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Amelia J. Robinson/Finley

Amelia J. Robinson/Finley

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Surnames: Robinson, Bullard, Hadley
I am trying to determine the maiden name of my great grandmother, Amelia J. Robinson, who lived in Bosque County at least from 1870-1890. She was married first to my great grandfather, Thomas J. Robinson, son of Charles Wesley Robinson, who migrated from Webster County, MO to the Kimball area in the 1860s.Amelia and Thomas showed up together in their household on the 1870 census. By 1880, Amelia J. was widowed and shown with two children,my grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Robinson, and his younger brother, Eugene Yandle Robinson. Also living in the house was Emily Cleveland, identified as a "boarder," and Sam Culberhouse, 19, a field hand. Amelia apparently remarried D.M. Finley of Kopperl, because she signed papers around 1890, conveying 220 acres on behalf of my grandfather and his brother. I have tried, without success, to determine if there is a connection between Amelia and Emily Cleveland -- daughter of James Madison Cleveland; and Sam Culberhouse. I do not know what became of her or Mr. Finley or where they are buried. I would appreciate any leads. Below is what I do know about my Robinson ancestors. I would welcome additional information:

PARENTS: Christopher (C., perhaps Columbus?) Robinson (b. 28
Oct, 1787 KY). He was in Roane County, TN until around 1830. He married Sally/Sarah Rector (b.1789 in Campbell County, VA) on Mar 6, 1809 Roane Co. TN. Christopher d: bet 1840-1850 (on 1840 cen for Pulaski Co. MO but wife & children alone on 1850 Wright Co. MO cen).

CHILDREN of Christopher and Sally/Sarah Robinson:

(1) George Washington b:June 30, 1810 prob TN (According to 1850 Wright Co. MO Census, George Robinson age 40 TN m. Sarah age 40 TN. Children: Sarah age 17 TN; Mary age 14 MO m. J. C. Harris 15 Feb. 1860 Coryell Co., TX; James. M. age 12 MO; Frances June (Fanney) age 7 (9 July 1842)
MO m. James A. Pennington 18 June 1860 Coryell Co., TX; and Margaret Ann (Margarett) age 3 MO m. Elijah Harris 3 March 1863 Coryell Co., TX. Cindy Hearn, great grand-daughter of Frances June Robinson Pennington, lives in
Pampa, TX.

(2) Pleasant Jefferson b:May 8, 1812 prob TN

(3) Lewis Martin b:June 25, 1814 prob TN (Lewis and his wife, Sarah, are listed on 1880 Coryell County, TX Census)

(4) Elijah Rector b:April 18, 1817 TN m:Amelia Hardeman Nov 2, 1836 Roane Co, TN. Elijah and Amelia were were in Dallas Co., Mo. in 1850 and in Laclede Co., Mo. in 1860. Elijah and Amelia Robinson left Barrie County, MO in 1862 for Texas, along with their five children. Elijah was a Con-federate officer. He and his family left Missouri under protection of the Confederate army after Union soldiers destroyed his farm and the family's mercantile store (we have a family biography entitled "Without the Shedding of Blood," written by Elijah's grandson, Dr. Desaix Uberto Ezell, pioneer physician at Kimball).Buried in the Kimball Cemetery in Bosque County are: Elijah Rector Robinson (b. APR. 18, 1817-d. JAN. 25, 1883); his wife, Amelia Hardeman Robinson (b. NOV. 14, 1818-d. NOV. 27, 1898); their
daughter, Amelia Robinson (b. DEC. 26, 1856-d. JUNE 13, 1918; their daughter, Martha Robinson Ezell Pogue (b.FEB. 27, 1850-d. FEB. 7, 1917); her husband, Mark B. Pogue (b. SEPT. 18, 1828-d. JULY 14, 1908); and their children, Agnes > Pogue (b. 1880-d. 1881); Stirman Pogue (b.1884-d.1886);
and Jack Pogue (b.1887--d. 1889). Also buried with Elijah and Amelia, is their widowed daughter, Mary Elizabeth Robinson Jackson (b. NOV. 12, 1840-d. JUNE 28,1923). Her husband, Andrew Jackson, was born in about 1826 in Indiana, died in 1891 in Blum, Hill County, Texas. One of their sons, Izariah Rector Jackson, b. April 13, 1883, married Sarah Hawkins Gary. Their granddaughter, RexAnne Coad, is the source of this information.) Elijah and Amelia also had a daughter, Parazeda, and a son,
Lewis Cardwell Robinson.According to Kathy Strickland (Kathy-Strickland@easy.comm),> Lewis Cardwell Robinson (b. 10-17-1845 near St. Louis, MO; d. 2-27-1920 in Godley, TX). He married Mattie A. Gillmore (b. 12-21-1856 in Montgomery,
AL ; d. 12-26-1918 in Waco, TX). They were married in February, 1875 in Bosque Co., TX and lived there for awhile. Children: Willie Savannah Robinson (married Walter Samuel Derr), Mary Elizabeth Robinson, Parazada (Para)
Melinda Robinson (married George Walton Strickland), Lamar Robinson,James R. Robinson, Archibald Franklin Robinson, Twins Alma and Algia Robinson. The family was later connected to the Eagle Springs, Coryell Co. area.
Information derived from a Bible and marriage license.)

(5) William C. b:October 13, 1819 prob TN

(6) Izariah (Ezariah) H. b:April 25, 1822 prob TN

(7) Charles Wesley b:June 11, 1824 in TN per 1860 Webster Co. MO census (my g-g-grandfather); he was married to Elizabeth Ann Yandle (my g-g-grandmother) first and after her death to her sister,Margaret "Polly" Yandle Holland; Elizabeth is buried in the Shields Cem.,Marshfield, MO. Children of that union included: my g-grandfather, (1) Thomas J. Robinson (b. 1850 d. 1877), father of Benjamin
Franklin Robinson, who was the father of my father, Modell
Robinson; (2) William, b. 1848 Marshfield MO; (3) Virgil; (4) Mack (5)Franklin (I believe he is the father of Nannie Robinson Benson,wife of James Benson, parents of Nona Benson Greer, Ira Benson Pickard, and Elveta Jimmie Benson (all deceased) of Kopperl; and (6) Josephine. C.W. and Margaret, and his son, Thomas J. Robinson and her son, John Holland, are all buried in Kimball Cemetery,Bosque County, TX. My g-grandfather, Thomas J., died at the age of 27. He was married to Amelia J. ? by 1870. She remarried a D.M. Finley. Thomas J and Amelia had two sons, my grandfather Ben, and Uncle Gene, a bachelor who died childless. My father, Modell, was one of five children. He had a brother, Ewell, and sisters Frankie, Beatrice, and Lavada (I'm working on their Family Group Sheets now). I am one of 11 children: Donald Modell (1937) Nona Lee (1935), Flossie (stillborn-1941), Roy Lee (1943), Melvin Ross (1945), Tommy Durrell(1946), Alvin Carroll (1949), Ronnie Elton and Donnie Delton (twins-1951), Rickey Lynn (1954), and Johnny Mack (1956).

(8) Milton b:November 18, 1826 prob TN

(9) Christopher C. b:May 22, 1829 prob TN d:October 24, 1845 prob MO

(11) James Henry b:July 16, 1834 TN d:August 10,1910 MO buried Shields Cem.,

(12) Green Lee b:February 1, 1837 MO d:May 18, 1907 MO, buried Shields Cem.,Marshfield, MO

I also have some additional information on the descendants of Charles Wesley Robinson and Elizabeth Yandle Robinson.

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Surnames: Robinson
I think you may have a branch off of my family tree. I will have to look and see.

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I am descended from Elijah Robinson and Amelia Hardeman Robinson, through their daughter Martha Robinson Ezell Pogue. Her daughter, Ethel Pogue, married Guy Milner. Their daughter was Dorothy Milner Truly, my mother.

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To continue: I can't find my copy of the 1880 census which shows Robinsons and Clevelands together, but it is interesting. Emily Cleveland McCullough (1844-1919), daughter of James Madison Cleveland, was also an ancestor of mine. Her daughter, Abbie McCullough, married Dr. John Nelms Milner. They lived in Streetman, Tx. Their son was my grandfather, Guy Milner, who married Ethel Pogue. I wonder if the Emily Cleveland in the Robinson household in 1880 was yet another Emily. Anyway, I am so delighted to find a clue at long last to the identity of Elijah Robinson's parents!

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Surnames: Robinson Rowe Jarrell
Hi Cousin,

I am descended from Elijah R. Robinson and wife Amelia Hardeman Robinson through daughter Para, to daughter Alma, to daughter Arleigh, to daughter Jo Leigh, my mother.

Alma Rowe Jarrell, daughter of Para, had a photo album and I have photographed the pictures in there and would be happy to share. Mark Pogue is one of them. Alma also wrote out a family tree in 1950, which I can share in PDF form. Also have copy of Without the Shedding of Blood which has much on Elijah and on Mark which I intend to convert to PDF. James Pearson Luckett,

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Thanks for the response....I had forgotten that I messaged you but then it's been a tough year, medically....I am the great-grandson of Mark Pogue and Martha Robinson (daughter of Elijan and Amelia)

I would love to have a copy of a Mark Pogue photo, plus anything you have as to Elijah's and Amelia's parents, families, etc. I would be glad to reimburse you for photocopying, mailing, etc. My mailing address is Pat Truly, 3932 South Drive, Fort Worth, Tx 76109.

Thanks again!

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You are the most recent respondent, so I'll pass this along! Eugene Yandell Robinson's (3 Mar 1876 - 9 Aug 1943) death certificate is online. It also identifies his mother as Josie Amelia Folly of Alabama or Amelia Josie Folly. Her death certificate (16 Jun 1907) is also online but does not identify parents. Methinks Amelia (A. J.) can be found 1860 AL-Greene-Forkland-Image 2? I'm not related, simply bored!

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Surnames: Robinson Hardeman or Hardiman
I'd prefer to do it by email. If you'll send me a regular email (not an message) at I'll reply with copy of Mark Pogue photo attached and I'll give you access to my family tree info on I also have photo of Amelia I can share. Have you read "Without the Shedding of Blood," the bio of your step great grand uncle Uberto Ezell? That's the richest source of info. My great grandmother Alma Rowe Jarrell, Martha Robinson's niece (Alma's mother was Para Robinson Rowe), firmly believed that Amelia Hardeman Robinson's father was Bailey Hardeman, who was a figure in Texas history. You can Google him so I won't give details here. I have not been able to confirm this through any other source. Bailey was married in 1820. Amelia's age in the 1880 census was given as "62" which would mean a birth date of 1818. So that would argue against him being her father. But Alma wrote that Amelia was born in 1821, but with a "?" after it. So her understanding of Amelia's date of birth is consistent with her understanding of Amelia's parentage. It's interesting the age of Amelia's daughter Amelia Robinson is clearly wrong in the 1880 census. There it is given as 20. But she was born in 1856. So, if one age could be wrong, another could be also. Bailey and Amelia were both from Tennessee, so that part checks. Bailey moved from TN to TX in 1835. But, Amelia did not: Amelia and Elijah were married in TN in 1836. So, to believe Alma's version of history, we have to believe Bailey left his unmarried teenage daughter behind in TN when moving the family to TX. That's a little hard to swallow, but perhaps she was already engaged at 14. There were certainly other relatives who remained in TN who could have taken responsibility for her. The parentage of Elijah is more straightforward. His parents were Christopher and Sarah Sally Rector Robinson. I'm going to end here and then go check birth dates on tombstones as listed for the Pogue cemetery.
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