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Ferrer is Catalonian...not French

Ferrer is Catalonian...not French

Gen Ferrer (View posts)
Posted: 969293498000
The name Ferrer originates in Catalunya. Our
country lies in Northern Spain, and is currently,
though not historically, a part of this country.
The name comes from Latin and means "blacksmith."
Catalan, the language, comes from Southern France,
from the language Provencal. It began to form in
the medeval times, and is used to this day. Our language
is alive and well, though not publicized due to the
illegalization of it during and post Spanish Civil
We Catalonians have a rich history, primarily Celtic
and Visigothic(German). Not the Moorish, as the south
of the peninsula.
I recommend you read anything you can find on Catalonia.
A good start would be in the travel section of
your local bookstore. There is a great book called
"Barcelona and Catalonia", which goes over the history
and contemporary life in our country.
Hope this helped...

Gen Ferrer
Visca Catalunya!
(Long live Catalonia)


Enrique Ferrer Casales (View posts)
Posted: 970775655000
Hi Gen,
My name is Enrique Ferrer Casales. I ran into this site while I was browsing when I ran into your message board. My mother Amor Libertad Ferrer was born in the small city of Hera in Santandar, Spain. I was intrigued by history of the Catalonian Language and its origin. If you have any more information, please write back.


Gen Ferrer (View posts)
Posted: 971095377000
As most people don't know about the Catalonians or the
Basque, it has become more important for us to make the
world aware that the Castilians (Spaniards) are not
the only ethnicity in the Iberia peninsula.
Many people realize the difference of the Portuguese
in this land, but for some reason believe everyone in
Spain dances the flamenco (a gypsy dance) or even imagine
latin american dances (which is not the case at all).
Spain is a European country, with its history imbedded
in this. While present day Spain is only 300 years old,
most people assume everyone in Spain to be 'spanish',etc,etc.
We in Catalonia and the Basque country resist such charges, as
we are unique and have our own customs and languages. What is more,
we have been independent and have had our kingdoms and so forth.
I'm honestly a nationalist, which does not mean I dislike or
which tragedy on anyone, be him Castilian or otherwise. However,
I believe in the independence of Catalonia and the Basque country.
We, a people who did not come to butcher the ancestors of "latin"
americans. A people who held other lands such as Sicily, Sardinia, parts of
Napoles and Greece.
There are many great books about Catalonia, whether in your travel
section or history section of Barnes and Noble, etc. I recommend you look at
them. But, if you have time online, then just type in Catalunya or Catalonia.
There is an american who has a great site. Her name is Mary Martin.

If you also want to search Catalan names, look up "Sallent,Oriol,Bertran,
Busquets,Berenguer,Roig,or Gaspart."

Talk to you soon...

Gen(pronounced Jen)

Re: Ferrer is Catalonian...not French

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Allain, Ferrer, Baron
My grandmother's name is Mary Margaret Ferrer. I always knew her family came from Spain. I believe her mother's name was Louisa Baron, and her father's name was Charles Ferrer. She married Charles Allain in New Orleans, LA. I was hoping to verify this information, but have not been able to.

Thanks for posting the info on the Ferrer name.
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