lair Family

Roxanne Reynolds-Lair (View posts)
Posted: 984684970000
I am new to this message board and to research on the Lair family. My husband is Charles Robert Lair, son of Charles Otto Lair, son of Jeff Lair. Jeff Lair was Monticello Kentucky. He married Martha Blevins.
We are very interested in the origin of the Lair name.

Francis Marion Lair ancestors

Posted: 988704780000
Edited: 1008870545000
Roxanne, I am writing the Francis Marion Lair history and am trying to open any door of information that might lead me to data linking him to his ancestors. I am interested in any Lair data that you have.
I have considerable names and data in my genealogy program which I would be happy to share with others.
My e-mail address is
I would like to hear from you and examine your data to see if it may have any links to one of the many trees I have.
Blaine M. Lair

New E-Mail:

Posted: 990983324000
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Please note my new e-mail: because will cease to exist July 31, 2001.

Thank you.

Lair's in IL(Macoupin Co)

Rachelle Lair (View posts)
Posted: 992187082000
Linda, my husband's grandfather, Elmer Lair b.1927 was born in southern Missouri and has resided in Macoupin Co., IL(Brighton) since around 1950-1960. He married Martha Hughes who passed away in 1998.
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