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Pierce Family in Ischua

Pierce Family in Ischua

Charles Johnson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pierce
I am doing the research for the Pierce Family for my Mother-inlaw Margaret Pierce Mussman. We found out her Father was Royal A. Pierce who was born in 1892 in the town of Ischua. From there I went to the Ancestory Census site 1900 and found out Royals' Father was Count Pierce and Mother was Charlotte Pierce and had brothers name Mertin F., Robert J. and a sister name Maggie E. who was a teacher in Ischua. I went back to 1880 census and found Count Pierce first wife was Adell and there children were Oscar, Myston? Wiggie and Counts' Mother Mary Pierce was living with them. Also found out the Pierce Family is buried in Fitch Cemetery. Are there any relatives of the Pierce Family who can share anymore information of the family.
Thank You
Charles Johnson

Re: Pierce Family in Ischua

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Classification: Query
I've been reviewing your PIERCE data whereas Ischua is nearby and PIERCE appears in Lyndon in 1850.
First off the 1880 Ischua (pg 226A) entry goes like this:
Count Pierce Farmer 36 b NY (as were both parents)
Adella wife 25 b NY
Oscar attending school 7
Myrton 5
Maggie 2
Mary mother, 60 father b CT, mother NY

From there it gets murky. In 1870 there were no PIERCEs listed in Ischua, Lyndon or Farmersville.
In 1860 a Cyrus is listed on pg 1 of the Farmersville census. He's likely the same Cyrus 62 b MA listed in Lyndon in 1850 living with Hepsy 65 also b MA and Joel 11. Next door lived Nathaniel PIERCE 31, Lovisa 28, Mary 5 and Martha 2.

Cyrus is likely your line but not having an index for 1870 precluded me from finding where Count was and he doesn't appear in my 1860 index for NY (heads of families).

Cyrus also appears as an early settler in Hinsdale.

That's not much help but it's all I could drum up for what resources I have here. If you have any idea where Count was b in terms of a town, I could take a look as I have all the Alleg/Catt censuses for 1870,etc.
Regards, Sid Emmons, Historian,Town of Lyndon

Re: Pierce Family in Ischua

charles Johnson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Thank You Sid, I will try and send away to Albany, New York Vital Records for Counts and Charlotte Pierce Death certificates, Maybe I can get somemore information.

Re: Pierce Family in Ischua

Sadie Jay~Edwards (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pierce, Fosmer, Sill,
Hi there,
I am writing on behalf of my mother Joyce Edwards, town of Ischua historian. First of all appologies are in order for the delay in reply, but we are just entering into the computer age and are trying to catch up. All the info on the familys of Ischua is in a note book skillfully assembled by Sally Squire Pettingill. I have been working on getting the reams of information contained in them into electronic form. I will respond as best as I can to the requests on the boards in particular. Thank you for your inquiry and feel free to respond directly, or write or call.

Re: Pierce Family in Ischua

Sadie Jay~Edwards (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Pierce, Pearce, Chase, Sill


Genealogy Wanted:
Mrs. Kenneth Erickson (Beverly)
256 W 19th St Elmira Heights, NY 14903
Wants birth, death, & marriages on:
D.O. Dotin Sill (aprox. 1820)
Hiriam Sill
John Pierce family
Would appreciate you’re writing her at above address and letting her know what you found (if anything). Please inform her also of cost for copying certificates. (Wishes copy as hand written certificates are often not interpreted correctly). Oh yes, when you notify her give her listing of names found. She will then get back to you on whether to proceed.
(hand written note ~?to Sally P.?~ re-typed 2004sje)

John Pierce married Mary Sill, John’s sister Zeviah married Hiram Sill.
What is Mary and Hiram’s relationship? Brother and sister as well?

From Genealogical and Family History of Western New York-by William Richard Cutter, A.M. – published 1912
Pages 447-448
Also see Winters


There is a tradition in this family that the first settler was named John Pearce, and that he came about 1660, from Whales, “Pearce” being the Welsh spelling of the name. The following record is found in the town records of Portsmouth, Rhode Island: “John Pearce admitted this day, a free inhabitant of this town”. He may have been one of the Baptist congregation of John Myles, of Swansea, Wales, who was persecuted from Wales to Rehoboth, 1666-1667.
John Pearce, born 1632, probably died 1692, married Mary _________, died 1711. He was a mason by trade. In his will made in 1689 he styles himself “John Pearce, Senior, of Prudence Island.” He left three children, John, Daniel and Mary.

He was born probably in 1618. His trade was that of a mason, but he was not distinguished by that designation until John Pearce, son of Richard, had come of age, about 1668, and there were two of the name of John Pearce, inhabitants of the town.

Daniel Pearce, born about 1662, died after 1744. He married (first) ___ ___ , (second), December 13, 1733, Elizabeth Tucker, of Prudence Island. Few family records can be found of him, and the names of his children given here have been recovered from deeds and other legal papers. The records of his public service are quite full and cover the period from 1694 to 1731. He resided in Portsmouth up to 1720, and for two years following was more or less of Kingston, but took up a permanent residence in North Kingston in the summer of 1723. From 1701 to 1730 he was deputy to the general assembly of Rhode Island, and from 1707 to 1720 was a justice of the peace, and in 1724 was overseer of the poor of his town. Children by first wife: Daniel Jr, born probably 1687; Margaret, John and Mary. By second wife; Benoni, Nathan and William.
Daniel Pearce, Jr., born probably 1689, died probably 1758. He married October 1705, Patience Hill. He was made a freeman of the town of Portsmouth, June 6, 1715, and resided on Prudence Island. In 1724, he was made a freeman of the colony from Portsmouth. After 1737, he seems to have lived in North Kingston. He owned a large tract of land. He was deputy to the general assembly for Portsmouth in 1722-1723. Children: Sarah, born March 6, 1710; Nathaniel, January 20, 1715; Daniel, October 22, 1717; Johnathan, April 6, 1719; Deliverance, September 20, 1720; Thomas, May 31,1723; William, May 8, 1725; Patience, November 21, 1728, Ebenezer, February 17, 1731 married Elizabeth________ .
Ebenezer Pearce, born February 17, 1731, died after 1803. He married Elizabeth (other name not known). He is supposed to have been a farmer by occupation. The early part of his life was spent on Prudence Island. Some time between 1774 and 1790 he moved to the town of Hancock, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. In 1801, he purchased a small tract of land in the same town, which he sold in the latter part of 1803, and it is thought he came to Fabius, Onondage county, New York, with his sons and probably lived with one of them until his death. Children: Catherine, Phoebe, Daniel and Caleb, and Benjamin. Daniel and Caleb were twins, and were born January 29, 1768. He spelled his name Pearce and Pierce.
Caleb Pearce (Pierce), son of Ebenezer Pearce, was born January 29, 1768, in Rhode Island, died May 23, 1838. The family lived in Rhode Island for a time, later at Hancock, Massachusetts. In the early part of 1804, they moved to the town of Fabius, but finding the climatemalarial, Caleb moved in 1834 to the town of Rice (now Ischua) Catt. Co.New York. He married Zevia Chase, who died November 30, 1813. Children; Luke, born June 23, 1787, married Diantha Merrill; Mary, born March 25, 1789, married John Sweet; Patience, born July 20, 1791, married Levi Swan; Anna, born August 23, 1792, married Joseph Symond; Lyartus B., of further mention: Encum Sanford, born November 21, 1796, married Lavina Barnard; Henry B., born June 7, 1798; Caleb, born March 12, 1800, unmarried; John, born May 4, 1804, married Mary Sill; * (see information below) Eunice, born September 7, 1808, married Erastus A. Pratt; Zeviah, born July 9, 1809 (1819?) married Hiram Sill.
Caleb spelled the name “Pearce” in the land records of the town of Hancock, Mass., but when he and the other members of the family purchased land in Fabius, Onondage county, they adapted the spelling “Pierce” which has been used since. He was a radical Baptist in religious faith.
(E.S. Pierce, Encum Sanford Pierce-died March 6, 1851- wife Lovina-died March, 4, 1891-from tombstones in Fitch cemetery)
Caleb Pierce 1768-1838 intered Cadiz cemetery.
Lyartus B. Pierce, son of Caleb Pierce, was born in the town of Hancock, Mass., April 26, 1795, and died July 5, 1870. He was a shoemaker by trade, and also spent part of his time on the farm. His wife was a grand daughter of Hendrick Fosmer, who came from Holland and was numbered among the first settlers of Columbia county, NY. Catherine Fosmer Pierce was born in New Hartford, Conn., February 14, 1799 and died in the town of Humphrey, Catt. co., N.Y.. June 23, 1877. Lyartus Pierce kept to the same religious faith as that of his ancestors, that of a staunch Baptist. In January, 1836, he settled in the town of Humphrey, Catt. Co. NY, on Bozard Hill, lot six. He married in January, 1822, Catherine Fosmer. Children; Henry B., Hiram, Harrison, Angeline, Harvey, born June 22, 1831, married Mary Woodruff; Harlow, of further mention; Adeline, Julia.
Harry A. –1829-1911 Mary L.-wife-1833-1927
Henry B-1822-1905-Humphrey cem.
Cyrus P. Bozard-1835-1905 ~Julia A.-wife-1840-1931-Humphrey cem.
Harlow Pierce, fith son of Lyartus B. Pierce, was born in the town of Fabius, Onondage co., N.Y., May 19, 1833, and died in the town of Allegany, Dec. 25, 1910. In January, 1836, he removed with his parents to the town of Humphrey, on the farm upon which he resided until the fall of 1908, a period of more than seventy-two years. <He was of quiet and patient disposition, yet he seemed to influence all people who knew him. He was always very much interested in schools and educational lines, and one of his aims was to live to know that all of his children were well educated. In politics he was a staunch Republican, and during his long life never wavered in his allegiance to that party, and missed voting at only one election; he held various town offices. He, with Andrew J. Bozard, were delegates from the town of Humphrey to the first Republican convention ever held in Cattaraugus County.> July 22, 1866, he was married to Lydia Stevens, of East Ashford. Children, Katie M. born December 18, 1868; married S.P. Wilber, who resides in Allegany, N.Y., George H., of further mention., Alice N., born March 4, 1874, died April 10, 1877; Elmer S., July 14, 1876; married Jennie Johnson; Julia G., born November 2, 1880; Glenn R., born May 27, 1888. <bio>
George H. Pierce, son of Harlow Pierce, was born in the town of Humphrey, Catt. Co., N.Y., June 27, 1872. He was educated in the public sghools and at Ten Broeck Academy, being graduated from the latter, class of 1892 He chose the profession of law, and pursued his studies under the direction of Hon. F.W. Kruse. In July, 1898, he was admitted to the bar, and at once began the practice of his profession in Olean, where he still located in general practice. (1912). He is a Republican in politics and has held many public positions. He has served as Justice of the peace of the town of Allegany, and police justice of the village of Allegany; is serving his sighth term as a member of the Allegany Board of Education; was secretary for four years and now president of the board; was four years attorney for the village of Allegany, and has a well established private practice. He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and for two terms was deputy grand master of the Eastern District of Catt. Co., New York State.
He married May 8, 1902, Caroline L., daughter of William and Hannah (Hause) Smith, and granddaughter of John Smith, maternal granddaughter of Fredrick Hause. Child; Harlow William, born February 12, 1905.


The following is a little information on some of the Pierces from a letter of Jane Button (Pierce) Lawson: Maiden name-Button.

Count Pulaski Pierce was the father of Merton Pierce, (husband of Jane Pierce Lawson). He was a farmer who lived on Bozard Hill, which was off the Five Mile Road at Fitch, N.Y. This farm had once belonged to C.P.’s father, John Pierce.
C.P.’c children were: Roscoe, Merton, Margaret, and John Robert. In later years, Roscoe, with Margaret and her husband, George Abbey, settled in Saskatchewan, Canada, where they owned a ranch and became interested in the wheat lands.
Merton Pierce worked many years as a telegraph operator for the Pennsylvania Railroad; later he was Deputy Sheriff of Catt. Co. when Raymond Mallory, of Olean, a relative of Nelson Wagner of Ischua, was the Sheriff.
John Robert Pierce usually called Robert, after finishing school in Ten Broeck Academy, Franklinville, N.Y. went to Brown University in Rhode Island. While there, he contracted tuberculosis, came home to Ischua, then went to Colorado, where it was hoped the western climate might help him. He died there and was brought back to the Fitch cemetery.
C.P. Pierce was quite a faithful member of the Bapist church of Ischua. He died in 1918.
Merton’s mother died when he was a teenager and later his father married again, a woman, whose first name was Lottie, but I think the Lottie whom you refer to (on the Baptist church rolls), must be Urial Pierce’s wife. I believe Urial Pierce was a brother of Charles Pierce. They lived, at one time, in the Nelson Wagner home, later in the Baxter Place, the one now owned by Doris Wagner 1979.
I can’t give you any information on Hiram-don’t know his relationship but do know there was some because C.P. named his first son Roscoe Hiram-possibly an uncle or a cousin.
(Remeberances of Jane Button Pierce Lawson by Joyce N. Edwards 2004)
Jane grew up in Franklinville. Jane had two children with Merton Pierce a son and daughter. Jane was a school teacher at the village school in Ischua. There were two school teachers in Ischua, Jane Buttton Pierce Lawson an the other being Ellen Cline Lawson. Ellen who is the mother of Elmira and Fredrick Cline and is the grandmother of Madiline Blearch and Carole Fromme, was married to Ed Lawson, later in her life. Ed Lawson had been married to Effie and they were parents to Margaret Lawson Shipman and her brother. When Ellen died, Jane married Ed Lawson. Ed was the train conductor in town and when announcing the train stop he called out “Ish~A~Waaaah” and not “Ish~A~Way” as many natives say.)

(Inserted Internet postings here)

Fitch cemetery:
Hiram Pierce-born Jan 12, 1825-died June 10, 1906 (corrected date 1905 from church records)
Ester J. Pierce- Hiram’s wife-born sept 6, 1827-died Dec. 17, 1899
Andrew J. Pierce-1842-1907~ Lovina D. wife 1845-19__ Cuba cemetery

1850 Ischua, NY census:
John Pierce-46
Mary Pierce-31

1850 Ischua census:
Nathaniel Pierce-31
Laura Pierce-28

1850 Ischua census:
Cyrus Pierce-62
Joel A. Godfrey-age 11 living in home

On April 28, 1852, Cyrus Pierce married Nancy Fay. He was from Rice (Ischua), she was from Hinsdale, NY. He was 64, she was 52.

From Catt. Co. Gazetteer of 1874-75:
Listed under Humphrey NY

Pierce, Count P. (Pulanski) –Hinsdale, Rd. 10, farmer-leases of Ira Bronson

Pierce, Eugene- road 16 ½, farmer

Pierce, Harlow-farmer-road 17
Pierce, Harvey A. –road 17-farmer
Pierce, Henry B. – road 17-farmer
Pierce, Hiram, road 17-agent for Rawson and Thatcher mowing and reaping machines and farmer.


C.P. Pierce, Prop. R.A. Pierce, Mgr.
Producers of fine Maple Sugar and Syrup, selected apples, seed potatoes of known quality, ect.
Bell Phone connection
Route 1, Box41, Ischua, N.Y.

(CP=Count Polaski & RA=Royal A. ?)

Mrs. Laura A. Pierce, died at the home of her son, Daniel Pierce of Railroad Ave., Monday night (Franklinville, NY). Mrs. Pierce was a most estimable lady and was seventy-nine years of age, She is survived by the following children: Mrs Mary Osgood, Ischua, Daniel, Frank and Eugene Pierce of Olean, Delos Pierce, of Ohio,
And Fred Pierce, of Mass.
The funeral was held Thursday morning at 9 o’clock from the home of her son, where she died. Rev. G.R.Harvey, Officiateing and the remais were taken to Ischua for interment.
Laura was the wife of Nathaniel Pierce. He is buried in the Fitch cemetery: Nathaniel-died Feb. 10, 1874 at age 55 years.
Lucy M- daughter of Laura and Nathaniel- died May 21, 1852.
No tombstone for Laura, she was 28 years old on the 1850 census, so she was born in 1822, was seventy-nine when she died, so year of death would be 1901.
Charles N. Pierce, son of E.F. Pierce, has been mentally unsound for many months and has, several times, wandered away from the paternal home on Buzzard Hill, near the Fitch Post Office. The son, who is about twenty-three years old and was taken to Olean for treatment a few months ago, did not seem to improve much. On Saturday night last, July 14th, he stole away from home and although strict serch has been made in and about several farms in the community, the parents have been unable to find him. The woods, barns and fields have been scoured in vain.
It is fearful that he met with an accident or has wandered to a place where people know nothing of him and that he is not in a condition to tell anything about himself.
When he left home, he wore a light, blue shirt, overalls, rubber boots and a large slouch hat. He is about five feet, nine inches in height, has light complection, light brown hair, a moustache and rosy cheeks. Any information as to his whereabouts will be thankfully received by his parents.

LATER: At the moment of going to press, we learned that the missing man has been found and will be committed to an asylum.

Clayton H. Pierce of 120 Stowell Ave Olean, died Tuesday (March 25, 1986) in the Catt Co Nursing Home, after lengthy illness.
Born Feb. 3, 1895, in Humphrey, he was a son of Charles and Emma Canada Pierce. On June 4 1917, In Franklinnville, he married the former Florence A. Feneran, who survives.
Surviving are a son, Harold Pierce of Olean, two daughters, Mrs David (Helen) Tilberg of Olean and Mrs. JD (Irene) Galloway of Smethport, PA: 4 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren: a brother, Clifford Pierce of Randolph and several nieces.
He was predeceased by a sister, Cecile Tanner.
Burial will be in St. Bonaventure Cemetery, Allgany.
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