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Kiss surname from Bukovina, Hungary (now Romania)

Kiss surname from Bukovina, Hungary (now Romania)

Michael Kisch (View posts)
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I'm looking to trace back through my father's side of the family. Original name was Kiss, and my grandpa's parents were from a village in Hungary called Bukovina. Apparently now it is in Romania, but those in the village were made to speak German/Austrian and to German-ize surnames. Also, my grandpa's grandmother spoke Yiddish (I have heard of a possible Jewish connection, but unsure). My grandpa (Michael Kisch I) was born in Regina, Saskatchewan around 1907 when his parents moved from Hungary to Canada. Most of my immediate family is now in Windsor, Ontario. If anyone has any information, I certainly would appreciate it since I'm running into dead-ends.

Thank you,


Re: Kiss surname from Bukovina, Hungary (now Romania)

Beth Long (View posts)
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Hi Michael,

Do you know which village in Bukovina the family came from (perhaps Hadikfalva, Istensegits, or Andrásfalva)?

What are some of the other family surnames?

What are the names of Michael Kiss' parents?

If you can give me some of this info., I'll see if they are part of the group I am researching.

Beth Long

Re: Kiss surname from Bukovina, Hungary (now Romania)

Mike (View posts)
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Surnames: Kiss, Kisch

Thank you so much for your message. After several unsuccessful conversations with the Hungarian Embassy in Toronto, Ontario and running into dead-ends, I really began to lose hope, until now! I spoke to a few family members, especially my great-Aunt Ann who has a ton of information on the family from back inthe old country and in Canada. She is the last surviving member of my grandfather's immediate family, most of whom emigrated to Canada from Hungary (3 were born in Canada).

My great-grandfather's name was Paul Kiss, and he married Anna Bogos in Hungary. Four of their seven children (Steve, Bill, Paul, Vera aka Elizabeth) were all born in Bukovina (which everyone in my family says is/was an actual town - apparently not, but I'll look into this further). Paul emigrated to Regina with the 4 children, but Anna remained in Hungary. Once he got to Canada, he decided to change our name from Kiss to Kisch because of the english meaning of the name. The other siblings were all born in Canada (Mike - my grandpa - Regina 1913, Tommy - Hamilton, and Ann - Welland 1923).

Both my father and aunt say that the -sch ending to Kisch has something to do with German/Prussian/Austrian influence some 300 years ago in Hungary. Being a History major, I can understand that point because of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but I'm not 100% sure if that dates back to the 1600's.

Beth, regardless of where you are in the world, would you please send me your phone number via email to me at My entire family is so excited about this now, and I don't want anything to be missed, or let this opportunity slip away. Thank you so much for contacting me.



Re: Kiss surname from Bukovina, Hungary (now Romania)

Beth Long (View posts)
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Hi Mike,

O.k., now that I have more detail, I know who they are: Pál Kiss was born January 20, 1883, Anna Bogos July 4, 1887, and they were married in Hadikfalva November 14, 1907.

Anna Bogos actually came to Canada in 1914 with the children. You will find them on the Ellis Island database because they came to Canada via New York. So I assume that Pál went to Canada by himself at an earlier date.

I have a research partner, László Rudolf, who has been able to copy a lot of original records (which are now in Hungary), so we have a lot of sources that are not available otherwise (such as on LDS microfilm).

One of the documents he was able to copy was a 1910 Census of Hadikfalva, which shows the family on it.

If you send me your mailing address (to, I will send you a copy of the page for your family.

At present, I have over 20,000 of the Bukovina Székely and their descendants in a Family Tree Maker database, and most of your ancestors are in it (going back to the late 1700's, when the towns were founded and settled by Hungarians who were mainly of Transylvanian origin).

Meanwhile, I'll send my phone number to your e-mail address.

All for now,


P.S. László and I will be in Regina July 19-22 to give a presentation on the Bukovina Székely at the annual convention of FEEFHS and the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society.

Re: Kiss surname from Bukovina, Hungary (now Romania)

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Is there a way to trace my family's origins back to Romania? My last name is really Bukovina. I know my father's father came from Hungry. I feel that there has to be a connection because Hungry is close to the Romanian border.
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