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caballero history.

caballero history.

fernando caballero jr. (View posts)
Posted: 978552041000
hi this goes out to any caballero that is interested. my father and i have a print out of the caballero history going back to the 1800's. it is all in spanish and we cannot read spanish very well. somethings we can make out but other's things we cannot. it also contains different code of arms of all the different caballero's from over the years. if you have any qustions please e-mail me.

caballero family

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my fathers name is joel garcia caballero
my grandmothers name is maria guadalupe c.
my ggrandfathers name is atilano caballero
atilano claimed he was spanish/from spanish
blood birthday 1870-1880 more or less

Looking For Relatives

Posted: 983176776000
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To Arnoldo Garcia Carreon Caballero. Read your
post and found it interesting that we shared
both last surnames, only you spell Carrion with
an "e' instead of 'i'. Would like to find out
more. Oh, by the way, don't tell me your one of
those New York Ricans. {smile} Hope to hear
from you.
Posted: 983183025000
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hello lynda
I'm from sacramento california.
Your right some carreon's spell carrion with
an I instead of an E, and that occurs in our
family as well. I guess it just gets confused
in the writing down of the name on records.
My familiy is from northern Jalisco. The
Carreon familiy is from a town called Totatiche, its a beautiful place. My grandfather Nemecio Carreon had 6 brothers
my granduncle isabel still lives in a town
called Momax,Zacatecas and that town has
a lot of carri/eones. My granfathers father
is Bartolo Carreon. You could be from my tio
Jose Carreon familiy he died very young in
chicago and we have never heard from the woman he married. Let me know from where your familiy is from ok arnoldo g carreon caballero
Caballero is from my fathers family and is
my grandmothers last name maria guadalupe
her father was Atilano Caballero from Villa
Guerrero,jalisco. All towns are close by.
I hope you find your brother. Good luck!
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Hello Lynda
just wanted to say that my grandmothers only
brother is Pablo Caballero born in 1901
died in 1982 he lived all over the united states. let me know whats going on
thanks arnoldo

Caballero family

Lupe Isaacs Caballero (View posts)
Posted: 983654248000
Hi Fernando,I would like any information you can give me about the Caballero family.My grandfathers name was Bernardo Caballero.He was from San Bernado Mexico. MY sister Myrna and I were raised by him and my grandmother Calla in Guadalupe Chihuahua,Mexico. If you have any information I would really appreciate it. I would like the info you were talking about in Spanish. Thanks, Lupe Isaacs Caballero.

Relatives? Arnoldo G. Carreon Caballero

Posted: 983811397000
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Hi Arnoldo; Sorry to have taken so long to
answer your letter, but have been very busy.
I would like to say thank you for replying to
my questions. I can't say exactly if we are
related or not, but it sure would be nice if
we were. Anyway here goes. My grandmother's
name was Paula Reyna de Caballero as she married
Liborio Caballero. I know grandma was from some-
where in Spain, but was raised and lived in Puerto
Rico. I don't remember where my grandfather
was from. That was my mother's parents. My
father's name is Angelo Louis Carrion and his
mother's name was Amparo Miranda Carrion. I
don't remember my paternal grandfather's name
as I never met him. He died when my father
was a child. I do remember though, that my
father had or has a brother living in Chicago
by the name of Julio Carrion. So who knows,
right? Anyway thanks again for writing me, have
to cut it short for now. But hope we can stay
in touch, if you like, it would be nice as pen
pals. Hope to hear from you soon.>>>>>Lynda

caballero info

fernando caballero jr. (View posts)
Posted: 984045171000
hey lupe i will get you the info as soon as i can i am in kentucky right now i will be home in april and i will make copies for you. as soon as i do i will e-mail you again and then give me an address where i can mail it to you.


Fernando Caballero (View posts)
Posted: 991038477000
Hi fernando, my name is fernando caballero also. i was born in Miami and my parents were born in Cuba where they left in a hurry. my parents say my family came from spain but they don't much about it. could you send me the information on the caballero's from spain?

trying to find family

Paula Geib (View posts)
Posted: 992274173000
My father was from Sonora Mexico and his name was Pablo Celaya Caballero and he died in Feb 1964,If you have any information please let me know.
thank you
Paula Geib
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